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10 Best Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Accessories for an Immersive VR Experience

The Oculus Quest 2 is simply exceptional as one of those AI-enhanced VR headsets with the best immersive experience. It works like a breeze and gives a pleasant VR experience to your gaming sessions or metaverse exploring. Of course, it is splendid on its own, but there are tons of accessories that can help elevate your VR experience.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and the most reliable Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR Accessories to look out for in 2022. Take a peek at what we’ve got you in store this time.

ProxiMat – VR Mat

The ProxiMat is an exclusive solution against all those wobbling around and mishaps. This little Oculus Quest 2 accessory has super soft memory foam. It allows you to continue gaming for hours. It allows you to go uninterrupted for quite a lot of hours and reduces the issues of accidents. The extra pads on the mat assist in knowing which direction you’re facing.

The ProxiMat is roughly 35” in diameter and keeps your play area limited so that nothing makes you leave your safe zone. The Mat comes with rubberized grips that keep it oriented at the same spot. The Mat comes in two sizes, the 35” for bigger rooms and the 23” for much smaller rooms.

A thing that we loved about this Oculus Quest 2 accessory is that it isn’t thick and is quite easy to clean. The cushions on the mat provide a comfortable gaming session and reduce fatigue even if you’re gaming for prolonged sessions. The only thing that is a downside is the price tag. Apart from that, it’s a pretty good VR accessory that you should definitely equip.

Key Features: Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam | 35” in Diameter | Rubberized Grips | Directional pads | Easy to Clean | Foldable Design

VR Mat - 35" ProxiMat ® Space Station Theo - Super Soft Large Mat for Virtual Reality
  • SUPER SOFT: Constructed with with a textured surface of anti-fatigue memory foam that is soft enough...

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Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

The Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap provides you with a rigid fit once you’ve started your VR quest. It gives the Quest 2 much better stability and keeps it aligned so that you could have the best VR experience possible. The flexible brace gives better comfort to your head rather than the normal strap.

The rear fit wheel is the best part. It allows you to easily tighten or loosen the strap with a quick twist of fingers. Being ergonomic as a whole adds up to the overall quality of your VR experience.

Key Features: Ergonomic Design | Offers Best Fit | Includes Rear Fit Wheel | Cushioned Rear Cover | Flexible braces

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR
  • Upgrade your comfort with straps, bracing, and a weight-balancing design that lifts headset weight...

Oculus Quest 2 VR Controller Gun Case

This VR Gun Case is an exclusive Gun case for your Oculus Quest 2. It is pretty easy to assemble and gives you an enhanced virtual gaming experience. The whole package includes a pair of gun cases that gives you the feel of a real handheld pistol. It is ergonomic, and bulky in hands, and offers good responses. The excellent balance between weight and design gives you a better VR gaming feel.

The gun case is made of ABS plastic. It is sturdy and strong and can act as an all-out case for the VR controllers. This Oculus Quest 2 VR accessory has good anti-sweat grips. It fits into your palms like it is natural and aids you in giving good gaming feel with all those shooting games.

Key Features: Easy Assembly | Ergonomic Design | Handheld design with reduced hand fatigue | ABS Plastic build Quality | Durable and Sturdy

IR Illuminator Light for Oculus Quest 2

The Orzero IR Light is a great aid to help you play games in the dark. The IR light connects with the head unit and activates its tracking system to increase hand tracking sensitivity.

The IR lights are detected by the headset and you’ll be seeing a clear vibrant environment even during the dark conditions. Without the goggles, the IR Light looks extremely feeble. It’s when you use goggles that you could really get the best experience possible. A small thing to take note of is the installation. The wiring part could get a bit fussy if you’re new to these.

Key Features: IR Illumination | Outdoor Compatible | Easy Stick On feature | Enhanced Night Time Visibility

Orzero Ir Illuminator Infrared Light Compatible for Quest 3, Quest, Quest 2, PSVR2,...
  • Play in the dark: No one know you're playing VR in the dark, and will not bother your family to rest...

VR Lens Cleaning Pen

The Lens cleaning pens are an essential accessory for the Oculus Quest 2. It comes with precision-powered Carbon that absorbs dust and removes oil stains and smudge marks effectively. The dual-ended design makes it all the easier to use. The Cleaning pen comes with 2 changeable Carbon tips. This makes it useful for a wide range of gadgets.

The cleaning brush can bend and reach even the narrowest corners and edges with ease. The ultra-slim design makes it portable. You could carry it around easily and with broad compatibility, this cleaning pen for Oculus is a must-have accessory. What’s more, apart from the VR systems, the cleaning pen is compatible with drone cams, telescopes, and action cams.

Key Features: Interchangeable Tip | Precision Powered Carbon | Wide Compatibility | Lightweight and Compact | Dual Ended Design

Lens Cleaning Pen Compatible with Quest 2 Pro Quest 3 Apple Vision Pro, Optical Lens Dust...
  • WIDE APPLICABILITY: Our lens cleaning pen has been tested on a lot of optics, It is safe for use on...

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Capsule Power Bank for Oculus

The Destek Capsule Power Bank is a great add-on that acts as an alternative power source to your Quest 2. This power bank doesn’t flaunt the normal design but is highly compact and comes in a capsule shape. But the compact design doesn’t compromise the power output.

The Capsule Power bank offers a battery capacity of 3300 mAh and allows you to charge the Quest 2 without the need for a plug socket. The power bank can add up to 1.5 hours of game time once connected with the VR system. What’s more, the power bank connects and charges up automatically. All you need to do is simply connect it with the Quest and you’re done. With the whole package, you’ll be getting the Capsule Powerbank, a USB cable, and a Headphone Jack Adapter.

Key Features: Compact and Lightweight | Capsule Design | 3300mAh internal battery capacity | Comes With Headset Adapter | USB C Connectivity

16FT Cable for Oculus Quest 2

In order to get a VR experience with PC games, a USB connection is a must. This PC Link Cable from Destek offers high-speed data transmission and fast charging. The 16ft USB connects with your Quest 2 and acts as a bridge between your PC and the VR system.

The cable even features a 90° connector design. This in a way adds to the longevity of the cable in the long run. The whole cable is made of tinned copper and has a high-quality nylon fiber which gives it high flexibility and heat resistance. For a better connection, always keep in mind to turn off the Air Link option.

Key features: High-Speed Data transfer | Fast Charging | USB C Dual Interface | 90° Connector | Durable Nylon Covering | Heat Resistant | Oculus Exclusive | Compatible with USB 3.0 / USB 3.1 GEN1

DESTEK Link Cable 16FT Compatible with Quest 2, No Delay in Data Transfer, Dirt-Resistant...
  • 【High-Speed Data Transmission & Fast Charging】Connects with Quest and Quest 2 to VR PC Games,...

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Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery

The Destek Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery is an all-in-one essential accessory for your Quest 2. It includes a head strap with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. The head straps keep the head unit firm gives you better stability. There are head cushions so that you could keep on your VR gaming for hours. The adjustable head strap comes with velcros on both sides. It is suitable for kids as well as adults.

The head strap and battery unit flaunt an ergonomic design. The battery is attached to the rear and has a USB connection joining the two. The 5000mAh internal battery offers enough battery backup to keep up the VR experience going for a whole day. The strap in fact has a good amount of cushioning. Its made of high-quality foam and PU leather making it soft and lightweight.

Key Features: Inbuilt Battery | Velcro Headstraps | Adjustable | 5000mAh battery Backup | Ergonomic Design | USB to USB Interface | Light and Soft | PU Leather | High-Quality Foam Cushions

DESTEK Head Strap with Battery Pack Compatible with Quest 2, 5000mAh Extend 2hrs Playtime,...
  • 【Elite Strap with 5000mAh Battery Pack】 Our head strap compatible with Quest 2 built-in 5000mAh...

Quest 2 Carrying Case

There is quite a lot of Quest 2 Cases but nothing matches the Quality that offers from the Oculus Case. It’s the perfect VR Bag designed exclusively for Quest 1 and Quest 2. This VR protective case is sturdy and durable. It is shockproof and has been pushed through some rigorous testing. The high-grade waterproof oxford cloth material also offers better protection from water and moisture.

The carrying case has 3 strips inside. One to fit the headset and the rest to fix the controllers. The biggest pro is its quality and portability. You could carry it around almost everywhere with ease. But yet, the only drawback is the price tag. It’s priced a bit above most of the other Protective cases.

Key Features: Durable and Sturdy | Shockproof | Waterproof | Odorless | Includes 3 Shockproof Fit Strips | Easy to Use | Portable and light

Carrying Case for VR, Hard Protective Carry Case for Meta, Lightweight Portable Travel...
  • 【High Quality Bag】: This VR carrying case is made of high quality EVA material, thermoformed and...

Earmuffs for Oculus

The Silicon Earmuffs are exclusively designed for the Oculus Quest 2. They concentrate the audio directly to your ears, thereby giving you an enhanced VR experience. These earmuffs channel in sound and amplify it so that you’ll get immersive gameplay. This setup in fact reduces noise leakage to the core.

These earmuffs are made of good quality soft silicon. It offers a splendid fit and provides a good level of comfort. The outer silicone covering is easy to remove. It is washable and yes it is anti-bacterial. You’ll also be getting a pair of extra ear muffs with the whole delivery.

Key Features: Perfect Fit | Direct Audio Transmission | Anti bacterial Foams | Silicone Pads | Easy to Use | Washable

KIWI design Silicone Ear Muffs Enhancing Sound Solution Compatible with Quest/Quest 2 (Not...
  • Kiwi design original design - Specially designed these earmuffs Compatible with Quest 2, they...

The Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent VR system and having the right accessories can elevate your VR experience. The accessories that we’ve mentioned here are some of the essential ones that you should initially equip. All these accessories enhance your VR feel and yes they come at a pretty reasonable budget.

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