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10 Best WiFi Video Doorbells Without Subscription with Local Storage & Free Cloud

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The Wireless video doorbells offer more security to your homes and are now seen as a pioneer in home security. But the main issue you can come across is the compulsory subscription to Cloud-based storage for the WiFi video doorbells. The cloud storage is good, you get the surveillance footage right at your fingertips without much of a hassle. But the subscription rates are too much.

On that note, we’ve got you some of the best Wireless Video Doorbells with Local storage, SD card, or free cloud storage without any monthly subscriptions.

Eufy WiFi Doorbell

The Eufy WiFi video doorbell offers 2K video recording and comes with local storage of 4GB. The smart doorbell comes with HDR imaging and ensures high quality every time. It provides well-illuminated footages even at night and even has IR night vision. The local 4GB storage comes with AES 256 Bit data encryption. It ensures the safe and secure transfer of footage to and from smartphones through the Eufy app.

Eufy doorbell comes with Smart Detection Zones and initial video notification. The Smart Detection Zones allow you to keep an eye on areas that might have suspicious human activity. There is a smart response feature that helps you respond to people outside the door in case you away.

Apart from the smartphone connectivity, Eufy offers the Alexa and Google Assistant integration. With Alexa and Google Home, you can instantly see what is going on outside the door with a single voice command.


  • Inbuilt eMMC storage
  • Doorbell chime included
  • 2K HD camera and 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Military-grade AES 256 encryption
  • Smart Assistant Integration


  • Expensive
  • No battery-powered option
  • Not compatible with existing doorbell chimes

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 2K video recording | 4GB Local storage | Smart Detection Zone | IR night vision | smart response | Smartphone push notification | Alexa and Google Assistant Integration | AES 256 Bit data encryption

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees, Local Storage, Human...
  • Crystal-Clear Clarity: Experience superior viewing with 2K High Definition resolution and advanced...

Wyze Video Doorbell

Wyze Video Doorbell is a compact smart doorbell camera that you can afford. The video doorbell comes with a 1080p video recording quality, with an aspect ratio of 3:4. The taller video aspect ratio is suitable for viewing on smartphones, and offers a head to toe footage of all visitors.

The video doorbell with two-way audio and live stream facility offers free cloud storage. The doorbell can store recorded footage of up to 12-seconds in the cloud for up to 14 days. To keep the unit compact, there is no inbuilt battery provided. You can hardwire the video doorbell with the existing doorbell wiring.


  • Free cloud storage
  • Compact design
  • Taller video aspect ratio
  • Two-way audio


  • No local storage
  • No inbuilt battery

Key Features: WiFi Connectivity | 1080p Video | Real-time smartphone notifications | IP65 weather resistant | 120-degree vertical & 88-degree horizontal field of view | Free cloud storage for up to 14-days

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Meco WiFi Door Bell

The Meco WiFi doorbell not only comes with inbuilt storage but also has many other features up its sleeves. This WiFi video doorbell comes pre-installed with a 32 GB SD card. It can record and save footage in encrypted form for more than 9 months. Meco’s video doorbell is a pretty decent device to install if you need 24*7 surveillance for your homes.

With the local storage support, you can get rid of the monthly subscription to cloud storage. Moreover, you get everything right at your fingertip by just accessing the SD card.

Coming to the video part, the Meco Wireless Video Doorbell offers 1080p recording and has the IR Night Vision. It gives you a clear-cut image of up to a radius of 16ft during the night. You can adjust the night vision according to the ambient light right in the settings.

This WiFi doorbell supports dual-way talking and comes with an IP65 weatherproof rating. There is also the Smart PIR and a Motion Detection Alarm too. The 166° wider camera view captures everything and triggers an alarm if any movements detected in your yard. The WiFi video doorbell comes with an inbuilt 6700mAh rechargeable battery pack to run the doorbell all year.


  • IR sensor adjusts in the lighting
  • Live intercom
  • Supports 30 seconds custom voice message
  • Smartphone app support
  • Supports with existing bell power supply


  • Not a compact design
  • Only 2.4GHz WiFi support
  • Motion capture is a bit slow

Key Features: WiFi Connectivity | 720p and 1080P resolution | IR night Vision | 166° wide lens | Two way talk | Smartphone notification | Motion sensor | 32 GB Local storage | IP65 weatherproof rating | 6700mAh rechargeable batteries | USB Charging

Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell

The Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell features a 180° wide-angle camera that captures every bit of your outdoors at 1080p quality. The doorbell with the camera comes with an inbuilt 5040mAh internal battery and can connect with your 2.4GHz WiFi network. With the WiFi, you can keep an eye on your outdoors through the Toucan Smart App.

What makes this video doorbell special is the fact that you don’t need to pay a penny for cloud storage. You can access live footage from your phone itself. Coming to the hardware features, this wireless video doorbell comes with IR night vision and has motion detection. It includes 6 doorbell chimes and has a two-way talk function.

With the wireless connection, you can get real-time alerts on who is at your doorsteps. The Toucan wireless doorbell comes with an IP56 rating. The WiFI doorbell can endure harsh weather conditions.


  • Good video quality
  • Free cloud storage
  • Two-way audio and alarm features


  • Occasional connection issues
  • Battery life is low
  • You need to recharge it in the evening to get an all-night surveillance

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 180° wide-angle lens with 1080p recording | Free cloud storage access | IR night vision | Motion detection | Smartphone notification | Two way talk | Alexa and Google Assistant | IP56 rating | Inbuilt 5040 mAh battery

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Eken WiFi Doorbell

The Eken WiFI Video Doorbell offers real-time video surveillance with 720p video quality. The video doorbell with local storage comes with a dual 166° wide-angle lens that helps you get clearer and wider videos of your surroundings. This WiFi doorbell comes with an inbuilt memory card. You get 8GB of space and when the storage is full, the oldest footages get overwritten by the new ones.

With motion detection and IR night vision, you get real-time notifications of any movements. Coming to the battery part, the Eken Wireless Doorbell works on a 6000mAh internal battery. A thing to note is that unlike the Meco wireless doorbell, this one here doesn’t offer a doorbell chime unit. You need to pair it up with the Eken Wireless Chime and does not support any other chimes.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • HD video and excellent motion detection
  • High-quality image, day and night


  • Need to recharge the battery often
  • Not compatible with other chimes
  • Expensive
  • Only 8GB storage

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 720p recording | 166° wide angle lens | 8GB Local storage | IR night vision | Motion Detection | Video Overwriting | Smartphone Push notification | 6000mAh internal battery |

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GeeKam Wireless Video Doorbell

The GeeKam Wireless Video Doorbell unlike the ones above doesn’t have an inbuilt storage option. In fact, you get Cloud storage without any subscription. The Geekam wireless Video doorbell offers Free cloud-based storage that stores footages for up to 14 days. This video doorbell offers 1080p footage recording with its 166° wide-angle lens.

With the WiFi, you can access real-time surveillance videos on your iPhone or Android phone through the app. The two-way talk and PIR motion detection features help you know and communicate with anyone outside your door.

Whenever there is a motion detected, the video doorbell starts recording footage and will store it in cloud storage. The Geekam video doorbell is weatherproof and has an IP65 rating. It features the IR Night Vision and can clearly record anything up to 16ft during the night time. The video doorbell features a dual rechargeable battery. You can even hardwire the device into the main supply if you face battery issues.


  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Free cloud storage


  • Video clarity could’ve been improved
  • No local storage

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 1080p recording | 166° wide-angle lens | Free cloud storage access | IR Night Vision | Motion detection | IP65 rating | Push notifications | Dual rechargeable batteries

GazingSure Wireless Video Doorbell

The GazingSure WiFi Video Doorbell is another HD video surveillance doorbell that comes with an inbuilt storage option. The internal inbuilt storage of 32GB lets you save and access all your footage with ease. The local storage video doorbell records footage at 1080p and has a wide angle view. The IR night vision and PIR motion sensor can detect human activity to up to 16ft.

With the WiFi, you get personalized alerts right on your smartphones. It sends you notifications and alerts when someone is at your door. This WiFi doorbell can connect with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This gives you a more simplified and easy-to-use atmosphere. With the smart assistant, you get access to voice command and voice prompt operation.

The GazingSure Video Doorbell comes with a 6800mAh internal battery. You can in fact hardwire the device into the main power source to get a 24-7*7 video surveillance.


  • Clear videos and a wider field of view
  • Battery life is decent
  • Pre-installed 32 GB local storage
  • Expandable storage up to 128 GB
  • Chime included


  • The night vision camera looks a bit foggy
  • Overexposed footages during sunny days

Key Features: WiFi Connectivity | 1080p recording Night vision | Motion detection | 32GB local storage | Push notifications | Alexa and Google Assistant integration | 6800mAh internal battery | USB charging | Includes hardwiring kit

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Remo+ WiFi Video Doorbell

The Remo+ WiFi Video Doorbell is a compact doorbell module with an integrated camera unit. You can hardwire it to your existing doorbell to get 24-7 video surveillance. The doorbell comes with a 180° ultra wide angle lens that captures everything on the outdoors.

Remo+ offers a free cloud subscription but you can only access a video for a max of 3 days from the date of recording. It means that the cloud storage here works like an overwrite and deletes footage in a 3-day interval. To get complete storage access, there is an affordable paid pack available.

This WiFi video doorbell from Remo+ comes with Alexa and Google Assistant integration. You can communicate it with the smart assistant through your voice. There are IR night vision and motion sensors on this WiFi doorbell as well. The motion sensor works like a trigger when it detects suspicious activities. You can even select a customized motion zone that is prone to suspicious events in the outdoors.


  • Good video quality
  • Smartphone connection is lag-free
  • Offers better video quality even in broad daylight


  • Hypersensitive motion sensor produces lots of random notifications
  • No battery power option
  • Very limited cloud storage

Key Features: WiFi Connectivity | 1080p recording | 180° field of view | IR night vision | two way talk | free subscription to cloud storage | Motion sensor | Alexa and Google Assistant | Smartphone notifications and alerts

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  • Powered by existing doorbell wiring and provides 24/7 surveillance of all front door activity

BlumWay WiFi Doorbell

The BlumWay Wifi doorbell is a smart surveillance device that comes with a 170° wide-angle camera that records at 1080p. It offers two-way talk and has interchangeable chimes. With `WiFi connectivity, You can connect and stream live footage with your smartphones. There is the IR Night Vision as well as the Motion sensor to give you added security.

The WiFi video doorbell comes with a 7-day free cloud storage access combined with 32 GB local storage. You can add up to 32GB of external storage to help you review and save footage. This WiFi doorbell features the 18650 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts days on a single charge. You can also hardwire the device if you need a convenient surveillance system. The home security doorbell is weatherproof and comes with an IPX6 rating.


  • Excellent video and compact design
  • Dual storage options with expandable local storage is good
  • Durable and sturdy design


  • Occasional connection issues
  • Cant share footage with more than 3 users

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 170° wide-angle camera | 1080p recording | IR night vision | Motion sensor | Smartphone live video stream | 7 Day free cloud access | 32 GB expandable local storage | IPX6 rating | Internal batteries | Hardwiring possible

BlumWay Video Doorbell Camera, Security Video Doorbell Wireless WiFi with Motion Detector,...
  • 【Full 1080P HD Video With Two-Way Talk】This smart doorbell will show you 1080P 170° wide...

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Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Amcrest video doorbell camera comes is another video doorbell with local storage to help you save footages easily access from home. There is also cloud storage but you will have to pay for it. You get a video recording capability of up to 1080p with a field of view of 140-degree.

The WiFi video doorbell goes right with your existing doorbell wiring. There is no in-built SD storage, however, you can insert any SD card up to 128GB. The two-way audio feature lets you talk with anyone at your doorstep. Plus, the motion sensors and night vision sensors combines can detect any movement within 16ft


  • Dual-storage mode
  • Easy installation
  • Two-way audio


  • No battery inbuilt
  • No free cloud storage
  • Occasional glitches

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 1080p recording | 140-degree viewing angle | 16ft night vision | IP55 weatherproof | MicroSD storage up to 128GB | Two-way audio | PIR & Motion detection | Hardwired

Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz WiFi Doorbell Camera...
  • The Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera requires wired power and may utilize your existing doorbell wiring...

The cloud storage is good but the added cost of the monthly subscription is what makes it lose its charm. There is also a budding issue like the privacy scandals so, it’s always wise to have local storage for your video doorbell. The storage gives you exclusive access without any privacy issues. Hope you found our list helpful to choose from the best WiFi video doorbell with local storage or free cloud storage.


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