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10 Best Wireless Doorbells with Melodious Chimes

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It is high time you replace your old doorbell with the new-gen wireless doorbells. not only they are easy to fix, but you can also get melodious chimes instead of old-school ting-tong sound. Also, they do not use much power as well.

Here are the best wireless doorbells with melodious chimes you can get online.

Avantek Wireless Doorbell

The Avantek Wireless doorbell comes with a 40mm stereo speaker that gives you 52 melodious chimes. The device is capable of providing 115 dB volume at max output. You get rich and crisp sound with 5 adjustable volume levels.

The Acantek Wireless doorbell comes with a 230 mAh lithium battery. Moreover, there is a standard IP55 dustproof and waterproof certification. The device can withstand harsh temperature and climatic conditions from -4F to 140F.

This wireless doorbell comes with two receivers a wireless range of 1312ft. The memory function saves your last set tone and volume levels. If you’re looking to extend coverage, you can always couple it up with a signal receiver.


  • Modern design
  • Good connectivity range


  • Comes in a single color
  • Occasional signal loss

Key Features: 52 interchangeable chimes | Wireless range of 1312ft | 115 dB volume max volume | 5 adjustable volume levels | Rechargeable internal battery | Memory function

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SadoTech Wireless Doorbell

The SadoTech Wireless Doorbell is yet another modern wireless doorbell. It has 52 tones to choose from and within 4 volume levels. You can adjust the volume levels from 25dB to 100dB.

You get to operate this wireless doorbell at a max range of 1000ft. SadoTech has a minimal design with decent internal battery support. You can pair and connect the device within no time and without much of a fuss.

You don’t need any hard wiring or attachments with this wireless doorbell. The SadoTech wireless is waterproof and weatherproof. It can endure harsh weather and heat within a range of -4°F to 140°F.

There is also an LED indicator to make it a bit fairy. Another feature mentioning is the Smart Memory Function. It helps keep chime and volume settings during power outages. Also, you get access to expand the door system to up to 20 extra buttons, receivers or sensors.


  • Resistant to rough weather conditions
  • Stylish design


  • Expensive
  • Warterproof standards are not upto the mark

Key Features: 52 interchangeable ringtones | 4 adjustable volume levels | internal battery support | Memory Function | 0.2lb/50gms Accuracy | LED indication lights

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Tecknet Wireless DoorBell

The Tecknet Wireless Doorbell is capable of operating at a max range of 820ft. It comes with a remote transmitter button that’s rated IP33 weatherproof and waterproof. You can assemble and install it without any fuss.

You can either do an adhesive patch mounting or screw mounting as per your need. All the mounts and screws with the complete package.

When it comes to the receiver, You need to plug it into an electrical outlet and you’re done. This wireless doorbell comes with 23 different ring tones. There is a 4 level volume adjustment from 25dB to 85dB.

The memory function lets you keep the preset data of chimes and volume even after a power outage. Apart from the sound alert, there is an LED light indicator that gives you a visual form of notification.


  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly option


  • No battery option

Key Features: Max operational range of 820ft | 23 interchangeable ring tones | 4 level volume adjustment | 25dB to 85dB | LED indicator | IP33 weatherproof and waterproof certification

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HoneyWell Wireless Door Bell

The Honeywell Wireless Doorbell offers an only 100ft coverage range, but decent for most households. It has push buttons to help secure your homes. It is a plug-in doorbell with clear audible chimes.

There is no battery and comes with 3 melodious chimes. Besides, there is a flashlight indicator that can give you notifications.

As there is no internal battery the unit should be plugged into your wall socket to operate. Hence, the installation process is quite easy as the only wired connection here is that of the power socket.

This wireless doorbell comes with 16 codes to prevent interference from other users. Also, the volume levels are not customizable unlike the other doorbells in the list.


  • Easy to use
  • Near zero interference


  • Limited number of chimes
  • No internal batteries 

Key Features: USB Rechargeable Battery | Work with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit | Android and iPhone App | 12 body metrics | 0.2lb/50gms Accuracy | Maximum Capacity: 400lb/180kg

RemoBell Wireless Doorbell

The RemoBell doorbell comes with WiFi connectivity. It is a smart video doorbell that comes with an HD video recording, and an IR night vision camera. It comes with 2-way audio and an advanced motion sensor.

With Wifi connectivity, you can see what’s happening at your doorsteps through the Remobell app. It enables you to see and communicate with visitors from your smartphones.

When someone’s at your door it will send a push notification and a live video feed to your smartphone. It works on normal AA batteries. Hence, there isn’t any need for hard wiring of any sort.

This wireless doorbell comes with an IR sensor that detects heat radiated of objects. These detections are then sent to you as push notifications.

There is the activity log that displays every bit of events that take place at your doorsteps. You can either mount it with velcro or do screen mounting.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Nighttime surveillance


  • Sophisticated setup
  • Expensive

Key Features: Wi-Fi connectivity | HD video recording | 2-way audio and motion sensor | Remobell app | AA batteries | IR sensor

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Lovin Product Wireless Doorbell

The Lovin Product Wireless Doorbell comes with 36 ringtones and adjustable volume functions. It can operate up to 1000ft in an open area with limited obstructions.

You get a waterproof receiver and a button press that works well after being connected. The adjustable volume features help you to adjust volume within a range of 25dB to 85dB.

There is also a flashlight indicator to help people with hearing impairment. The wireless doorbell is easy to install. You can plug the receiver into an electric outlet.

You can attach the push button to the doorframe with adhesive tapes. There is also an option to fix it up permanently with screws. It is apt for homes and offices and works well in all environments and harsh climatic conditions.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Internal battery 12V battery


  • High price

Key Features: 1000ft operation range | 36 interchangeable ringtones | AC outlet | adjustable volume within a range of 25dB to 85dB

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Anko Wireless Doorbell

This wireless doorbell from Anko comes with a connectivity range of 1000ft. It includes 36 ringtones and has an Adjustable Volume feature. You can adjust the volume levels from 25dB to 110dB with its wireless connectivity.

The module includes a stylish push button and a compact receiver that plugs into the AC outlet. You can always connect the push button and receiver with a simple tap. There are flashlight notification and audio alert indicators.

The Anko wireless doorbell is easy to install with the adhesive sticks and screws. You get screws and double-sided tapes for an easy station on the doorframe. There is also the memory function that lets the device go back to its last set tone and volume levels in case of a power outage.

The device can withstand harsh climatic conditions and it could endure a temperature range of -4°F to 140°F. In addition to heat resistance, its also waterproof snd comes with IP44 certification.


  • Heat resistant
  • Easy to install


  • Difficult to replace battery
  • Limited volume settings

Key Features: 1000ft operating range | 36 chime sounds | 4-levels adjustable volume | LED flash indicator | volume levels from 25dB to 110dB

Honeywell ESeries Wireless Doorbell

The Honeywell Eseries doorbell is quite compact and sleek. You can attach it anywhere, in your office, home, or even rooms. It comes with a 450ft connection range and has 8 interchangeable ringtones.

It comes with downloadable tunes snd custom visual alerts. There is an auto-sleep feature that helps preserve battery. You can even connect the doorbell via Honeywell ActivLink for an even more extensive range and versatility.

There are LED flashlights to make things more noticeable when you’re in a noisy environment. It also comes with assignable halo and strobe alerts per push button.

The adjustable volume feature helps you to adjust volume levels to around 90dB or less. You can connect it up to 6 transmitters at once.


  • Downloadable MP3 chimes
  • Adjustable volume
  • Sleep mode


  • Some chimes are not loud enough

Key Features: Downloadable MP3 chimes | 90db volume level | Portable and wall-mounted designs | 450ft range

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  • Choose from 11 pre-installed tunes or use the included USB cord to download your own MP3 files.

Govee Wireless Doorbell

The Govee Wireless Doorbell offers 36 melodious chimes and comes with LED notifications. It features a 5 level Volume Adjustment from 0 to 100dB. Mute mode is available when you don’t want to get notified anymore.

You can set up a mute time within the device. This wireless doorbell comes with IP66 waterproof protection. The push-button can endure any harsh conditions ranging from -4°F to 140°F.

The installation process is rather simple and easy. The receiver goes into your AC power socket and the push button to your door frame. You can attach the push button with either adhesive tapes or can even screw them intact.

You get a battery powered push button or transmitter, 2 plug-in receivers and other attachment equipment with the delivery.


  • 1000ft connectivity range
  • Useful mute function


  • Occasional signal lose

Key Features: 36 interchangeable ringtones | Adjustment from 0 to 100dB | LED notifications | 5 level Volume Adjustment | Battery powered push button

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Voye 72 Wireless Doorbell

This one you see here is the most basic one in our list. It comes with a minimal and durable design that each household accepts. This wireless doorbell has a connectivity range of 250ft.

There is 10 different chime for you to choose from other than the basic ding dongs. There is the 3 level volume adjustment feature to adjust the volume in a noisy atmosphere.

It is one of the most budget oriented wireless doorbell and comes in around $10. Also, there is minimal installation procedure required.

You can configure both the transmitter and receiver with a tap on the button. The receiver, as well as the transmitter, works on AA batteries.


  • Interchangeable batteries
  • It is easy to install


  • Low quality sticking mounts
  • Not modern design

Key Features: 250ft connectivity range | 10 interchangeable ringtones | 12V battery | 3 level volume adjustment | compact | weatherproof and sturdy

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Bitiwend Wireless Doorbell

The Bitiwend wireless doorbell comes in an all-black design with an eye catchy design. It offers a connectivity range of 1000ft and has easy wireless connection methods.

The wireless doorbell is stain proof, weatherproof, and waterproof and comes with IP44 standards. It can withstand harsh climatic conditions from -4°F to 145°F. It works on normal AA batteries.

The receivers and push buttons can work for at least 3 years before the battery runs out. It also offers 52 chimes combined with a 4 level volume adjuster. You can set it from 0dB to 110dB as per your need. You also get an LED indicator.


  • Good connectivity access
  • Portable and easy installation


  • Inaudible at times
  • LED notification’s not up to the mark

Key Features: 1000ft connectivity range | 52 interchangeable chimes | 4 level volume adustment | works at max 110dB | LED notifications | comes with internal batteries

Huanhua Wireless Doorbell

The Huanhua Wireless Doorbell offers 55 melodious chimes combined with a 5 level adjustable volume enhancer. It works quite well within a 1000ft or 300m range with minimal obstructions.

The remote push button is rated IP55 weatherproof and comes with an inbuilt 12V alkaline battery. It can, in fact, give a lifespan of more than 2 years when you use it without any harsh usage.

There is also the memory feature that keeps the last set chime and volume levels even after a power surge.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable and can withstand harsh conditions


  • stability issues
  • connectivity drop

Key Features: 1000ft connectivity range | 55 interchangeable ringtones | 12V batteries | 5 level volume adjustment | Memory feature

As you saw, most of the wireless doorbells come with tons of exciting features like interchangeable chimes, LED notifications, and much more. You can choose the right one based on the range and volume levels you want.


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