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10 Best Zombie Games to Play on PC in 2021

Zombie games are often very thrilling. They are much more aggressive than the human opponents in the game. Endless hoards of zombies rushing into us make the adrenaline pump. There are some zombie games that are exceptionally good and provides a frightening experience. Some of them are open-world zombie games, letting you free roam around and have fun.

Let us look into some of the best zombie games of all time.

World War Z: Aftermath

World War Z

Fighting zombies with your friends side by side is a great experience. World War Z zombie game manages to bring this thrilling experience to you. This zombie game is basically about stopping a zombie hoard from getting hold of your base. Hordes of zombies rush into you and your teammates.

Worldwar Z provides you with a ton of higher-powered guns and explosives to resist the attack of zombies. Initially, before taking on the zombies, you can fortify your base with automatic machine guns, explosive traps, shock traps, etc. Each player in the team of 4 players will have a specific role. Use the abilities of each of these characters to win the game.

The locations in World War Z are highly detailed and merge correctly with the post-apocalyptic nature. There are weapons and explosives scattered throughout the map. The coordination between the players and the thrill of taking a full hoard makes this one of the best zombie games.

Key Features: Weapons | hordes of zombies | co-op gameplay

Download: World War Z: Aftermath

Dying Light

Dying LightDying light is one of the most appreciated zombie games of all time. It is one of the finest open-world zombie games. The best part of this zombie game is its parkouring. Dying Light has one of the best parkouring systems you would have ever seen in a game.

The open world of Dying Light is filled with lots of zombies, taking over all of them is not always possible. So try to keep a distance from them by moving through the walls, rooftops, boxes, and everything you can climb. The parkouring system and first-person melee combat feel so satisfying while playing this open-world zombie game.

Dying light has great weapon mechanics and freaky-looking zombies. The main campaign is solid and the side missions are also not so bad. All these features make dying light one of the best open-world zombie games of all time.

Key Features: Open world | Parkour ability | Melee combat

Download: Dying Light | Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2State of decay 2 is a zombie open-world game that mainly focuses on grinding resources and building your settlement. In this zombie game, you play as a character who looks for resources for his settlement. The zombie game has a feature in which the main character can die permanently. He or she cannot be revived.

The story of State of Decay 2 revolves around a city affected by zombies. There are a lot of human survivors in the game who look for a place to settle down. Your aim is to build and keep a settlement going for the survivors to settle in. While playing the zombie game, you have to go out into the open world and look for food, medicines, etc.

Your character develops when the player completes the tasks related to the settlement. There are a variety of zombies in the game that you can encounter using melee or ranged weapons. Watch out for zombies when you play this open-world zombie game.

Key Features: resource gathering | Survival | Open world

Download: State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

Days Gone

Days GoneDays Gone is an open-world zombie game in which you are a resident of a country that has been affected by a zombie infection. The main character Deacon St. John is searching for his wife.

In Days Gone, the world is filled with different types of zombies, your goal is to not be knocked out by one of them and clear as much infestation as you can. There are nests from where zombies come out at night. The missions to knock out large hordes of zombies with your guns and explosives are very thrilling and scares the hell out. All these factors make Days Gone one of the best zombie open-world games.

Key Features: Open world | Gameplay | weapons | Hoards of zombies

Download: Days Gone

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Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead game is one of a kind classic zombie game. The telltale series is based on the comic and comes with many episodes. The zombie game manages to become the people’s favorite due to its emotional elements and decision-making ability.

The zombie game forces the player to make quick decisions during the progression of the story. This decision-making makes the player more attached to the character and sinks more into the story. The story of the walking dead is about a group of people trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The storytelling is beautiful and the characters are well developed.

The Walking Dead series has many episodes for the players to experience. There are frightening moments and encounters with zombies that add a thrill to the game. All together the Walking dead series is a great zombie game.

Key Features: Decision making | Emotionally touching | Storytelling

Download: The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

Dead Space Series

Dead SpaceThe Dead Space is a game that was different from all other games in the industry. It has some new elements and a different way of execution. The game mainly focuses on an engineer who goes into space to investigate a catastrophic incident. A mining site in space is the location of the game. The workers and all the people on the site have become zombie aliens due to a discovery in the mining site.

The story of Dead Space progresses by the effort of the engineer to find what has really happened and finding a way out. The player has to deal with a lot of zombie aliens while doing so. The game is highly frightening and always puts the player in a state of stress. The second game of the series is even scarier. The scary elements and insanely weird zombie aliens make this a must-try zombie game.

Key Features: Alien Zombies | Great story | Frightening gameplay

Download: Dead Space | Dead Space 2 | Dead Space 3

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Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4Dead Rising 4 is the fourth game in the dead rising series. This is a zombie open-world game packed with lots of interesting features. The game features the story of a photographer named Frank West who got trapped in a town infested with zombies.

The earlier 3 games featured stories of various persons who got close to the zombie situation. The protagonist of the first game in the dead rising series returns in the latest game.

Dead Rising features a lot of weapons and other objects to eliminate zombies. The game allows the player to be creative and create weapons that can wipe out hoards of zombies. The game is filled with zombies everywhere. The player can upgrade and play around smashing all these zombies. The series has a solid story and good game mechanics that don’t make the players bored.

Key Features: Fun to play | Great customization | Weapon collection

Download: Dead Rising 4

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4The Zombie Army 4 dead war is a 4 player co-op game. The zombie games take you and your friends to the world war 2 location where you have to fight nazi zombies. Zombie Army 4 is pretty fun. It has a decent main campaign and a great ranking system.

In Zombie Army 4, the player has access to a lot of weapons and can upgrade each one of them. Hoards of zombies rush into you without any break. The player’s object might be to hold a base or to push into the hoard of zombies and exterminate them.

Either way, the game is pure fun. The weapon upgrade option might feel useless after some time, but that doesn’t anyway affect the gameplay. The x-ray kill animation and customizable weapons make this a great zombie game.

Key Features: Co-op gameplay | Nazi Zombies | Upgradable weapons

Download: Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2Killing Floor 2 is an online shooter game with two modes and two boss fights. The best part of this zombie game is its gameplay. The zombies are very aggressive and the gunplay is quite awesome.

Killing Floor 2 takes you to a great gaming experience with a touch of heavy metal music with all the other thrilling elements. There are many classes in the zombie game from which the player can select his charge from. The field medic, demolitions expert, etc, had their own roles to play.

Killing Floor 2 also has a skill progression that helps the player to upgrade himself. Progressing in the skill tree awards the player with new skills and abilities that are very useful while playing. The game has great graphics and environments which adds depth to this zombie shooter. The big, small and dual wield makes this online zombie shooter game a memorable experience.

Key Features: Online shooter | Skill tree | Great gameplay

Download: Killing Floor 2

Left For Dead 2

Left For Dead 2 Even Though a fairly old game, this is one of the best zombie games of all time. Left for Dead 2 is a first-person shooter zombie game that is set during a zombie apocalypse. You can play this game with your friends and pull out the guts of the zombies.

Left for Dead 2 is a story of 4 survivors who find their way out by ruining zombie hordes. The zombie game is made by the creators of Half-Life and Counterstrike. The game was a massive breakthrough at the time of release and is still relevant.

Left for Dead has five expansive campaigns for co-op, versus and survival game mode. The game has a great ranking system and is really fun to play. The impressive game mechanics and thrilling gameplay make this one of the best zombie games of all time.

Key Features: Co-op | Survival | First-person shooter

Download: Left 4 Dead 2

These are some of the best zombie games that are still relevant. Most of these are open-world zombie games that offer great freedom for players. The PvP and first-person shooter games give the players the utmost satisfaction and experience of encountering a zombie at close range. Go ahead and try some of these best zombie games and get your adrenaline pumping.

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