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10 Best Simulation Games for PC Gamers

Normally every video game player wants to play a character that can do something extraordinary. But have you ever thought of video games that can actually increase your knowledge and skills in real life? If you ever had this thought, simulation games are the ones you should try.

These games simulate the real world in a virtual environment with paying attention to even the slightest detail. Let us look into some of the best simulator games for PC out there. These games work on most PCs even without powerful graphics.

Mud Runner


Mud runner is basically a truck driving simulator. It is a sequel to the game Spintires. The player’s main objective is to pick the cargo from a location and deliver it to another location. But the process is not as easy as it seems. The simulation game tests the player’s patience and decision-making skills to a higher extent. The player has to be highly careful while making a turn or taking an unknown route.

Mud Runner’s main specialty is the real-time mud system. The environment is filled with muddy tracks and huge obstacles. The player has to navigate very carefully while moving through these. The PC simulation game requires the player to be attentive to the fuel level, engine status, utilities used, etc. The game helps the player to learn about the muddy terrains and how the trucks can be navigated through them.

Key Features: Real-time Mud system | Great graphics | Good driving mechanics

Download: MudRunner

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Snow Runner

"Snow Runner"Snow Runner is the sequel to Mud runner. The simulation game extends its play area into the snowy tracks also. Like the previous games, Snowrunner tests the driving skills and patience of the player. Sudden turns and careless driving won’t help you to achieve your goal. The player has to collect cargoes from the dense and snowy forests and take them to drop-off locations.

The player can drive small SUVs and large trucks in Snow Runner. The camera angles, graphics, and intensity of the game have been increased from its predecessor games. Snow runner has highly realistic graphics and a very challenging environment. The ability to mimic the highly dangerous snowy terrains makes this game one of the best simulation games.

Key Features: Snowy tracks | Beautiful environments | Great driving mechanics

Download: SnowRunner

The Hunter Call Of The Wild

"The Hunter Call of The Wild"Hunter call of the wild is a hunting simulator game. It packs near the same hunting experience in real life. The campaign of the simulation game focuses mainly on hunting different types of wild animals. From deer to bear, hunter’s call of the wild has a wide variety of animals to hunt.

The simulation game includes almost all the aspects related to hunting. Weapons, tracking animals, wing speed, surrounding noises, landscape, etc. The player has to develop a lot of patience to track and shoot down an animal. The game provides one of the best hunting simulation experiences.

Key Features: A large number of animals | Animal tracking system | Lots of weapons | Dynamic environments

Download: The Hunter: Call of the Wild

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PC Building Simulator

"PC builder Simulator"If you own a PC and want to know more about the PC, the PC Building Simulator is a great option. This is a PC-building simulation game. The simulation game features a gameplay style in which the player can build a pc with various specifications.

The PC Building Simulator game has almost all PC components available in the market. The main campaign allows the player to design PCs for customers according to their specifications. The game is very fun and teaches the player about all the components of a pc and how to connect them. The knowledge offered by this game makes it one of the best simulation games.

Key Features: PC components | Decent campaign | Exposure to all PC building process

Download: PC Building Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator 2

"Euro Truck Simulator 2"Euro truck simulator is a truck driving simulator. It features the player working as a truck driver. The player has to manage all the aspects of a truck. The main quests are to deliver loads of cargo from place to place. The player has to be very careful while controlling the truck.

The trucks in the Euro truck simulator will be working the same as the real world one. The simulation game provides an idea of how a truck can be controlled in real life. Even Though it is not the same as real-world experience, it sure is one of the best simulation experiences.

Key Features: Lots of cities to explore | Truck driving experience | Good graphics

Download: Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

"Microsoft Flight Simulator"If you ever wish to learn how to fly an aircraft and what all things the pilots do, a flight simulator is a game you should play. The Microsoft flight simulator gives the player access to all the controls the pilot has to operate to fly an aircraft. From checking the condition of the aircraft to flying an aircraft, this game has it all.

The newest version of the flight simulator game has life-like graphics. The game offers the whole world for you to fly. The detailing is extraordinary and the player will get a similar experience as a pilot. All these factors make the Flight simulator one of the best simulation games out there.

Key Features: Whole world to explore | Stunning graphics | Aircraft controls

Download: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator

"Car Mechanic Simulator"This is a car-building simulator game. In this game, the player is a mechanic who has a workshop. Initially, the player is given the various parts of a car. The player has to learn about each part and build one by himself from scratch. The player is given access to a fully functional workshop to build his car.

The main benefit of the Car Mechanic Simulator is that it gives the player a basic idea of the parts and working of a car. The simulation game also has a campaign in which the player builds cars and levels up his workshop. The knowledge the game provides makes it one of the best simulation games.

Key Features: Highly realistic simulation | Learn about car parts | Learn about workshop activities

Download: Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

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Football Manager 2021

"Football-Manager"Football Manager 2021 is not a typical game where you play a game and use your move sets to win the game. Rather, this is a simulation game in which you can manage your own team.

In Football Manager, The player can purchase or sell players according to their performance and price. The Football Manager introduces the player to all the processes the manager has to do to build his team. The correct management of your team will yield you match wins. These features make this game a very significant simulation game.

Key Features: Great level of detail | Build your own club | Design your team

Download: Football Manager 2021

House Flipper

"House Flipper"House flipper is a game that deals with the restoration of an abandoned house. The simulation game provides all the tasks you have to do while restoring a house. House flipper makes the player do all the work like fixing the floor, painting, repairing, washing, replacing items, etc.

The game moves forward when the player restores old houses and sells them for profit. The game is very fun to play and gives a basic idea of all things you have to be careful of if you are planning to restore a house by yourself. This is one of the best house restoration simulation games.

Key Features: Repair and remodel houses | Highly detailed | Immersive gameplay

Download: House Flipper

Farming Simulator

"Farming simulator"There are a lot of simulator games for farming. The Farming simulator game provides a close-to real-life farming experience. The game allows the player to use all kinds of resources and build a farm for himself. The player will be introduced to a lot of crops and processes involved while cultivating them.

In the Farming simulator, the player will get an idea of how to grow each crop. Each crop has its own method of cultivation. The game teaches the player the basics of farming and simulates the real-world experience.

Key Features: Deep and complex | Highly detailed | awesome graphics

Download: Farming Simulator 19

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These are some of the best simulation games. Simulation games always push the player to learn something new. Doing something in a fun way will help us to learn it easily. If you are bored of all the superhero stuff in action-packed games, go for these simulation games for PC.

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