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5 Solutions to Lower WhatsApp Data Usage on iPhone & Android

Even though WhatsApp is an excellent app with a lot of support for media, this may drain out your mobile data quickly. Especially when you are sending & receiving videos, messages and calls on cellular data may consume your monthly quota within a few days. The alternative solution for WhatsApp Low Data Usage is to open your WhatsApp only within the WiFi network. However, this solution is not practical always for WhatsApp Low Data usage, especially when you are traveling. The best possible solution to reduce Whatsapp data usage is to configure WhatsApp for minimal data usage.

In this article, we are discussing a few points that can help you to save data usage on WhatsApp with cellular data.

Change WhatsApp Auto Download to WiFi

WhatsApp will automatically download all media messages no matter whether it is in Wi-Fi or Cellular data by default setting. This WhatsApp auto-download feature is going to use a lot of data.whatsapp auto download setting

You can change this feature to download media only when you are on WiFi network. Open WhatsApp Settings > Chats and Calls > Media Auto Download > Images, Audio, Video > Wi-Fi. Once you change to download media files on Wi-Fi, you can cut down the bandwidth using for Video downloading and that is the number one category on WhatsApp consuming most of your data plan.

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Turn Off WhatsApp Chat Backup with Cellular Data

Backup to the cloud is an excellent feature offered by WhatsApp. This Chat Backup will help you to restore all message history in case you change your phone in future. To back up the chat, your WhatsApp is going to consume some data bandwidth. As you know, your data in cellular data is more expensive comparing with the money you pay for your limited data plan. whatsapp icloud drive backupInstead of consuming data plan to back up your data you can set your phone to perform backup only on Wi-Fi. To disable cellular data for iCloud, open iPhone Setting > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Use Cellular Data > Turn Off.

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Exclude WhatsApp Video Backup on Wi-Fi

WhatsApp can backup all your data into your iCloud or Google Drive including your incoming Videos. Video backup is going to consume more bandwidth and use lot of space from your backup storage. If you are not worried much about your video messages, just turn off video backup to save bandwidth and space. You can manually save selected videos if you need to keep any videos. Open WhatsApp Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup > Include Videos > Turn Off.

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Stop Auto Saving WhatsApp Incoming Media

This data saving trick is not going to save tons of data, but sometimes it is an annoying feature that is automatically saving all incoming photos and videos into your device Camera Roll / Photo Library.

whatsapp save mediaTo turn off this feature open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats and Calls > Save Incoming Media > Turn Off. Since this is going to stop saving video, picture and other WhatsApp files auto-saving, you are going to save some data, after you turn this off.

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Set Low Data Usage on WhatsApp Call Setting

When you are making VoIP calls using your WhatsApp, these calls are going to consume your data to transfer voice data. Based on my experience, compared to the media files, WhatsApp voice calls are consuming very fewer data. But if you are a heavy user of WhatsApp Video calls, now it the time to switch calls to voice calls while you are on cell phone network. And you can have video calls whenever you are on Wi-Fi to lower WhatsApp data usage.whatsapp call low data setting

You can’t stop this when you are making calls using WhatsApp, but you can lower the data usage. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats and Calls > Under Call Settings > Low Data Usage > Turn On. In case if you are wondering how much data WhatsApp is using on voice calls, have a look at the next step.

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Check your WhatsApp Call Data Usage.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering how much data WhatsApp is consuming while you make WhatsApp Calls, you can see those itemized and total data usage in WhatsApp Network usage screen. whatsapp network usageTo check the data consumed by WhatsApp, open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Network Usage and see all the data usage information. This will explain how much data in bytes sent and received on WhatsApp Calls.

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Reduce WhatsApp Data Usage

WhatsApp is not just a message app; it is one of the essential mobile App supports multiple mobile platforms with excellent features and unlimited text and media messaging. WhatsApp platform supports text, photo, audio and video messages in addition to the call function between WhatsApp users.

Your WhatsApp is going to be full-featured app when you come back to Wi-Fi range and can watch incoming videos and other media files. All the above settings changes are to limit the data usage while you are using WhatsApp in the data plan. These five solutions will help you to reduce the WhatsApp data usage while you are away from WiFi networks and on cellular data.

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  1. Will there be any effect on the sound of voice call quality when enabling Low Data Usage button to save data usage in WhatsApp calls but?

    • @Wan,
      The data saving and the voice quality change is negligible when you switch Low Data Usage for WhatsApp call. However, the video call is worth to limit to control data usage please limit the WhatsApp video calls, those will steal a big chunk of your data.

  2. My whatsapp consumes a large amount mobile’s storage, is it because of data received through whatsapp? Please suggest me something to bring down this large storage consumption. thank u.

  3. If I send a photo or a message to a group chat of 10 people, does it use the same amount of data as when sending to only one person?

  4. If I don’t want to update my incoming and outgoing calls history in whatsapp network usage option.
    Than how I can do this?

  5. i can send message in whatsup and showing two tick,but when i tried to call its not ringing at all only showing “calling”.if he doenst have internet how come my message delivered?


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