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Don’t Throw Away, Convert Old Android Tablets to Useful Gadgets

Technology continuously evolves and innovates, giving the users some new features as upgrades. People also upgrade themselves as well as their things in order to stay dated and in motion with the current flow.

As to adapt to the change, we also change our smartphones and tablets occasionally. The change is done once every two years and with this we are able to explore new things encounter the great features it has for you.

Tablets running on Android as well as on iOS offer great characteristics and portability, because of which they are lauded by numerous people. Many individuals are berate it for their uselessness after switching to another device having far better specifications than the former.

Due to this the old tablet is no longer as cool or as useful it used to be or could. There are several things that can be used in order to make the tablet more useful again and it is worth a thought before giving it to a friend, flogging it on eBay or donating it to a good cause.

Convert your Android tablet to Dash cam

There are Andrid tablets come with in-built GPS and camera that can be used for many purposes. The old Android tablets, kept aside can be accessed again in a more useful way as the tablet can be turned into a dash cam.

convert tablet to dash cam_f

With the old Android tablet you can record the insane car accidents and use it for settling the insurance claims. Without any extra effort, you can get the best results while shooting. Just at no extra cost, get a simple dash cam for your car. Double ensure about your safety and add something more valuable also working as evidence in your car.

Convert your old Android to a Motion Detector Camera:

You can also convert the Android device into a motion detector camera without for free. Harness the power of motion detection on your tablet when you want and detect movement in an instance. You can convert the Android tablet into a motion detector camera. Ensure the safety of your home with your old tablet through the help of following the guide to Convert Your Old Android Device to a Motion Detector Camera.

The camera on your device is used to do the job of motion detection. Several customization settings are present that can help you build a wireless home security. It is ideal to choose the wireless motion detector because they can be place anywhere in the house and no connection is need with the computer.

Replace the Tablet with your Old GPS device.

Think twice before throwing your tablet into the dump as this nice tablet has the much useful GPS that might work as your vehicle’s GPS with some special advantages. The main trouble encountered with the vehicle GPS is the limited amount of battery that it offers, which can be covered up through the good battery backup inherited by it. Unlike the traditional ones, GPS Tablet has the portability, allowing any person to access it when walking or cycling around. You can know more about the process by reading more on Best built in GPS Tablets To Replace Your Old GPS Device.

car dash cam

The large screen display of the tablet allows you to do many more things just you require the much big imagination and innovation intellect to make it happen. Comparing the high price charged by the yearly map update in GPS, your device will serve as a cheap alternative to them.

Convert Your Android Tablet into Beautiful Weather Station

Whenever we have to check the weather, we all take out our smartphones from our pockets to know the current status of the local weather. If you have an Android tablet then you can make your own weather station that is always in front of you whenever you want to access it.

Your old and unused tablet will turn into a beautiful and easy to use weather station giving your weather updates on the basis of your location and provide warning levels for extreme weather. Get personalized alerts when there is a sudden change in weather through your personal weather station to think before going out. Plan your family trips by accessing your personal weather station that just requires your unused dusty tablet and an idea to make it more useful than ever. See how it’s done on Convert Your Old Android Tablet into Beautiful Weather Station.

Convert Your Android Tablet into a Music House

Music is the essence of our life and one can’t live without it. With our devices we all are able to listen to it whenever we want to. Are you a heavy listener, then you can use your Android tablet for this perfect situation. You can use your tablet luckily as a music house and make use of the conservative battery life that is present in it for your benefit.

Save your time, space and the cost of electricity by building your Android tablet as a music house. Load it up with your favorite music and audio clips to make it happen. Just grab your old Android tablet, charge it up and make the device useful again. Be a DJ at your party by playing some great numbers and your personalized playlist to make the people groove. Here is the list of Apps that might help you a lot Apps to download and listen MP3 Songs Offline.

Use Your Old Android Tablet as High-End Photo Frame

Literally, millions of digital picture frames have been sold and many people love them due to their appeal. But when you have an old tablet then why purchase a new digital high-end photo frame as we can convert the Android tablet into one. You don’t need to go out and buy one as you can make one from your Android tablet.

Android Digital Photo Frame Apps
Image credit: EllevSoft Social Frame

As compared to the conventional digital frames, you can better options like Wi-Fi connectivity and long battery life just through your Android tablet. It will help you to bring you the updated pictures from your circles on the social networks. Disable the screen lock and dimming feature in order to get more attention to it. Make most of your photos by using the Android tablet as a high-end photo frame and the perfect guide is here Convert Your Old Android Tablet to High-End Digital Photo Frame.

We have listed only some of them, whereas there are many more things that can be with your Android tablet or smartphone. Pilot quadrocopters, make them your personal e-reader and etc, just mix as well as match different imaginations so you can free the device from the darkness and give it a whole new life. Don’t just sell or recycle it, make a productive use of the old Android device.

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