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CS:GO Tips and Tricks: How to Get Better at Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter strike global offensive or CS GO is one of the best first-person online shooter games ever produced. You need to acquire great skill levels to master CS:GO. That’s why we are offering you these complete CS GO tips to get better at the CS:GO game.

We have handpicked and listed the best CS:GO tips for you to master the game tactics and tricks.


  1. Adjust Your Crosshair
  2. Learn Where to Place Your Crosshair
  3. Avoid Using W to Move Between Cover
  4. Learn Narrow Peaking
  5. Make Sure to Use Your Utilities
  6. Manage Your Economy
  7. Observe the Game Sounds Carefully
  8. Warm-Up Before Competitive Matches
  9. Avoid Snipers
  10. Avoid Toxic Players
  11. Have a Sufficient Network Connection And Good Setup to Play
  12. Always Try to Stay Alive
  13. Prioritize Your Requirements
  14. Practice Regularly
  15. Play as a Team

Adjust Your Crosshair

Crosshair is one of the most important things in shooter games. It lets you know where your shots are going to land on the enemies. You should have to adjust yourself with the crosshair to land perfect shots.

The default crosshair in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is not a great one. In Fact, it is one of the worst default crosshairs. It is very big and is very inconvenient for some players. But don’t worry, the game itself provides a solution for this. Follow this CS GO tip to adjust your crosshair while playing.

CS GO Crosshair

Go to the game settings and look for crosshair settings. There are a few preloaded crosshairs, check each and find one that is suitable for you. If you want more precision, adjust the settings and make a crosshair that you feel is perfect for you.

Learn Where to Place Your Crosshair

Learning where to place crosshair is an important CS GO tip you should keep in mind. In CS GO, crosshair placement is very crucial. Correct placement of crosshair can offer you instant kill.

Crosshairs should be generally placed at the head level of the enemy. Set this height by adjusting it with your teammate’s head. Now maintain this height whenever you and your enemy are on the same level of platforms. This means if you are on the ground level and the enemy is on higher grounds, this will not work.

Adjust this level and always maintain the crosshair at the head height of an enemy. You can instantly kill the enemy if they peek or come out from cover. Always try to headshot the enemy since this will kill the enemies faster.

Avoid Using W to Move Between Cover

Movement is very crucial in games like CS GO. You have to continuously move in this game. Do not let the enemy come to a conclusion where you are at. Camping is good but it will not help all the time in CS GO. You have to move between covers to push forward towards the enemy.

While moving, most of the players will have the tendency to move forward using W. Avoid this practice. When you move forward using W, you are giving your enemy a perfect line of sight. The enemy does not have to adjust themselves while shooting at you.

Instead of using W, use A and D keys and move sideways in CS GO. When you move sideways constantly, the enemy’s line of sight will break continuously and they have to readjust each time. This will narrow the chance of your death.

Moving sideways will also give you an opportunity to shoot at the enemy. You can lock on your enemy and move sideways and shoot at him simultaneously.

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Learn Narrow Peaking

After learning how to move in CS GO, peeking perfectly becomes the next thing to learn. Good peeking and crosshair placement can award you with instant kills. If you place your crosshair correctly and peek out perfectly, you can take down your enemy with an easy headshot.

Normally all the players have the tendency to stand just behind a cover of a wall and peak out slowly. This is a bad practice. Avoid standing just behind the wall is one of the important CS GO tips. Instead, move away from the wall a little backward and take a position there. By doing this, you will expose only a little of yourself to the enemies. Also, you get a better line of sight.

When you peek closer to the wall, when you reach a point where you can see the enemy, most of your body will be exposed to the enemy. Avoid doing this. Peeking left and right have a small difference in body exposure. Peeking through your right eye will expose you less to your enemies.

Make Sure to Use Your Utilities

Utilities are very important in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and knowing to use them properly is a bit tricky. CS GO comes with a different set of utilities with frags, molly, smokes, flashes, etc. You can have 5 of them each for every match. This is more than enough for a match if you use it properly.

If you are playing aggressively, try throwing frags and Mollys on onto your enemies. This CS GO tip will force them to come out of their cover and you can easily take the shot. Smoke yourselves out if you wish for a cover and flash your enemies whenever you feel necessary. Be cautious while flashing, if not careful you may end up flashing your teammates.

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Manage Your Economy

Economy management is very crucial in the CS GO game. It is very important to calculate the economy of the enemies and use it to your advantage. Try judging when your enemies are close to being reset and use that to your advantage.

The economy is increasing with more players surviving after each match. If 3 players are remaining they have a fair amount, if 4 sufficient amounts. If 5 players are remaining, they have a ton of money. Check how many players were alive for the last few rounds and make a rough calculation of their economy.

Try buying out when you feel the opponent has a low economy. Save your economy if you think the enemies have a sufficient amount of economy. Adjust this properly to gain an advantage over your opponents. This CS GO tip will help you save money when necessary in the game.

Observe the Game Sounds Carefully

Observing the sounds in the game can greatly help you in judging your enemy movements. Use good headphones and listen to the voices around you. Look for footsteps, planting sounds, utility sound, reload sound, etc. Use this to judge when to take the shoot.

A simple example of this CS GO tip is that when you hear the reload sound of the gun, you can try shooting him and going for a kill. Sounds can also be manipulated and used against your enemies. Fake diffuses, fake reload sounds, and faking utility sounds can make your enemy think that you are vulnerable and they will come for the kill. Take them out at that time.

If you click reload and swap your gun at the same time, a reload sound will be heard but you will be ready to face the incoming enemy with your gun.

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Warm-Up Before Competitive Matches

Competitive matches are always so difficult and require precise aims. So having a warm-up before competitive matches can always benefit you. You don’t have to go for a hardcore practice match. Just play a game to make sure you aim properly and your movements are ok, to make sure this CS GO tip works.

When you warm up, your muscle memory will be refreshed and become more responsive. This will help you to be more attentive and react faster in a crucial situation. So warming up a little bit before a competitive match is always a great thing in CS GO

Avoid Snipers

Snipers or AWPers are always difficult to take out. Most of the snipers in the CS GO will have insane aim and can take you out very quickly. They will peek from extreme corners using scopes and can instantly kill you if you peek carefully.

If you are constantly not able to take out AWPers, try avoiding them. Play in such a way that you do not become a direct target for them to hit. Avoid giving them a line of sight to shoot at you.

An easy way to avoid the AWPers shooting at you is to throw a smoke grenade and block their vision. If you throw a smoke grenade at your position, your movement will be masked from the sniper and you can easily swap positions and confuse the opponent.

Another way of distraction is to throw a flash. When a flash is thrown, the snipers will have to change their view for a small time. Try using a utility to obstruct the opponent’s line of sight and advance in cover to take out the enemy.

Avoid Toxic Players

CS GO contains a massive amount of toxic players. Almost all online games have a lot of toxic players. They will confuse and stress you out while playing. They will always use foul words and try to demotivate you. If you are looking for basic CS GO tips, avoid them totally.

Reacting is not always the best defense. Avoid toxic players and stop responding to them. CS GO gives you a mute switch to mute the players that you wish to avoid. Don’t fall for their toxic dialogues, play calmly and try to build your skills.

Not becoming a toxic player is also as important as avoiding one. So be nice to other players and help them improve in the game.

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Have a Sufficient Network Connection and Good Setup to Play

Having a good internet connection with low ping and a lag-free system is as important as building your skills. Build a PC that won’t bottleneck your skills.

Make sure your internet connection is not slowing down and your ping is low. This will avoid the chance of dying due to hardware issues.

If you have a high ping or low-speed internet connection, your enemy will have a great advantage over you. You can be easily killed since your game will lag if your system is not responsive.

Always try to maintain a good connection while playing and a decent PC setup. CS GO is not a great hardware-demanding game. So even a basic PC can serve your needs.

Always Try to Stay Alive

In CS GO, winning a match is more important than getting more kills. Do not try to get killed by rushing yourself. Try to maintain a calculation on when to push and when to hold back. This CS GO strategy will keep you alive longer.

If you rush yourself early in the game, get a kill and die, it might not benefit your team. You are putting your team in a much more difficult situation. Always try to hold your position and go for a kill only if you feel necessary.

You can always win a match even if you do not have a high kill streak. Try to stay alive till the end of the match. You can only do something if you are alive.

Prioritize Your Requirements

You have to prioritize what you should do while playing a match. Some matches will force you to kill many enemies, but in some others staying alive and defending makes more sense. So, you have to prioritize what you have to do.

While in a pressure situation, you have two choices. Whether to rush out for the kill or to somehow win the match. So in these scenarios, only go for the kill if you are totally confident. Your priority should always be to make your team win. So stay back, plan and execute it perfectly to win the match.

Practice Regularly

Keep practicing – this is the best CS GO tip we can give you. Practice often in the game to improve your aim and to understand the maps. Always learn the map. Try to find the string and weak points of every map. Try different ways to play through an area.

Take aiming challenges and improve your aiming and response time. Try to kill your enemy with fewer Bullets in the shortest time possible. This will save your bullets for the next enemy.

There are a lot of practice maps in the counter strike global offensive servers. Go through these maps and improve your aiming skills. You can practice your crosshair placement and movement in these maps.

Try killing moving enemies in maps to increase your response time and build CS GO strategy. This can also help you in familiarizing yourself with the weapons and utilities in the game. While in the practice session, use different types of weapons and utilities and find which one suits your needs. Try experimenting with the practice maps to improve yourself.

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Play as a Team

Team play is a great factor in any online game. In CS GO you play as a team of 5 players. Build a team for you with your friends and okay together. Having a good crew can help you understand your mistakes and upgrade your skills. Good teammates can correct you and tell you what you should improve.

Always play while communicating with your teammates. Share the probable enemy locations, crucial game data, valuable information, etc. Avoid talking too much while gaming since observing the sounds is a crucial factor.

Do not stress out your teammate if you die early and you are spectating him. Try to maintain healthy communication by providing correct information. Keep in mind that teamwork is key to win anything.

CS GO is a very difficult game. It takes an abundant amount of time to play the game to improve yourself in this game. Don’t quit if you are not able to improve in the game.

These CS GO tips can greatly help you in improving your overall gameplay. Implement these CS GO strategy moves while playing and try to learn from your mistakes. Practice more and you will definitely improve in Counter-Strike with these tips.

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