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How to Download BSNL Land Line Bill to your Computer

Your BSNL Land Line bills are available on the internet and can be seen without waiting for the bills by regular post. Download BSNL landline bill facility allows to view and download  Landline bills online.

No registrations and password are necessary to view your telephone bills. You need only your phone number and the account number of your telephone connection. Though it is not necessary to register in the portal, it will be better to register for future reference.

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View BSNL Bill amount without registration

To view your bill amount, as the first step click the BSNL Link here or go to “http://portal.bsnl.in/portal/aspxfiles/default.aspx”. You will be landing on the portal home page. Go to “Landline” page for landline bills. You can enter the telephone number and email id/phone number for confirmation. Submit after entering all the details, your bill amount will be displayed.

The displayed bill amount can be paid immediately from the same screen by clicking on “PAY NOW” button.

Registration to the BSNL Portal

To view and download the bill we need to register with the portal. This is to be done only once and further you can just select the account to see the bill. For that, click on “Sign In” from the main window and then “Sign Up”. Fill up the form with your details.

Add Accounts

Once logged in, Add your Landline/Mobile postpaid accounts there using the latest Bills of them. This process is also one time. For that, go to “Manage Accounts” -> “Postpaid Accounts” and click on “New”.

If you don’t know your account number, take any of your previous bills. After entering the details, click on submit button. You will get your current bill details as bill number, amount, pay by date etc.

View BSNL Bills

To view your bill, click on “View Bill” and then “Landline” from the home page. Your telephone bills will be displayed there for the added accounts. Click on the telephone number and the bill will be opened in new window and you can take print out if needed.

You can even submit this printout to BSNL counters for payment. Note down your bill issue date from any of old bills and you can check your bills normally within one or two days of that date. You can also pay your bills online from the same site. You can pay either after registration of account and attachment of your billing accounts to it or as a one-time process by providing your email & number. To know about paying your bills online, check this. pay your bills online.

If you need an exact copy of your printed bill for some other purpose, please log in to self-care portal. https://mashtips.com/register-with-bsnl-new-self-care-portal/

Being an online customer you need not wait for the legacy post systems to get your bills and pay at the counters. BSNL land-line bill download facility is really helpful for the online community. Get independence from the legacy systems and last minute rushes in counters.


  1. Online bill generated by BSNL website does not contain name and address of the subscriber . It cannot be used as residence proof. How to get online bill containing name and address of subscriber?

  2. This facility is not working. While asking for bill of landline and mobile a message appears as ” 500 oops! we are facing network problems” . No BSNL person is bothered to look at this. This problem is there since week. Today is 6-July-2017.

  3. I can get to see list of my last 3 bills. After clicking on “Print Bill” button it displays bill correct dates but amount displayed is of latest bill.
    Hope BSNL tech team could fix this soon.

  4. 500
    Oops! We are experiencing a network problem.
    Please click here to retry or try again later.

    this message comes when i view bill since last month. please fix this problem

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