How to Enable Chrome Home to Bring Address Bar Bottom?

Last Updated: January 26, 2018
Enable Chrome Home on Android

This is a pretty interesting trick to place the Google Chrome address bar on the bottom of the screen right above the navigation bar. We tried this trick and we like the concept of having the Google Chrome browser address bar on the bottom of the phone instead of the top. This is a most convenient place and you can easily reach to the address bar as long as it rests in the bottom.

Let us see how to enable Google Chrome Home to bring Chrome Address bar to the bottom of the browser.

Editor’s Note: Before you proceed, go through the warning from Google. “WARNING EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD. By enabling this feature, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features applied to all users of this browser”.

To enable Chrome home on Android, first, open the Google Chrome browser on Android phone. The address bar default position is on the top of the browser. Now tap on the address bar and type chrome://flags to list the Chrome flags.

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This will bring the Google Chrome Flag list into the browser and there are many of them. You can see a search box just below the address bar and type home in the search bar and proceed to search.

Chrome Flag Home Search

Now you can see Chrome Home flag in the search result with the Default setting. Tap on the Default to change the setting.

Chrome Home Flag Enable

Please select Enabled to enable “Chrome Home” on Google Chrome browser. Once you enable it, you have to relaunch the Chrome browser on Android phone. Tap on RELAUNCH NOW button to launch the browser again. You may still see the address bar on the top. Now type chrome://restart  to restart the Chrome Browser again on Android phone.

Chrome Address Bar Bottom

Once you restarted the Chrome browser, you can see the address bar moved to browser bottom from top position. The browser Tab and Setting icon also move down along with the address bar.

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Based on our experience, this is a pretty convenient location for the browser address bar and you can keep as is as long as you like it. However, you want to bring back the address bar location to default place, that is top of the browser, you can reverse what you did on the Chrome flag.

To bring back the browser address bar to the top of the browser, type chrome://flags and search home  in the search bar. Now you can see the Chrome Home is enabled by default. Please change back this Chrome Home to Default.  Tap on RELAUNCH NOW button to launch the browser again. You may still see the address bar on the bottom. Now type chrome://restart  to restart the Chrome Browser again on Android phone. Now you have the browser address bar on the default top location and you are ready to go.

Bring Address Bar to bottom of Google Chrome

We experimented this Google Chrome Flag on Android Pixel 2 Chrome Browser Ver 63.0 and couple of other Android phones including Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. This solution worked on all of the phones and we could bring down the Chrome address bar to the bottom.

So far, we like this solution to experience the address bar on the bottom of the Chrome browser and it is easy to reach while you hold the phone with one hand. However, those who like the top of location, they can go back to default settings with few taps. This Chrome Home feature is already running on Chrome beta version and some of you guys may be already using this feature.

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