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How to Enable Google Two Step Verification to Protect Your Gmail

Sometimes it does not matter whether you use a strong password or not. anybody can get a hold of your account if they have the password by guessing or by hacking, but the only way to prevent it is to enable two-step verification, aka two-factor authentication. Not enabling two-step verification is one of the causes of YouTube accounts getting hacked, and enabling is a way to protect your YouTube channels from hackers.

Enable Two Step Verification for Google or Gmail

When you enable two-step verification for your Google account or Gmail account, it will ask for a verification every time you sign in to a new browser or device. Goole verification can be an OTP sent to your mobile as a text message, a prompt on the Gmail app, or an Authentication code from the Google Authenticator app. Let’s see how you can enable two-step verification on your Google account.

On Android Phone

Since you sign in to your Google account on your Android phone, it is quite easy and straightforward to enable 2FA for your Google account. For that,

Go to Settings on your Android phone and then tap on Accounts.

Accounts Settings on Android

From the next screen, select the Google account you want to enable two-step verification.

Select Google Account in Android

Tap the option “Google Account” from the next screen.

Google Account Option in Android Account Settings

Now the Settings will open a chrome window where you will see a bunch of Google account managing options. From there, tap on the “Security” tab at the top.

Google Account Security Options Android

When the screen loads, scroll down and tap on “2-Step Verification.”

2 Step Verification in Google Account

Select “Get Started” from the next screen.

Get Started with Google 2 Step Verification

Next, Google will ask you to enter your account password. Enter and hit next.

Enter Password to Verify Google Account

Once you are in, you will be shown the devices where you can get a prompt to sign in to your Google account. Click “Continue.”

Get Google 2 Step Verification Prompt Device

The next step will ask you to enter an alternate method. This is mostly text message OTP so you will have to enter and verify your phone number next.

Google 2 Step Verification Backup Option

As the final step, tap the “Turn On” button at the end to enable Google two-step verification for your account.

Turn On Two Step Verification in Google

Now your Google account has the two-step verification or the two-factor authentication enabled. You will not be signed out of any devices you are in. But the next time you try to sign in to a new device or browser, you must verify with the prompt on your phone or enter the OTP received to your number.

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On iPhone or iPad

Since you cannot sign in to Google or manage the account from iPhone settings, you will have to do the above steps from any browser say, Safari. First of all, go to your account by visiting accounts.google.com from your iPhone.

Next, sign in using your Google account and then go to the “Security” tab.

From there, follow the steps as above, go to the Two Ste Verification, and enable it.

On Web

If you are trying to turn on two-step verification for your Google account from a PC or Mac, here is how you can do it.

Open any browser and head to accounts.google.com on your computer. On the loaded screen, click on “Security” on the left edge.

Scroll down and click on “2 Step Verification” under “Signing in to Google.”

Google Account 2 Step Verification on Web

Next, enter your Google account password to continue.

When asked, choose the preferred way to get a login prompt or verification code. Then Turn on 2 Step Verification for your Google account by following the on-screen instructions.

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FAQ: Google Two Step Verification

How do I turn on 2-step verification for Google?

You can turn on two-step verification for your Google account from the Security settings on the Google Accounts page.

What does 2-step verification do on Google?

When you enable 2 step verification on your Google, it will ask for a confirmation code or prompt on your trusted phone or phone number apart from entering the password. This prevents others from accessing your Google account even if they know your password.

How do I transfer my Google Authenticator to a new phone?

Google Authenticator now lets you transfer authenticator keys to another phone seamlessly.

Can you bypass Google 2-step verification?

You cannot bypass Google 2-step verification without an authorized device or an authorized phone number to your account.

Google two-step verification on your account can help you secure your important data in Google Drive, confidential emails in Gmail, and your YouTube channel from getting hacked. Make sure you always carry the phone and number used for Google 2-step verification authentication.

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