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How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram

You cannot be blamed if you want to upload your recent picture at its best quality to Instagram. But sometimes the Instagram simply compresses your videos and you will be left disappointed. To avoid this, you can now opt-in to upload high-quality videos on Instagram.

Let’s see how you can share the best quality videos to Instagram from your Android phone or iPhone.

Upload High-Quality Videos on Instagram

Instagram has finally added an option for anybody to share their videos at the highest quality. This will especially help the videographers who share their best shots to Instagram.

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Let’s see how.

Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to your profile. Tap the hamburger menu icon at the upper-right corner.

Open Instagram App Menu

Choose Settings from the menu.

Go to Instagram Settings

From the settings, go to Account.

Instagram Account Settings

Tap on the “Data Usage” option from the next screen.

Instagram Data Usage Settings

On the next screen, toggle on the setting “High Quality Uploads” and go back to save the changes.

High Quality Uploads on Instagram for Photos

Once you enable the high-quality uploads on Instagram, the videos you share will no longer be compressed. You can upload your high-quality reels or IGTV videos using cellular data or WiFi without losing any quality.

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Although the videos are uploaded high quality, Instagram will process the videos to be compatible and fast-loading for others. This will take a few minutes to finish once you post the video.

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