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How to Fix Auto Dark Mode in Mac

The newer macOS comes with a Dark Mode feature, which turns the entire User Interface from the classic white into the dark theme. Supported apps also turn dark when you switch from light mode to dark mode. You can either set the dark mode manually or automate it from your Mac preferences. However, many users are facing the issue with automatic switching between dark and light mode. You probably might be facing a similar issue that Mac auto dark mode is not working properly.

In this article, we are discussing the best solutions to fix auto dark mode not working on your Mac.


  1. How do I Get Dark Mode on My MacBook?
  2. How to Enable Auto Mac Dark Mode?
  3. Fix Mac Auto Dark Mode Not Working
  4. Is Dark Mode Automatic?
  5. Does Dark Mode Save Battery?
  6. Doers Safari Have Dark Mode?
  7. Why Can’t I Get Dark Mode on My Mac?

How do I Get Dark Mode on My MacBook?

Apple released the Dark mode feature to all Mac and MacBook users with the first release of macOS Mojave. very Mac or MacBook that supports the latest version of macOS, even at least the Mojave, can get the Dark Mode feature. Additionally, Apple has made several changes to the dark mode in the macOS Catalina. Therefore it is better if you have the latest version of macOS running on your MacBook. Anyways, you already must have a dark mode feature on your Mac. After updating your Mac to the latest macOS version, follow the below steps to enable Dark Mode on your Mac.

Open System Preferences go to General on Mac

  1. Open Preferences from the Apple menu icon on your Mac.
  2. Click on General from the Preferences window.
  3. Choose “Dark” from the theme options.

Enable Mac Dark Mode on macOS Mojave and Catalina

If you have just enabled the mac dark mode, you will find most of the apps and other system windows in the dark theme.

How to Enable Auto Mac Dark Mode?

In case you are unaware, you do not have to manually switch between the dark and light theme by a certain time of the day. The auto dark mode on your Mac can automate the process for you. Therefore, you will find that your Mac getting switched to the dark mode at night time and the light mode in the day time. Here is how to enable auto dark mode on Mac.

Choose auto dark mode on macos

  1. Click on the Apple menu logo and go to preferences.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Choose “Auto” from the “Appearance” menu.

The dark mod generally works by your personal preferences you set manually. However, the auto mode lets your Mac o decide when to enable the dark theme. The auto dark mode on the Mac is based on the Night Shift feature. Therefore, the night shift is required to be enabled in order to get the Auto dark mode in most cases.

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Fix Mac Auto Dark Mode Not Working

Many macOS Catalina users are experiencing issues with the auto dark theme on their MacBook models. This software bug has been resolved for many with the latest update releases. However, some still stay buggy. If you think the Mac auto dark mode on your macOS is not working properly, follow the below troubleshooting methods.

Update macOS

In most cases, the Mac auto dark mode goes wrong due to a software bug on the macOS. So, update your MacBook to the latest macOS rollout in case any updates are pending. Here is how to check your macOS version and update your Mac to the latest version.

Update MacBook to the latest version of macOS

  1. Click on the Apple menu.
  2. Go to System Preferences > Software Update.
  3. Install any pending updates from the window.

Updating your macOS will likely improve the p[erformance and bug issues including auto dark mode issue.

Schedule Night Shift

The auto dark mode feature on Mac actually works based on the Night Shift preferences. Therefore, if you have enabled the Night Shift on your Mac, the auto dark theme is more likely to hit along with it. In case you do not see an auto-shift of the theme along with the Night Shift, try scheduling the Night Shift to Sunset/Sunrise. Here is how.

Schedule Night Shift intop Sunset to Sunrise on Mac

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Click “Displays.”
  3. Switch to “Night Shift” tab on the window.
  4. Click on “Schedule” drop-down menu and choose “Sunset to Sunrise.”

You will then see that your macOS theme shifts automatically to the dark mode, in case you have chosen “Auto” from the theme. If this does not work, try setting manual time duration for the Night Shift on the same window.

Restart Your Mac

If the above solution is not working for your Mac, you can try restarting and reenabling your system.

  1. Go to System Preferences > General > Light to enable light mode on your Mac.
  2. Restart your Mac.
  3. Now go to the System Preferences and enable the Auto dark mode.

Apart from the above methods to resolve the issue with enabling auto dark mode on your Mac, try the following tips to see if the auto dark mode shifting works perfectly.

  • Enable Auto dark mode, close and open the lid to see the theme change.
  • Sleep your Mac and wake, when your Mac is turned on throughout the day till night.
  • Make sure location services are turned on.

In case none of these solutions is not working for you, do not worry. You can still contact Apple support to get immediate help on such bugs.

Is Dark Mode Automatic?

The dark mode feature on macOS running devices, both iMac and MacBook, is an optional feature that users can enable from the system preferences. A lot of conventional Mac users tend to stick with the old-school white themed macOS user interface. So the dark mode on Mac is not enabled by default, nor automated. However, you can opt for the auto dark mode on your Mac, which will enable the feature by a specific time of the day automatically.

Does Dark Mode Save Battery?

No. Dark Mode does not save battery on Mac or MacBook since they do not have an LED or OLED screens. The LCD screens on MacBooks do not have a substantial effect on battery usage even when the dark mode is used all over. The major reason why Apple encourages using the macOS dark mode is to reduce eye strain due to a bright screen. The dark mode can help you save your eyes, not battery power.

Does Safari Have Dark Mode?

All the supported apps, bot built-in as well as third party ones, including Safari browser have the dark mode support on macOS. See our macOS Dark Mode guide to know more about the feature.

Why Can’t I Get Dark Mode on My Mac?

Are you not getting the dark mode feature on your MacBook? Here are the possible reasons why the dark mode feature is not available to your device yet.

  • Old MacBook model that does not support macOS Mojave or Catalina.
  • You have not updated your Mac for a little while.

Hope this guide helped you resolve the issues with auto dark mode switching on your Mac. Share your thoughts.

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