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12 Best Google Home Tips& Tricks you must Know

Google Home, one of the best Smart home speakers from Google. The Google Home Speakers can do a lot of things other than controlling home gadgets. Google Home can work as a Bluetooth Speaker; Google Home can place calls for you, check business operating hours, and address. Even you can set Google Home for kids to call you when you away from home. There are a bunch of other Google home features that we discussed before.

Here we are going to explain the best Google home Tips& Tricks that you can try with your Google Home device.

Free Home Phone for Kids

My kids love to use this Google Home feature. I set a secondary user on Google Home for my kids and set up a contact list with cell phone numbers including Dad, Mam & Grandpa to call from Google contacts with Google Home device. Once you have this setup at home, they don’t need to have a phone to call you.

They have just to ask, Ok Google, Call Dad. Gladly,  Google Home will place the call on your cell phone. To identify your kids’ calls, you can assign a Google voice number for them. Please be aware; Google home is not supporting incoming calls yet. The above feature is applicable only for outgoing calls.

Find my Phone with Google Home

How many times did you misplace your phone? There is Android Find Phone might be the solution you end up to get back the phone. Google Home is bringing a simple feature to Find Your Phone. When you misplace your Android or iPhone, you can ask Google Home, Ok Google, Find my phone.

Google will start ringing your phone. For Android users, the Android phone will ring even in silence mode. But for iPhone users, Google can ring you if you are not in silent mode. So next time, ask Google Home to find your phone Google will help you with the phone you misplaced under the couch -:).

Free Call from your Phone Number

There is no need for using anonymous numbers while using Google Home. You can set Google voice numbers to place calls through the Google Home device. Your friends or family can recognize calls from your own Google Voice Number and answer you.

Set Google Home to Call with Google Voice Number

More Info: How to Set Google Home to Call with Google Voice Number?

Google Home support to call all US and Canada numbers. You can make these free calls to any business, home landline, and mobile phone numbers except emergency calls like 911. You can trigger the calls with, Ok  Google, Call Mike. Google will check your contact list and call Mike from Google contact list number.

Dial International Calls with Google Home

Set Google Home as your office assistant to make calls for you. You have just to tell the number to make international calls. Make sure you connected your Google Home account with Google Voice, and you have enough balance on Google voice account.

I’m using Google voice for years to call international numbers. The international call quality through Google Voice is pretty decent, and the call rates are cheap. To call India, you can say Ok, Google, Call 91 806721 8000, and Google Home will dial the international number for you if you have enough call balance.

Send Googe Map to Phone

Ok Google, Where is pizza hut? Google can search and find the nearest pizza hut for you and get the address. If you set the same Google account, Google can send the map to your Phone’s Google map app. Yes, you can open the Google map and start driving without typing the address.

Google Home Shopping Assitant

No more typing or writing a shopping list. Just ask Ok Google, add milk to my shopping list. That’s all. There are so many things you can automate with Google Home like Set room temperature, Start a Vaccum cleaner, etc.

We collected a list of devices that you can control with Google home. For a multi-user account, Google detects each user’s voice and add the shopping list on their Google account instead of the primary account.

Stream Online & Local music

When you want to relax, ask Google Home to play a song for you. You can play songs from Google Play Music (you can upload local music to Google Play), Spotify, or Pandora with voice commands on Google Home. But what you do if you want to stream a favorite song from your computer on Google Home.

Play Local Music on Google Home

Google home can work as a Bluetooth speaker and stream local music from your computer or smartphone. You are in a mood to watch a small Youtube funny video, just ask Ok Google, Play Youtube Video. Google Home will Turn On Chromecast connected TV and start playing the Youtube videos from your favorite list.

Entertain Kids with Games& Quizzes

Google Home offers science quizzes, trivia games, music chairs, and other group games to entertain your kids. Google home can tell riddles, tell stories, fairy tales to entertain your kids when you want to relax sometime.

Check Flight Price

Google can help you if you are a frequent traveler. Ok, Google How much is to fly from Orlando to Miami? Google can check on Google Flight to get the most updated price for you. You can ask Google to send the price list to your email.

Google Home as News Reader

Ok Google, Goodmorning!. Just say to Google with your morning coffee. Google will read the morning news for you based on what you set on the Google Home app. This includes weather and your meeting details from the Google calendar.

Turn the TV On/Off

Don’t you have a remote handy, Ask Google Home to turn on the TV. This will work with the TVs that connected to the Chromecast stick on it. You can Turn On/Turn Off TV with Google home that connected to Chromecast on the same network. You can have more control on your TV with channel change and others if you have a Logitech harmony hub.

Google Home Speaker

You can convert Google Home as a Bluetooth Speaker. Google Home is built with a high excursion speaker for crystal clear sound and passive radiators to deliver Hi-Fi sound.

Google Home Bluetooth iPhone Android

When you talk about streaming music from an online account, the Google Play App support to play local music files. However, there is a limit of 50K songs that you can upload, the bad thing about Google Play Music is, you will lose access to this uploaded music that goes away once you stop the subscription. You can stream local music from Smartphones to Google Home or play Music from PCs to Google Home.

Set the Alarm/Timer

Google home can set a timer or Alam for you. Just ask, Ok Google, Set an Alarm at 10 PM. If you want to take a short nap after lunch, Ok, Google, set a timer for 30 minutes. Google will ring a tone after 30 minutes to wake you up.

The Best Google Home Features you must know.

We listed the best Google Home features that you must know to utilize the Google home device at best. My favorite is still the Google Home Call Feature that set for my kids and the international call feature from the Google Home device.

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