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7 Best Google Now Features that Make Your Life Easy.

OK, Google… Google Now is growing with terrific features in last two years. The latest feature from Google Now is flight price drop tracking. It integrates with Google Flights and notifies you when the Flight price drops that you search.

Google Now personal voice assistant is an excellent feature and brilliant to recognize your commands. We have seen other voice assistants like Siri for iOS, Cortana for Windows Phone, etc. But compare to Google’s voice assistant, Siri and Cortana are far behind in voice recognition.

Google integrated Google Now with powerful search engine and Google’s other tools like Gmail, Reminder, etc. to deliver the best user experience. Google Now is not just limited to these two features. Its feature list is growing dramatically with cool features to make our life easy.

Google Now Flight Price Tracking

We wrote about Google Flight Search Tool in Search Best Deal for Flight and Hotel with Google Tool. Now Google has started to monitor the flight price based on the user’s itinerary searches on Google and user destinations.

google now flight price drop

Google Now cards show you the price drop in the flight your searched and based on this notifications; you can select the best deal for your next trip.

Google Now Keep Track on Your Travel

When you plan to travel by flight or your booked a bus tickets through Google Search, Google knows about it. Google can show tons of useful information based on your travel place and time.

google now flight status

It can show you the weather of the location, flight take-off time, any delay of your flight, your total commute time, etc.

Google Now Car Parking Location Tracking

When you park the car, you can depend Google now to find an approximate location of your parked card. Google Now Cards can show you the approximate location of your parked car. You’ll see parking location cards.

Google now track car parking

You can also see the previous locations that you parked your car in case if you couldn’t find out your car in the first location or Google failed to calculate the exact location of your parked card.

Google Movie Show Time

Google custom search brings you up local movie time near to your location or the location that you searched for.

google now movie search

You can search and find any particular movie on a particular location that you want, and it will bring you the show time and available theaters.

Google Now Commute Sharing

When you are in traffic block, or you want to share your location with your family to meet you or track your location, you can depend on Google Now.

Now, Open your Google Now > Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Commute Sharing > On. You can choose who can see your location in Google Plus, and the will get your commute updates.

Set A Reminder based on Location or Time

You can use this feature to set a reminder to call somebody or pick up something on anywhere at any time. Google Now will set the reminder based on the time and the location you are requested.

google now call reminder

“OK Google, Set a reminder to call CVS Pharmacy”. Google now will ask you when and when you want to set your reminder and it will set a reminder for you to call the pharmacy.

Google Now Set Reminder for Your Favorite Show

When you do a Google Now search for our favorite TV show or any other program, you can find a search card at the bottom of Google Now to “Remind me about new episodes”.

google now show reminder

Once you enable that card, Google Now notifies you for all the coming episodes of your favorite show.

Google Now Alerts and Pops Up Breaking News

Based on your search behavior, Google Now pops up cards about the breaking news, alerts, storm warning, etc. based on your location.

Google Now is a built-in feature in Android 4.1 and above, and for iOS users, the app is coming as a part of Google search app in iTunes store. We recommend 12 Essential Google Search Tricks That You Never Used Before for more tools from Google.

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