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How to Use Combin to Grow Your Instagram Audience Real Quick

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Have you been trying to grow your Instagram? Instead of posting too much content without having any insights, a few well-planned Instagram posts can really help you gain more followers. There are many specialized tools to help you plan content for Instagram. Combin is such a tool you can use to watch the contents your audience like and plan accordingly.

Let us see how to grow the Instagram audience using Combin.


  1. Combin: Instagram Marketing Tool
  2. Find and Reach Your Target Audience Using Hashtags, Location, Username
  3. Engage with Other Instagram Posts to Attract Audience
  4. Find Your Viral Posts on Instagram
  5. Analyze Your Growth on Instagram Using Combin
  6. Schedule Instagram Posts Using Combin
  7. Schedule Instagram Stories
  8. Combin Plans and Pricing
  9. Verdict: Is Combin Really Worth It

Combin: Instagram Marketing Tool

Combin is an all-in-one marketing solution for professionals, companies, and influencers to make real growth for Instagram accounts. There is no shortcut to grow your Instagram account and get the right audience. But, some strategies will help you understand Instagram real quick and gain more followers.

If you are unsure how to choose the strategy for you, and plan the content, Combin is a great tool to start with. It helps you search posts that your target audience likes, and create Instagram posts that will reach more people. Apart from the content planning tools, Combin offers Combin Scheduler. You can schedule your Instagram posts and stories using the tool.

For desktop users, to start with Combin, you can choose a plan and download the download Combin for your PC or Mac. Then you can directly sign in to your Instagram account using your username and password within the Combin app.

Find and Reach Your Target Audience Using Hashtags, Location, Username

Instagram lets you publish posts and get your audience and reach with the analytics. What if you can find your target audience and find what types of posts they like? Combin comes with a feature that lets you find the target audience and reach them, searching by hashtags, location, or even account usernames.

Create New Search on Combin

  1. From the Combin app, go to the “Search” tab.
  2. Click the “Add Search” button.
  3. Choose an option from the “Search by” menu.
  4. Enter hashtag, location, or username on the fields below.
    Combin Add Hashtag Search
  5. Click the “+” button on the right to add multiple hashtags/locations to the search.
  6. Choose posted time and search limit.
  7. Use the slider under “Likes count” to see the posts with a minimum number of likes.
  8. Set the minimum and the maximum number of comments.
  9. Click the “Find” button to start searching for the posts your target audience likes.

Find Searched Instagram Posts on Combin

You can create as much search as you want, depends on your Combin plan. Create multiple hashtags, location, and profile searches to get updated posts on what your audience likes.

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Engage with Other Instagram Posts to Attract Audience

Engaging with posts by other users and even your rivals is a real trick that most of us don’t even realize. That’s where your potential audience is found. Do not spam, but the engaging comments will be really helpful. If you are unsure about how to attract an audience from others’ posts, you can use Combin to automate it.

Select Posts and Engage with Posts Automatically

  1. Go to the Search tab and select the hashtag or any search you created.
  2. Click and select multiple posts you want to engage with.
  3. From the floating buttons at the bottom, click the red heart button to like selected posts.
  4. Choose the comment button to comment on the posts.

Comment on Others' Posts on Instagram Using Combin

You can type in a text you want to comment on others’ posts. The tasks will run in the background of your system, one by one. Everything is done right from your computer, so make sure your system does not go sleep or hibernation during the like or comment tasks are running.

Find Your Viral Posts on Instagram

Some of your posts could go viral. Sometimes, many of them do. So, what triggered it to be a viral post? It is obviously the content. Finding the most viral posts on your profile will help you understand what your audience really wants.

Click on Filter Option in Combin Profile Page

  1. Open the Combin app and go to the profile tab.
  2. Click the sort button at the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose the “Virality” option.
  4. Now click outside the menu to see your posts in order of most likes and comments.

Find Most Viral Posts By You on Instagram Using Combin

There you go! You can see the most viral posts on your Instagram.

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Analyze Your Growth on Instagram Using Combin

Combin provides enhanced analytical stats to help you understand the growth rate of your Instagram account. You can find the followers stats, a post like activities, and other important information from the Stats tab on the Combin app.

Instagram Account Stats on Combin App

Combin shows you an easy to understand insight on your audience stats. Thus, you can analyze and find if the new strategies are working out to grow your Instagram account.

Schedule Instagram Posts Using Combin

Scheduling Instagram posts is not an easy or quick task you could do. Even though there are certain third-party apps out there, they don’t give you options to push fully custom posts. Combin allows you to schedule posts, but you need an extra app named Combin Scheduler. See how you can use Combin Scheduler to schedule Instagram posts.

Schedule Posts on Instagram Using Combin

  1. Open Combin Scheduler app.
  2. From the posts tab, click on the “Add New Post” button.
  3. Add a caption, location, and link to the bio.
  4. Choose the schedule date and time.
  5. Select the image on the box on the right.
  6. Click the “Create” button.

The scheduled post will be published on time, by the Combin. It also lets you schedule multiple posts at once, making your job easier as a social media creator.

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Schedule Instagram Stories

Scheduling Instagram stories is a different thing. You might not even have heard about scheduling stories, but yes, it is possible. Combin has an awesome Instagram story scheduler option.

Schedule Instagram Stories Using Combin

  1. Open Combin Scheduler app.
  2. From the stories tab, click on the “Add New Story” button.
  3. Add images and links.
  4. Choose the schedule date and time.
  5. Click the “Create” button.

Apart from creating new stories with images, you can also repost your posts (or even others’).

Combin Plans and Pricing

Combin comes with a free account for those who want limited features to plan Instagram posts. But if you are an influencer or a business person, Combin has some extensive plans with mind-blowing features.

Free Personal Business
Instagram Accounts 1 Account 1 Account 5 Accounts
Search Results 50 Posts
25 Users
1000 Posts
1000 Users
1000 Posts
1000 Users
Daily Actions 200 Unlimited Unlimited
Search Result Refresh Yes Yes
Stats Yes Yes
Price Free (No Card Required) $15/mo $30/mo


Verdict: Is Combin Really Worth It

Combin provides solid features and options for those who want to actively promote their Instagram accounts organically. The tool helps you find similar content as yours and plan upcoming posts to attract new audiences. Also, the Combin Schedule is a great addition to the tool considering the seamless experience in planning and scheduling posts.

You should give Combin a try if you are really into competitor analysis and viral content planning. Combin will have your back in most things you would want to plan your social media growth on Instagram.


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