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7 Best Hard Disk Cleaner Apps for Mac to Retrieve Lost Space

New Mac from Apple are coming with SSDs (Solid State Drives) that offer best system performance and speed. It is essential to keep clean up Mac occasionally to keep the same performance for the extended time.

Latest Mac models are coming with SSD with a capacity of 128 GB and above. Over a period, the speed and efficiency could get affected at many times when these hard disks run out of space.

There are several tricks present that can help you to get the space and performance of Mac. A best Mac disk cleaner is crucial at this point to retrieve the free space and speed of the system.

Do you face the same space missing problem with your USB drive? Yes, some time, USB drives will popup disk full error even it is empty. You can retrieve back space from USB with few simple steps.

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System and hard disk cleaning apps aren’t just for Windows machines; they are several Mac disc cleaner utilities to help.

An old Mac system can store nearly gigabytes of files that are junk as well as unnecessary. All these junk files can be removed with the help of a good cleaner for Mac PC. Here are some of the best Mac hard disk cleaning apps that will save money by avoiding an external hard drive and avoid the laborious task to clean up Mac manually.

Disk Diag

Disk Drag is one of the perfect cleaner for Mac available to free up tons of space on hard drive. It scans your home folder for useless files to remove them just in a few clicks.

diskdiagWith the Smart Gauge tool of the app, you can get an overview of the disk usage and trash the cluttering files quickly with the needed efficiency. This Cleaner app for Mac can scan as well as remove a broad range of files that is present on the system.

Disk Cleaner

When you think about clean up Mac, here is one of the most customizable disk cleaner from the Mac App Store. Disk Cleaner by Pocket Bits just takes 5 seconds to clean up 5GB and does all the work for you.

disk-cleanerThis Mac disk cleaner let you edit and customize the search preferences to remove the certain file extensions and avoid them to be deleted.

MacClean 3

Want a disk cleanup tool that doesn’t hamper your privacy, then MacClean 3 is the tool for you. Along with disk cleanup, it scans for the malicious cookies and deletes them to avoid the leaks in privacy and cookies.

mac-clean-3Get rid of the junk whether it comes from Internet, system, user and applications with the tool to maximize the performance and smash the malicious threats.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor gives you more control to clean up Mac system, distinguishing the files into categories like caches, application logs, additional languages, mail downloads, trashcan, and downloads.

disk-doctorYou can select the categories that you want to delete leaving the others. Trash about more than 2 GB in less than 45 seconds.

Daisy Disk

Daisy Disk creates a visual breakdown of Mac’s disk space and reveals the biggest area consuming files. Offered at $10 dollars, this cleaner for Mac is simple and convenient to use with real time information about the disks present in Mac.

daisy-diskWith the integrated Quicklook feature, it gives the person to view the contents of the file. Make disk management fun, visual and easy to clean up Mac with Daisy Disk.

Disk Cleanup Pro

Disk Cleanup Pro is a one-click disk cleaner for Mac that eliminates the unwanted system, logs, and trash as well as partial downloads in Mac.

disk-cleanup-proIt also has a duplicate finder that clean up Mac, removes all the duplicate file contents on the system. Protect your internet privacy and avoid the misuse of the data with the tool.

Disk Clean Pro

Safely release gigabytes of space taken up by invaluable files with Disk Clean Pro. It offers four essential disk cleaning features allowing the user to clear the user cache files, trash files and downloaded files.

disk-clean-proDisk Clean Pro also inherits protection measures regarding internet privacy and keeping your private data safe as well as secure.

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If there is any sort of lag or sluggish experience in Mac’s performance, then you can choose the above tools to clean out the much needed space on your Mac.

Mac has everything that is needed, but with time the speed of the system will drastically reduce that can be recovered with the use of this Mac disk cleaner. With the right cleaner for Mac, you can enhance the performance as well as the durability of the machine.

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