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Top 7 Virtual Reality Games for iPhone that is Completely Free

VR apps give the users an immersive feel taking them to another world. With the boost in production of cheap Android and iPhone VR headsets, people can experience the great features at their fingertips. Having the characteristics of changing the gaming, news and film industries, virtual reality apps have altered the whole way we all experience life.

Many technologies have a shelf life, but as per the thoughts of the several people, VR is here to stay. A lot of people are buying VR headsets and slotting their Android as well as iPhone devices to see the marvelous things it inherits.

The sense of being immersed in the time as well as the environment of the actual location without going anywhere is phenomenal. Through the VR apps and Virtual Reality headsets, you can get witness the action in the first person and get more than just than recreation. VR and gaming have many times gone hand-in-hand, giving something more and getting lost in another world.

Find the best VR games for iPhone is difficult, so here is a list of top 7 Virtual Reality Games for iPhone that is Completely Free.

Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

You might have seen the people entering into an old, creaky house in the midst of a storm alone in a movie, but what if you are able to experience the same feel first-handed. Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story inherits the typical horror elements and gets creepier with every step taken ahead.

Sisters A Virtual Reality Ghost Story VR

The iPhone VR app makes the game more frightening, with an excellent sound quality you might have some second thoughts about staying in the house.

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VR Horror

This VR game has the feature to turn your scream of joy instantly into the screams of fright. VR Horror takes you to a place that is dark and disheveled from where you have to escape from.

VR Horror

It starts messing with your head as soon as you start it making everything real and scarier. With better optimized VR graphics and head tracking, it takes on a horror journey that you won’t forget.

InMind VR

Ever thought of submerging into the micro-world of the body and experience the miracles done by our brain, then with InMind VR it is possible to do so. The game is simple and shortly timed, having some amazing visualization of the brain and the neurons along with the brain cells.Inmind VR

A person can use it for educational training and show the children what is inside a human brain helping them to explore more. It is a short and beautiful VR experience giving a detailed view of the brain.

Roller Coaster VR

Everybody has encountered the experience of a roller coaster, but this VR app is not just a normal coaster. It offers you a virtual ride on a deserted roller-coaster that is located amidst a tropical island.Roller Coaster VR

Enriched and surrounded by the natural beauty, you will be shaken and stirred while being on the roller coaster enjoying the beauty around the roller coaster.

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Zombie Shooter VR

As the name says, Zombie Shooter VR is about shooting and killing the zombies with the gun, you have in your hand. The game showcases the future of iOS VR gaming what it will be like and what will it offer to the people.Zombie Shooter VR

It has simple controls and you have to just look around to search the zombies coming towards you to kill as soon as possible. Just by looking at them, your gun will fire and make sure you go for their head.

InCell VR

Incell VR is an action genre VR game having elements of racing, strategy, and education in it to take the person on a remarkable journey. It will take you inside the human cell where you have to collect the objects as well as dodge them.

InCell VRThe game is addictive and inherits some of the best colors and visual with jaw dropping sizes. Encounter the unusual micro world of the human cell without a set through this game.

End Space VR for Cardboard

A first-person arcade space shooter built right for the virtual reality, take in hands the control of a spacecraft and fight the enemy in space. End Space VR offers fully immersive VR experience through the use of AAA graphics and 3D Sound it makes your science-fiction dream to come into reality.

End Space VRTake in powerful upgrades to the ship and weapons for having a great time with the never ending gameplay. As you move ahead, the waves of the enemies become harder.

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With these iPhone VR apps, you can encounter the great and extraordinary experience whenever you want and wherever you need to. There are dozens of VR apps present giving you the feeling that you thought of. Want to enjoy the virtual experience, then dive into the virtual reality apps right now with VR headset and your iPhone.

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