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10 Best Meditation Apps for Android to Calm your Mind

Meditation, in present times, has become a solution to many health and self-development issues. No wonder, Play store has been rushed with a lot of meditation apps. Many are busy with their work and the meditation apps on Android are handy to use in their break time. By making Meditation a habit, you can benefit a lot by leading a peaceful life. You can just spare a few minutes with your Android with meditation apps, and it doesn’t take much of your time. By doing so, you will gain positive thinking and happy life. In turn, it will create a work-life balance.

Here are some of the best Android meditation and mindfulness apps that come in handy from PlayStore that can be used to practice for a calm and peaceful life.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies App

This app helps you have sound sleep with varied sounds and noises. White noises, water sounds, nature sounds, guided meditation and more to help you deal with insomnia, dreams or others. Binaural beats and Isochronic tones are also made handy to calm yourself. If you want more, custom the soundscapes with 50+ sounds. To access 100+ sounds, you have to make a purchase. If you forget to hear them daily, set a reminder and timer to stop the app.

Download Relax Melodies: PlayStore

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm AppCalm is one of the well-known apps to relax your mind. Using the calm app we can meditate to lower our stress and increase concentration levels. It also helps you gain self-control, build up inner strength and a lot more. First-time users can take help from the calm app. Even health experts recommend this app as it has yoga, meditation, bedtime stories, music, nature sounds, and scene sessions. You can opt from many topics that suit you better and select the time period to relax. You can track your progress of time spent on meditating. Once you download the app there is lots of stuff such as new calm masterclass, breathing exercises and more. For more activities, opt for In-App purchases.

Download Calm: PlayStore

Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

Prana Breath AppPrana Breath is a free meditation app that takes its methods from ancient to modern times. The app guides us with a simple voice command after we press the play button, without any notes. Prana Breath has Anti-Appetite and Cigarette replace training and a variety of breathing patterns. Once you start your practice, schedule, and custom your practice, and track your progress day by day. At last, it helps you to boost your brain and breath, gives you healthy sleep, and treats simple health problems. Guru version of the app has modern patterns, training logs, distinct charts, and health tests.

Download Prana Breath: PlayStore

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Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Headspace AppThe is a free and best mindfulness app that teaches you to meditate and live mindfully. Co-founder of the app who is also a monk will guide on how to. This app also has a pack for kids. The kid’s pack is on how to train them to sleep, wake up and calm them down. Headspace covers health, happiness, brave, work, sport and student meditation pack. SOS session for the breakdown, one-off session, and guidance based on first-timer or experienced are some of them in the singles pack.

Download Headspace: PlayStore

Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga

Meditation Music AppWith this app, you can meditate while listening to pleasant music. Experts have added a variety of sounds and music to make us sleep and relax. There are 12 sounds with background images to let go of our stress and anger. Set the timer for how long you want to meditate and listen to music. And then opt for automatic turn off and gong will notify well in advance. While we practice yoga on daily basis, it will help you to attain inner peace.

Download Meditation Music: PlayStore

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

Meditation & Relaxation AppThis is one of the best meditation apps that is offered by fitness22. It provides a 7-day program that trains you with simple methods to live a happy life. The programs are to relieve stress, sleep better, focus on work, calm down and gain self-esteem. You can even look at their followers and their stories on Facebook. You can also try 14 days program if you want to practice more. It also has sessions with a varied time period. Body Scans, Forgiveness, increase focus, loving others are some of them.

Download Meditation & Relaxation: PlayStore

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

Let's Meditate AppThis app is free of cost and uses very less space of 3.6MB. Ads and sign-ups do not bother while you meditate. With a simple design, you can just pick up a track and press play button. Try to choose from the list of guided meditation tracks that will relax your mind. Body scan, sleep, stress are some of them on the list. Select the time for how long you want to meditate from 5 to 40-minute duration. If the internet is down, you can download the tracks offline beforehand.

Download Let’s Meditate: PlayStore

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Simple Habit Meditation

Simple Habit Meditation AppIt is the best meditation app chosen by Google Play Awards 2018 and many more rewards in its pocket. There are 60+ teachers to teach you proper meditation based on your problem. You can check out and try 50+ free sessions only for 5 minutes to take a break from a busy schedule. Get a guided meditation on insomnia, stage fear, stress at work and in relation or anything else. Make it a habit by setting reminders and track your progress daily. If you want offline download and access to 1000+ meditation methods in library, subscribe to premium.

Download Simple Habit Meditation: PlayStore

Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety

Pacifica AppPacifica is again the best meditation and mindfulness app declared by Forbes and Buzzfeed. There are 25+ audio tools designed by psychologist’s to relieve stress. And also audio lessons, CBT and other activities for self-help. Pacifica uses analysis tools that allow recording your mood swings, the thinking process that leads to stress. And then it uses CBT to create a balance. Along with these, you can track your daily food habits and routine to know which of them is a reason. Share your thoughts in the peer community group.

Download Pacifica: PlayStore

The Mindfulness App: relax, calm, focus and sleep

Simple Habit MeditationIn here, free version comes with a pack of 5 days guided introduction course of the app. At your own will, fix your time period from 3 to 30 minutes. Set reminders to meditate, get notified, and keep track of meditation practice. For a paid version, you can access 200+ courses on guided meditation. And themes related to the current situation. Any update will be notified and offline access for meditation will be allowed.

Download The Mindfulness App: PlayStore

Android Meditation Apps

Whether it is a paid permium version or free version of mindfulness apps, trying all of these Android mediation apps may be a little hard. But you can look into your trouble and catch up the best one to two Android mediation apps from the PlayStore. End of the day you will be happy enough to handle and solve the problem for yourself.

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