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10 Best Meditation and Mindfulness Apps to Help You Meditate and Live a Stress-Free Life

Meditation is a scientifically proven practice that helps in improving overall health and reducing stress in an individual. With the pandemic and lockdowns, many people are experiencing stress and other stress-induced illnesses like depression and anxiety.

In this post, we have shared the best meditation apps which would help you get started on the path of meditation. These relaxation apps have helped many achieve a better self-awareness and self-esteem stage.

Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone

These are the best meditation and mindfulness apps that will guide you to meditate and relax even if you are a beginner. These apps have been proven helpful for people who want to meditate and relax.

Medito: Meditation & Sleep


Medito app is one of the leading apps among meditation apps. Medito is entirely free and mainly focuses on helping people who have never meditated before. The founders of Medito believe meditation can positively transform people’s lives, and no one should have to pay for it.

Unlike most apps, Medito includes courses to help users develop their meditation practice, including a 30-day challenge. Other exciting features include sleep sections with sounds and stories to help users drifter off to a peaceful slumber.

There are hundreds of sessions to choose from, including breathing exercises, walking exercises, mantra meditations, and sessions to help users deal with stress and anxiety, making Medito arguably one of the best mindfulness apps, not just a great meditation app. Medito is entirely free and is very user-friendly.


  • No ads
  • Simple exercises along with meditation
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Focuses only on mindfulness
  • The support team is not that good

Key Features: Have challenges that help users meditate | Sounds and stories to help users achieve a peaceful mind | Breathing exercises | Walking exercises | Mantras | Sessions to deal with stress and anxiety

Download Medito: Android | iPhone (Free)

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Insight Timer – Wellbeing App

Insight TimerInsight Timer – Wellbeing App is considered the most popular app in the world for meditation, sleep, anxiety, and mindfulness. Most apps claim to be free, but they start charging you once the free trial is over, but Insight Timer is entirely free.

Insight Timer has robust options like letting users enjoy thousands of different sessions. A customizable meditation timer also includes guided meditations, soundtracks, talks, and talks to help users calm their minds. One of the most essential features of Insight Timer that no other app has is that it allows the user to engage with the community.

Users can see what other members listen to, read session reviews, and join groups. Insight Timer offers the users the most extensive free library of guided meditations available on any app and a meditation timer that helps users focus while meditating, and they let us enjoy all these benefits for free!


  • Lets you interact with other users
  • Large library of guided meditations
  • Has a community


  • Live sessions
  • Inefficient playlist access

Key Features: Thousands of sessions available | Customisable meditation timer | Users can engage with the entire community | Guided meditations | Soundtracks and talks to overcome stress

Download Insight Timer: Android | iPhone

Waking Up: Guided Meditation

Waking UpWaking Up: Guided Meditation app aims to help people struggling with negative thoughts and advance them to enlightened meditators. Waking Up offers different membership subscription offers from which the users can choose the plan that suits them the most.

Waking Up includes a series and lessons on a diverse range of philosophies and practices from stoicism, mindfulness, and walking meditations. The creators of the Waking Up app have tried to include learning and ways from Buddhism and psychedelics and give its users a deeper understanding of how to live a better and stress-free life.

Waking Up offers teachings from renowned teachers around the globe on other practices, too, like Zen, Dzogchen, and Advaita, which makes it one of the best mindfulness apps. Waking Up offers a free trial for users to try out the different features it has to offer.


  • Offers free trial membership
  • World-renowned teachers


  • Subscription not free
  • Limited playback function

Key Features: Brings in world-renowned teachers | Teaches ancient philosophical practices to enlighten the users

Download Waking Up: Android | iPhone

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Atom: Build a Habit of Meditation (For Beginners)

AtomThe Atom app helps users improve their mental wellbeing and achieve greater mindfulness with the help of guided meditations, breathing exercises, positive psychology, and more. Atom app is very beginner-friendly and helps beginners quickly achieve perfect meditation techniques.

It has meditation tracks as short as just 5 minutes to take a quick break from their daily routines and meditate. Atom uses positive psychology self-reflection to keep its users motivated and thus happy.

The main aim of the Atom app is to build a habit of daily meditation in beginners, which would help them live a stressful free happy life in the long run. Atom app is free on Play Store and App Store, and with in-app purchases, the user gets access to more meditation techniques and teachings, which are totally worth it.


  • No ads or signups
  • Simple design
  • Short meditation tracks
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Aimed at beginners only

Key Features: Short meditation tracks | Gives motivation through positive psychology

Download Atom: Android

Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

Prana BreathPrana means breathing and is known as a life-giving force. Like its name, the app helps people achieve mindfulness in life through different breathing techniques. Prana Breath app is one of the best mindfulness apps available.

The Prana Breath app aims to make meditation easier for its users through breathing gymnastics and meditation. Breathing gymnastics improves our cognitive skills and gives us better sleep through effective relaxation, and the Prana Breath app helps its users achieve it perfectly.

In the Prana Breath app, the user can customize the training parameters to their comfort, which is a unique feature. The app is free and is available on Google Play and Amazon.


  • Customizable breathing pattern


  • Does not work in the background
  • Not for iPhone

Key Features: 40 + training patterns | Health test to evaluate your progress | Customizable training pattern | detailed statistics of your practice

Download Prana Breath: Android

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Simple Habit: Meditation App

Simple HabitSimple Habitat app aims at the wellness and sleep of its users by offering sleep therapy sessions and other sessions to help users sleep better. Simple Habit offers many audio-guided meditations for different scenarios like needing to get a good night’s sleep or having a tough day at work, and others.

Simple Habit also offers daily motivations, meditation sessions, and coaching by world-renowned experts. The coaching focuses on stress, personal growth, kindness, relationships, and work.

The Simple Habit app is definitely one of the best relaxation apps as it helps give a night of good sleep, and through it, the app manages to make the whole day better.


  • Easy to play
  • Easy to use


  • Not free
  • Focuses mainly on sleep and not other aspects

Key Features: Coaching Content | Sleep helping techniques | Motivational talks

Download Simple Habit: Android | iPhone

Black Lotus: Impactful Meditations. Sleep better

Black LotusBlack Lotus app is a great mindfulness app that helps users get more productive through research-backed guided meditations. The Black Lotus app deals with stress management and teaches classes to its clients on how to be kind and self-love. Other topics that are all important human qualities seem to be lacking in a lot of people these days, and this app helps people rediscover the love for themselves and life in general.

The Black Lotus app is completely free and one of the fastest-growing meditation apps available. The app’s founder is a tech entrepreneur turned monk who has done over 15000 hours of meditation himself, so no one else can teach us about all of it better than him through his app, Black Lotus.


  • 1-minute relaxation techniques


  • No trials

Key Features: Daily guided meditation | Helps in healthy habit formation | sports meditation

Download Black Lotus: Android | iPhone

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HeartInTune: Meditate Everyday

HeartInTuneHeartInTune app, like the name, suggests helps users keep their hearts in check and in health by just asking them to spend just 15 minutes daily on meditation which is believed to have the ability to cure heart illnesses.

HeartInTune helps users be more mindful, aware, and productive as they always wanted to be. Through meditation, the HeartInTune app helps in improving focus and concentration. They also urge users to take frequent breaks from hectic breaks, which is good for the heart.

HeartInTune also wants users to get more physical and get the heart pumping. HeartInTune app is used by millions around the world. The meditation techniques in the app are based on scientific research, and they have been proven to help your heart by transforming yourself.


  • Interactive app
  • Makes users do valuable things


  • Does not help in relaxing much

Key Features: Instructor-led guided meditation sessions | Specific meditation techniques for different purposes

Download HeartInTune: Android | iPhone

Omvana – Meditation for Performance & Flow States

OmvanaOmvana meditation app is generally aimed at seasoned meditators to help them get into advanced deep states of mind. Even if you are only a beginner, Omvana enables you to become an advanced meditator. But Omvana’s goal is to not make you better at meditation but to your whole life better.

Meditation tracks and classes are perfect even for beginners. The Omvana app has meditation techniques that help users achieve flow states and improve overall performance and productivity. Suppose you are looking to unlock your full potential and potential. In that case, the Omvana meditation app is the best for you because it helps you achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness through advanced meditation techniques.


  • Focuses on advanced meditation techniques
  • Helps unlock full potential


  • Not beginner-friendly

Key Features: Personalised recommendation for user’s goals | Customisable meditations routine | Seamless navigation and saved playbacks

Download Omvana: Android | iPhone

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Plum Village: Zen Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Plum VillagePlum Village app is a free app that teaches meditation techniques taught by a Zen Buddhist Master. Plum Village app aims to enable us to bring mindfulness into our life.

Plum Village app teaches to connect deeply with the present moment, soothe anxiety, experience more joy, and taste enlightenment. The meditation app also includes meditations, talks, resources, and tips on being mindful.


  • Offline sessions
  • Q&A sessions


  • No relaxation techniques

Key Features: 50+ guided meditations | downloadable and can be watched offline

Download Plum Village: Android | iPhone

These meditation apps have interactive sessions, video and audio sessions to improve your mental state and help you build and healthy mindset. If your work or personal life is making you feel stressed, try any of these apps to be mindful and meditate.

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