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10 Best Sleep Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

The best sleep tracker app can come handy in many ways. A good night’s sleep is vital to maintain your body and mind in good shape. Yet it is seen that most people do not get enough sleep regularly. With the help of a sleep monitor app, you can track that quickly. This way, you can make the required lifestyle changes and ensure that you get proper sleep. The best sleep tracking app can even help you to monitor your heart rate, daily steps, and more.

Here are some of the best sleep tracker apps for iOS and Android. You can choose any of these to keep an eye on your quality of sleep.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle App

The Sleep Cycle app is one of the best tools to analyze your sleep patterns. It uses your phone’s inbuilt mic to track your movements when you are asleep. This is done by assessing sound and vibration during your sleep. That way, the Sleep Cycle app can determine whether you are in light sleep, deep sleep, or REM stage.

You can choose your wake-up time in the Sleep Cycle app. It will pick the optimal time to wake you up within 30 minutes of what you have selected. This is done with soothing sounds when you are at the lightest phase of sleep. That way, the Sleep Cycle app ensures that you get up feeling refreshed and well-rested. You can also customize the wake-up window from an instant alarm to up to 90 minutes.

The Sleep Cycle app is very simple to use and gives you details information about everything. The Statistics dashboard in the app shows you graphs and analysis of your sleep stages. The Trends dashboard will detail your sleep quality percentage. It can even detect and measure snoring, which can be very helpful for sleep apnea patients.

Key Features:

  • Free and Premium plans
  • Gentle wake-up call
  • Soothing alarm sounds
  • Snoring tracker
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Download Sleep Cycle: Google Play | App Store

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PillowPillow is the best sleep tracker app for iOS. It comes with advanced sleep-tracking and analysis features. The sleep monitor app uses motion and sound pattern detection function. This gives you a detailed breakdown of your sleep cycles. You get a comprehensive sleep stage diagram in the app. This allows you to learn about your sleep quality and different phases.

The app has a clean and intuitive gesture-based interface. This makes it very easy to use on your Apple Watch. Pillow can be configured with Apple’s Health app as well. This way, you can get better insights about your sleep quality. Besides, the app also uses different metrics to see how they affect your sleep quality. This includes your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, alcohol use, and more.

Pillow also asks you to rate your mood when you wake up. This way, the app tries to determine the type of sleep that works best for you. You can also go for the premium version for more features. This includes sound recordings, different nap modes, wake-up melodies, and more. You can even get personalized sleep tips from the pillow with a subscription.

Key Features:

  • Best sleep tracking app with heart rate monitoring
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Monitors motion and sound
  • Detailed charts and reporting
  • Integrates with Apple’s Health app

Download Pillow: App Store

Sleep Genius

Best Sleep Tracking AppSleep Genius is arguably the most advanced sleep tracker app out there. It is even used by NASA to track sleep quality of astronauts. Besides, the app also helps them to fall asleep faster when in space. It has a smart Relaxation Program that comes with acoustically-modified music. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety and let you drift off quickly.

The app gently wakes you up with a 5-minute Revive Cycle feature. This is scientifically designed with soothing sounds. This helps you wake up feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated. It also features a progressive alarm that can awaken you from any sleep stage. This is done with periodic sound cycles and gradual frequency and volume shifts. That way, you can wake up without any elevated stress.

There is a Power Nap feature in the Sleep Genius app as well. It comes with psychoacoustic music that triggers the natural relaxation response. That way, you can take a short nap to recharge your mind in the best way possible. It is also coupled with a soothing alarm to ensure that you do not oversleep.

Key Features:

  • Best sleep tracking app with advanced features
  • Revive Cycle alarm
  • Relaxation Program to fall asleep quickly.
  • Power Nap feature
  • Progressive alarm for stress-free waking

Download Sleep Genius: Sleep Genius 

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Sleep Time

Sleep TimeSleep Time is yet another reliable sleep monitor app. It comes with a state-of-the-art algorithm to analyze your sleep. The app thoroughly monitors your movements when you are asleep. This gives comprehensive insights into your sleep patterns. It also creates customized data of your sleep cycles with graphs and charts.

You can choose soothing and peaceful alarm sounds in Sleep Time. It works similar to the Sleep Cycle app and determines your sleep stages. This way, the app gently wakes you up when you are at the lightest sleep phase. Sleep Time gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep duration and REM stage. It is recommended to keep your phone under the pillow for the best results.

You can also choose different soundscapes in the app, such as gentle waves and rain forest storms. This helps to stimulate your natural ability to fall asleep. Sleep Time even gives you a detailed report of your shut-eye movements. That way, you can determine trends in the variables that affect your sleep. You can also write notes about your sleep habits and dreams in the app.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive insights on sleep patterns
  • Soothing and peaceful alarm sounds
  • Soundscapes to help you sleep quickly
  • A detailed report of sleep cycles
  • Customized reporting

Download Sleep Time: Google Play | App Store

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Sleep as Android

Sleep as AndroidSleep as Android is a smart alarm clock coupled with sleep cycle tracking features. It is compatible with Android Wear OS as well. This gives you the most accurate sleep monitor with heart rate and motion analysis. Yet you do not necessarily need an Android wearable device to use the app. It can use your smartphone sensors as well for reliable sleep tracking.

The app works on revolutionary contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking technology. This means that you do not need to put your phone on your bed or under the pillow. Sleep as Android will analyze your sleep quality and give you detailed reports the next day. This includes your sleep duration, deep sleep stages, and irregularity in sleep. It can even detect and report your snoring habits.

Sleep as Android features many nature sound alarms to wake you up gently. It even comes with nature sound lullabies with binaural tones. This helps you to fall asleep quickly. You can even integrate the app with Spotify, Play Music, or online radio alarms. Sleep as Android offers a 14-day free trial as well to check its features.

Key Features:

  • Best sleep tracker app for Android
  • Contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking
  • Compatible with Android Wear OS
  • Custom alarm sounds
  • 14-day free trial available

Download Sleep as Android: Google Play

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Best Sleep Tracker AppPrimeNap is a reliable free sleep monitor app for Android. It comes with many robust tools to track sleep quality and duration. You can also use the app to monitor your snoring habits and irregular sleep patterns. It gives you detailed graphs, a sleep debt analysis chart, and other insightful reports. You can even export the data for further analysis.

You also get a smart alarm clock with the sleep tracker app. It features gradual volume increase functionality. This helps you to wake up gently when you are in the light sleep phases. There is an easy snooze function in the app as well. You can configure that to add up to 5 minutes per finger to the alarm.

The sleep stats in the PrimeNap app allow you to make necessary lifestyle changes. That way, you can get better sleep. There is an intuitive dream journal in the PrimeNap app. You can use it to keep a record of your dreams. Apart from that, you get a screen dimmer feature in the app as well. It helps to reduce the strain on your eyes so that you can fall asleep quickly.

Key Features:

  • Best free sleep tracker for Android users
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Easy snooze function
  • Intuitive dream journal
  • Tracks snoring patterns

Download PrimeNap: Google Play

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Sleep Score

Sleep MonitorThe Sleep Score app is designed based on high-end scientific methods. It works on non-contact sleep monitoring technology. This gives you the most accurate readings about your sleep patterns. The app uses six sleeping parameters to determine your sleep quality. It can also detect if more than one person is sleeping on the bed.

You can choose from different goals to customize the app as well. This gives you personalized recommendations to help improve your sleep. Sleep Score also offers detailed information about your sleep cycles and sleep patterns. That way, you can make manageable lifestyle changes to boost your sleep quality. You also get inspirational and motivational messages in the app to get your day started.

The smart alarm clock in Sleep Score determines the ideal sleep cycle time to gently wake you up. There is a Streak counter in the app as well. It helps to track your past sleep durations and keep you motivated. You can also check out Pillow Talk Polls in the app or read articles from different sources.

Key Features:

  • Premium subscription available
  • Non-contact sleep monitoring
  • Personalized recommendations to improve sleep sleep
  • Detailed charts and reporting
  • Sleep Streak counter

Download Sleep Score: Google Play | App Store

Runtastic Sleep Better

Sleep BetterRuntastic Sleep Better is another best sleep tracker app for Android users. It helps you to monitor your sleep cycle, track sleep patterns, and improve bedtime habits. The app has a smart alarm clock as well to help you wake up feeling fully rejuvenated. You can even maintain logs of your sleep times in the app.

The Sleep Better app uses your phone sensors to monitor your sleeping phases. It notices your physical movements during sleep to determine when you are in the REM stage. This way, you can analyze your light sleep, deep sleep, and interrupted sleep patterns. You can use the sleep Better app in airplane mode as well.

Runtastic Sleep Better also has a dream diary and a caffeine and alcohol tracker. You can even input your exercise info and other variables in the app. That helps to reflect on how your lifestyle and daily habits affect your sleep quality. There is an option to monitor moon phases in the app as well. This helps you to see whether it affects your sleep cycle, internal alarm clock, or sleep patterns.

Key Features:

  • Feature-rich sleep monitor app for Android
  • Detailed reporting and insights
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Dream diary and daily habits tracker
  • Allows monitoring of moon phases

Download Runtastic Sleep Better: Google Play


FitbitFitbit is one of the most renowned brands of wearable devices. The sleep tracking function of Fitbit is quite impressive. It is even said that Fitbit offers one of the most accurate sleep tracker solutions. It employs a heart-rate sensor and movement sensors to determine your sleep quality. However, you will need to buy a Fitbit device to track your sleep patterns.

The Fitbit companion app will show you detailed reports about your sleep stages. You can also set specific sleep goals and personalize your sleep schedule using the app. There are options to set ideal bedtime and wake-up time as well. Your customized goals will be monitored by the app and passed on to the Fitbit device. That way, it will send you notifications to achieve those goals.

You can check your sleep time on the Today tab in the app. This refers to the overall time when you were fast asleep. The Sleep section will further give you insights on how much sleep you got in the last week. You can also compare your sleep time to what an average person should get. This will help you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to maintain good health.

Key Features:

  • Works with Fitbit device
  • Tracks heart rate and movement
  • Detailed analytics of sleep time
  • Allows setting personalized sleep goals
  • Sleep time comparison

Download Fitbit: Google Play | App Store

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Sleep TrackerThe Sleep++ app is one of the best sleep tracker apps for iOS devices. However, it works best with Apple Watch. The app employs the motion and health monitoring functions of Apple Watch. That way, you get the most accurate readings about the quality of your sleep. The companion app gives details insights on how long you slept the next morning.

You can customize the app for manual sleep tracking as well. This gives you full control over your sleeping times. Else, you can leave the settings on Auto mode. This allows the app to analyze your sleep patterns automatically as you go to sleep. The Sleep++ integrates with Apple’s Health app as well. This way, you get a detailed report about your sleep stages, duration, and patterns.

There is an option to compare your sleep duration over the week as well. This way, you can make the required lifestyle changes to improve sleep. The Sleep++ app is free to use, but it comes with ads. You can go for the in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Key Features:

  • Best sleep tracking app for Apple Watch
  • Auto and manual mode
  • Detailed reports and insights
  • Analyze weekly sleep time
  • Integrates with Apple Health app

Download Sleep++: App Store

Get the Best Sleep Tracker App for your Needs

The above-listed sleep monitor apps are the best in the industry. Some of them require you to wear your smartwatch overnight. Others use the sensors of your smartphone to analyze your sleep quality. In any case, you can use a sleep cycle app to note how well you sleep every night. Make sure to check the compatibility of the sleep tracker app with your phone, though.

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