How to Mirror or Cast Phone To FireStick? (iPhone & Android)

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Sometimes, there is a need to mirror your phone to a bigger screen like a TV. Let’s say that you would like to watch the photos, videos or presentations stored on your phone on a big screen TV. There is no option to connect your Android or iPhone directly to Amazon Fire TV. However, you use some third-party apps to mirror your phone to the TV using Firestick. As the Amazon Firestick is based on the Android OS, it is possible to install a mirroring app on the Firestick and your iPhone or Android.

You can stream local photos/videos stored on your iPhone or Android to Amazon Fire TV Stick with the apps. Let’s see how to mirror the iPhone and Android on your TV screen using Firestick.

How to Mirror/Cast iPhone to Firestick

Before starting to cast, make sure that your iPhone and Firestick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you search “cast iPhone to firestick” on the AppStore, you will find a bunch of mirroring apps. Even though some of them are paid apps, you need to pay only a few bucks, between $3 to $10 to make a one-time purchase.

Now, let’s see in detail on how to mirror your iPhone to Firestick using Video & TV Cast. This mirroring app from 2kitconsulting will help you to stream any of your personal media like photos, movies, music to your TV screen. Plus, it can be used to stream the videos, movies or live tv directly from the Google Search results on your TV.

The Premium version of the app costs $6.99 whereas the basic version is available for free with some limitations. Let’s see how to cast your iPhone to Firestick by the free version of Video & TV cast.

Step 1: Install Cast App on Firestick and iPhone

Before starting to cast, make sure your Firestick and iPhone are connected to the same
Wi-Fi network. As the Video & TV Cast receiver app is already listed on the Amazon App Store, it makes the job much easier.

  1. Launch Firestick on your TV.
  2. Tap Search icon.
  3. Enter the keyword “video tv cast“.
  4. Locate the app Video & TV cast.
  5. Tap Download to install it on your Firestick.Video TV cast for firestick

While opening the app, you will see a message that prompts you to install the same app on your iPhone.

Now get your iPhone and Tap AppStore and install Video & TV cast or use the direct link for iTunes.

Step 2: Cast iPhone Videos and Photos to Amazon Fire TV Stick

To mirror your iPhone on TV, it is enough to install & launch the app on your iPhone. Once you open the Video & TV cast app, it will automatically scan your Wi-Fi network to find Fire TV and connect to that. Now let’s go and cast photos and videos from iPhone to Fire TV.

iPhone Video TV cast to firestick

  1. Open Video & TV cast from iPhone.
  2. Tap Menu icon (three horizontal lines).
  3. Tap Personal Media.
  4. Tap the photos to mirror your local photos on the TV screen.

This will automatically mirror your phone content on the big screen. You can repeat the same thing for videos as well. If you would like to cast videos directly from your browser, go back to the main screen and type the keyword on the search bar. Video & TV cast will automatically detect the videos from your search results. To start casting the video, just tap the play button located on the bottom of your screen.

As there is no option available on the app to stop casting, press the Home button on your Firestick remote to stop mirroring your iPhone. The free version supports casting for only a few photos. However, there is no restriction on the length of casting videos.

How to Mirror/Cast Andriod to Firestick

If you think that Android users can easily mirror their phone to Firestick without using any apps, then it’s an illusion. In the past, it was possible to connect your Android device to the TV using Miracast protocol which was introduced on Android 4.2. Later, Google had disabled that feature to promote Chromecast devices. If your phone is running an old version of the Android, then you can try connecting that to the Firestick directly without installing any apps. Otherwise, you need to rely on third-party apps to cast your Android device to Firestick.

There are a lot of mirroring apps available on the Google Play Store. Even though the above-mentioned Video & TV cast is also available for Android, it doesn’t support the casting of personal media. Let’s try another mirroring app for Android named Allcast.

Step 1: Install Cast App on Firestick and Android

  1. Launch Firestick on your TV.
  2. Tap Search icon.
  3. Enter the keyword “allcast“.
  4. Locate the app named AllCast.
  5. Tap Download to install it on your Firestick.Allcast fire tv receiver app

On launching the app, you will see a message that prompts you to install the same app on your Android phone.

Now, get your Android phone, download and install AllCast app from Google Play Store. with the Link.

Step 2: Cast Android Videos and Photos to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Allcast mirror android to firestick

  1. Launch the cast app on Android.
    • You may see the message “Searching for players”.
  2. Tap on Firestick image on Android
    • It may take a few seconds to display Firestick on the screen
  3. See the text “connected” below the text MT’s Fire TV Stick
    • MT is the name on the Amazon account.
    • Below that, you will see the list of options like Gallery, Audio, Recent, Google+, Google Drive and File Browser.
  4. Tap the option to mirror the photos, video or audio on your TV screen.
    • For example, you can tap Gallery to view all the images stored on your phone on the big screen.
  5. Tap Stop (square icon) located on the top right of the screen to stop casting.
  6. Tap OK on the confirmation to stop mirroring your Android device.

The free version of AllCast offers only 5-minute to cast the photos/videos on your TV. And, the Premium version provides unlimited mirroring costs $4.99.

Best Apps to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

If you are willing to pay a one time fee for the app, then you can try out the below-paid mirroring apps for iPhone. It is highly recommended to try the free version of the app before going for the paid version.

AirPlayMirror Receiver

This mirroring app developed by NeoYantra Technologies will allow you to mirror up to 4 Apple devices simultaneously. As this app utilizes Apple’s AirPlay technology to connect to Firestick, you don’t need to install any app on the iPhone. Using AirPlayMirror Receiver, you can view the slideshow of images/videos from your iPhone, Mac or iPad on your TV screen. You can also view free YouTube videos by mirroring your iPhone to the big screen. To start mirroring, enable AirPlay on your device and select the AirPlayMirror receiver from the list.

Buy from Amazon: AirPlayMirror ($4.99)


As AllCast is not based on AirPlay, the app needs to be installed on both iPhone and Firestick. It allows you to cast videos, photos, and music from your iPhone to your TV Screen. Besides local media, it also allows casting your content stored on cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive and more. It is available as a free app on AppStore, with some limitations on video length. The Premium version has no limitations. AllCast receiver is available as a free app on the Amazon App Store.

Download from App Store: AllCast (Premium $4.99)

Best Apps to Mirror Android To Firestick

AllCast is the most popular option to mirror your Android device to Firestick. Still, if you would like to try out other apps, then you can check out the below ones:


AllConnect allows casting your personal media like photos, videos from your Android device to your TV screen. In addition to that, it also allows to stream videos, movies or TV shows directly from your mobile browser. Also, it allows to stream content on multiple devices simultaneously. As the in-app purchases are removed, AllConnect is now available as a free app on the Google Play Store.

Download AllConnect: PlayStore | Amazon (AllConnect Receiver)


AirScreen is projected as one of the most advanced mirroring apps that supports multiple protocols (including Google cast) and devices. Using the app, it is possible to cast not only from your Android device but also from Mac, Windows or an iOS device to your TV screen. It offers better privacy by encrypting the transmission of your personal media over the network. It is available as a free app, with some limitations. For the paid version, in-app purchase costs between $1.49 to $19.99 based on the feature.

Download AirScreen: PlayStore | Amazon (AirScreen Receiver)

Cast iPhone and Android Photos & Videos to Fire Stick TV

If you own a smart TV or a streaming device like Amazon Firestick, then you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows from NetFlix, Hulu or Prime directly. However, these apps won’t help you to watch the local content stored on your iPhone or Android. Most of us will not be having any HDMI cables to connect the phone to the TV. The reliable solution here to depend on the apps that can cast media files from iPhone or Android to Fire Stick TV.

We hope you should have gained a good knowledge of how to mirror or cast your iPhone/Android to your TV using Firestick. If you decide to go for a paid solution, then it is highly recommended to test the free app version before spending money.

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