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20 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you the one among those who just lamely sit and scroll through the smartphone day and night? Then, most probably you would be overwhelmed to find a way to make few bucks in the time that you waste online. Now, here’s the best solution just for you guys to make money with a cell phone. We have compiled a list of the best money making apps for Android and iPhone. These money apps will pay you for wasting your precious time on them. If you really feel an urge to turn your online time into something productive, these money earning apps are a good way to do so.

Now, step out from your Instagram or FaceBook pages and get into learning new possibilities with these free money apps.


The iPoll is reward app that’s capable of giving user rewards based on the accuracy of completing specific tasks. These missions are normally location-based and aren’t that much cumbersome. The process is quite simple. Download the app compatible for your device, sign-in and just proceed.

The tasks are of nature like giving your opinions on several products usually. A simple task can generate a quick reward of $1 to $10 instantly. Apart from the random tasks, you’ll also be selected automatically into quarterly sweepstakes to win $10,000. The accumulated rewards can be redeemed into things like airline points, e-gift cards etc. If you prefer cash checkouts, you can do it through PayPal instantly.

Download iPoll from PlaystoreiTunes


The Mercari is an online selling portal where you can instantly sell your used items through potential buyers. If you are planning to clear some of the used things, be it anything, just add a pic, a small description and wait for a potential buyer.

After your customer receives the package, they will rate the purchase and issue payment. Within days you can really clear all of your used items that also make money. Its simple, nothing twisting or topsy-turvy. Note that Mercari takes a 10 percent share from your amount as its fee, but that is not quite a big one compared with a large number of potential buyers you could find.

Download Mercari from PlaystoreiTunes


Swagbucks rewards you with redeemable SB points by simply searching contents in the web, completing surveys and watching ads. It’s all down to one major thing, finding the swag codes and using that to turn them into SB points.

Apart from web searching and ad-viewing, the Swagbucks also pays you for participating in daily polls and completing special offers with their partner retailer malls. They also initiate referral bonuses each time when you refer the app to a friend. The accumulated SB points can be redeemed for gift coupons from stores like the Amazon or Walmart. If you prefer cash, then you can simply change them through PayPal.

Download Swagbucks from PlaystoreiTunes

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Google Opinions Reward

What’s more trustworthy than the one from Google? Here’s Google with their new money-making app, the Google Opinions Reward. With Google, things are quite simple. When an innovative idea or opinion pops up in your head, just make Google aware of it. They will pay for your opinions through scheduled surveys.

These surveys are short and may only last up to 30 seconds and generate a small token for your kindness. It’s a simple process but you have to wait for surveys of your interests to pop up. Usually, you’ll get a survey per week and each survey can earn you $1 to $2. The iOS user can generate their amount through Paypal accounts and the Android users will receive Google Play credits that can be redeemed in the Google play store.

Download Google Opinions Reward from PlaystoreiTunes

Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

Pact sees things from a rather different perspective (see Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone). They give you money for achieving your weekly fitness and health goals. Do your fitness drills and set new weekly health goals through the app and in turn, the app tracks your average performance and gives a small token in terms of cash.

Seriously, how cool is that? Simply, they make you fit and even pays you for it. On an average, the app can generate a sum of 30 cents to $5 per week for achieving your fitness targets depending on the number of drills or activities completed. Keep in mind that you can’t really skip things as Pact monitors your performance through GPS and the images that are uploaded. Just in case, you are not a workout guy, but just walking a lot per day, you have a bunch of apps to earn money while walking.

Download Pact from Playstore

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The sweat coin pays you money if you are ready to stroll a few miles each day. The Sweat coin app tracks your steps through the accelerometer combined with the GPS and issues a generous amount to your profile. For every 1000 steps covered, you can earn up to 0.95 sweat coins.

These sweat coins can later be redeemed accordingly as e-gift coupons or buying fitness gears. You can also cash the accumulated Sweat coins precisely through Paypal. Also, if you prefer, you can even donate your sweat coins to charity too. The Sweat coin app is available at present in Canada and the US and will shortly be released in other countries too.

Download Sweatcoins from PlaystoreiTunes


The Foap is exclusively for those who admire taking photos all the times. This money making app can help to make money by selling your best smartphone pics on the Foap platform. You can seamlessly share any of the high rated pics and they will pay you money when that snap catches a buyer’s eyes.

You can make around $5 to $10 when the snap gets purchased by a leading brand or a photo agency. The accumulated money can be transferred accordingly through Paypal at your wish. Apart from this, Foap also encourages weekly competitions that can be made useful by submitting the specified image contents with the highest quality. You can also enter into weekly challenges and win rewards of up to $100.

Download Foap from PlaystoreiTunes


Ever wondered watching film trailers can, in fact, get you money? Here’s AppTrailers for you. This free money app gives you a token of money for watching film trailers on your smartphones. You’ll be required to watch a 30 sec to 1 min long movie trailer and the subsequent views add up trail points on your account.

A single view can generate 500 points or 50 cents on average and subsequent views add up money in your profile. The summed up amount can be easily redeemed into gift cards or cash via Paypal. Also, a point worth mentioning here is that you can add your personalized videos and even earn money.

Download Apptrailers from PlaystoreiTunes


Slidejoy is another app that earns money for viewing ads. The app plays dozens of informative ads on your lock screen and each view earns a particular amount. The ads will be random and subsequent views add up to the total amount. This amount can later be redeemed as gift coupons or simply cash it through Paypal.

Installing the app takes you through a short animated tutorial on how to handle ads and how money can be earned. Another pro feature which we felt is that this money making app also favors you to donate money for charity through the app itself. But it’s solely depending on your will though.

Download Slidejoy from Playstore

Field Agent

The Field Agent app lets you earn a reasonable amount of money through some utility tasks. These tasks need to be completed within a given time. You can earn up to $15 for tasks ranging from visiting a local shop to taking snaps of displays and products.

Once you pick up a task, it should never be left uncompleted and complete it within a time span of 2 hours. Some tasks will give you more time according to the intensity though. After you complete the task, your reward gets accumulated into your Field Agent profile and the money can be cashed out through Paypal or Dwolla account.

Download Field agent from PlaystoreiTunes

Surveys On The Go

Surveys on the go app pay you for the opinions and ideas related to the day to day happenings, entertainment, sports etc. The payment varies according to the number and intensities of the surveys that you taking part.

According to proper sources, you can make around 25 cents to $10 on a single survey. This money earning app has $10 as its minimum withdrawal threshold. Once you reach $10 you can easily cash out it through PayPal.

Download Surveys on the go from PlaystoreiTunes


Ebates is well-known money earning app while you shopping (see similar money-earning apps while shopping). This shopping money back app has widespread relations with more than thousands of online as well as commercial stores that offer discounts or cash-back when you shop from them.

First of all, in order to get the special discount, you need to sign up with Ebates. Then click on the e-commerce link and do your shopping. Before billing out, just enter or click the cashback option to avail your offer. Moreover, Ebates gives you $10 cashback as a sign in bonus. Also, they mention up to 40 percent cash back offers from over 2500 connected stores.

Download Ebates from PlaystoreiTunes


Ibotta is an app development firm that partners with online brands and retailers to offer discounts or cash back when you shop from them. They have a connected network comprising of restaurants, bars, groceries etc that gives a short commission to the firm while you shop from them. You can select the items and move forward. Then you will be directed to a page that requires to complete certain tasks.

Once you complete the tasks, you can simply confirm the purchases. All you need to do is to take a picture of the receipt or link and use your loyalty card at preferred stores. It takes around 24 to 48 hours to really get your cashback amount into your Ibotta account. Now, sending these cash-back amount to your PayPal account pays money.

Download Ibotta from PlaystoreiTunes


Musely is an exclusive online marketplace where you can find beauty tips, home recipes, and home decor advice. It is definitely a platform that appears more friendly to non-working women who are looking to earn some bucks sitting at home. Muse pays you for the information that you are giving to them.

Be it beauty tips, home advice or anything, you will get clear and prompt payments through PayPal. You can also earn a bit more by referring it to your friends and from the commissions of the products they recommend.

Download Musely PlaystoreiTunes


Shopkicks earns you points or the so-called “kicks” for completing certain allotted tasks. The tasks range from visiting shops, referring codes and even purchasing products. Simply register and create an account and they’ll give you tasks based on the location accessibility.

Most of the tasks reward you with 250 kicks and some around 500. The 250 kicks are equivalent to $1. The earned kicks can be easily redeemed for e-gift coupons and other stuff. The accumulated kicks can also be cashed out via PayPal too.

Download Shopkicks from PlaystoreiTunes


Iconzoomer earns you money when you share screenshots of the consumer activities online or nearby. They give you periodic assignments or tasks that need to be completed within the specified time. The tasks range from taking snaps and sharing reviews of specified products. For a reasonable review, you will receive around 5 credits. Moreover, You can request a PayPal payout when your account balance reaches 200 credits.

Iconzoomer Website


Swoup is yet another coupon app that gives you cash backs while shopping. This app earns you money by directly linking itself with your bank accounts and loyalty cards. The cashback offers are valid only through its partner enterprises such as the Walgreens etc.

While shopping, the discounts are automatically applied after handing over your loyalty card or phone number. And, whatever money you save is actually given back directly. No commission is taken from you. As you earn rewards directly as money, no need to worry about redeeming and such sorts of stuff.

Download Iconzoomer from PlayStoreiTunes


Clashots is a task-based payment app that gives its users random tasks with specified completion time. In fact, the tasks you receive after signing-in are not so cumbersome and could be done if the smartphone is around you always.

This money making the app for Android and iPhone urges you to take photos of art, cities and other things of values and makes you share them on their platform. The payments may be down as you increase the number of snaps shared into their portal. Android and iOS users can sell photos for 50 cents up to $80 to be specific.

Download Clashots from PlaystoreiTunes

Tap Cash Rewards

Tap cash rewards allow you to earn money or even gift cards for playing games online. Apart from that, they give out a token of money for downloading and installing games to your smartphone.

Apart from games, they also offer testing of new and random apps that in-turn credit you with money. After crossing the credit threshold, you can easily redeem them for e-gift coupons or cash out through PayPal. Also, the Android users can effectively redeem the credits into Google Play cards.

Download Tap Cash Rewards from Playstore

Money Machine

Money machine does things in a simple way like most of the above mentioned apps. They give you credits for watching videos and short promos. Even sharing these videos will earn you a fraction more in this app.

They are giving short tasks like downloading and installing apps too. Unlike other apps, you will receive a new offer and a new set of tasks each day.  The earned credits accumulate on your profile. You can redeem these credits into e-gift coupons or cash them out through PayPal, as you wish.

Download Money Machine from Playstore

Hope you went through these money earning apps and now it’s time to make things a bit more realistic. Download those free money apps which felt the best for you and make yourself a fortune. For college students and school kids, these free money apps are a good opportunity to make few bucks on their free time and vacation days.

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