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A Simple Solution to Sync Google Calendar in Windows 8

You can synchronize your Google Calendar to the Windows Calendar App in the Windows 8 or 8.1 using Google Calendar App. This synchronization takes place on your PC which will be avoiding the online synchronization servers on the internet.

This can be considered as a manual synchronization through the synchronization takes place automatically using the program. The result will be same as online synchronization that both the Google accounts and Windows accounts will be updated with events you add. We will see how to synchronize the Google Calendar to Windows Calendar using this Google Calendar Sync application.

To synchronize the Google Calendar with the Windows calendar, we have to install the Google Calendar Sync Application. Google has removed the download links from their server but still, it is available for download from other sites for free.

Google the keyword “Google Calendar Sync Download″ and it will lead you to many download sites. If you want to export your Google calendar to Windows 8 calendar as one-time measure then please visit”

Google the keyword “Google Calendar Sync Download” and it will lead you to many download sites. If you want to export your Google calendar to Windows 8 calendar as a one-time measure then please visit “Subscribe Google calendar to Windows 8“.

The actual synchronization takes place on your PC, where the events from the Windows calendar should be added to Google calendar and vice verse. To do this, we need to install Outlook application in your PC and configured properly to access the Windows calendar. You can install any version of the Outlook for this purpose. Google calendar sync windows

After installation and configuration of Outlook calendar, open it and verify the windows calendar events are displayed properly. If you are not configured it yet, then open Tools–>Account Settings–>New, and enter your Live.com email address in it. Normally the Live.com email is merged with Outlook.com domain else you might have to migrate to Outlook.com domain as per the procedure from Microsoft.

Google calendar sync windows

Now install your Google Calendar Sync Application and open it. Enter the Google Calendar login details in it. Also, you have to specify the type of syncs like One-way or Two-way sync with your Outlook calendar. After entering the details, give the frequency of synchronization and save the changes.

Google calendar sync windows

Now the calendar synchronization takes place as long as your PC is in ON condition and have an internet connection. Check the entries in both calendars after the specified time in the settings. Your events will be synchronized automatically.

You can also use a similar procedure using the recently introduced Outlook.com App from Google Play Store on your Android device. In this method, your Android device will sync the entries into your Windows Calendar through the Official Outlook.com App. For details, please visit “Sync Google Calendar in Windows Calendar App using Outlook.com App.”

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  1. It has been years from outlook 2007 to 2016 and Microsoft still does not integrate CalDAV, CardDAV, Google Calendar,Gmail’s contacts and Google Tasks into Outlook. Before 8/1/2014, I was happy with Google Calendar Sync. Then, Google discontinued this software and I had a tough time not until I found EVO Collaborator for Outlook. It is quite useful to sync my Google Calendar, contacts and tasks with Outlook. Yet, I got reminding “ding” sound when new mail arrives at my Gmail mailbox. It is like a push mail mechanism by Gmail push notification.I guess those of you who stay with Outlook rather than Mail for Windows 10 can give it a try.


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