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10 Best Travel Cases for Apple Watch & Accessories

When you take your Apple Watch with you on a trip, you will have to take care of it well. There are some excellent and handy cases for your Apple Watch. With these cases, you can enjoy your trip peacefully with well organized Apple bands.

In this article, we have made together with a list of the best Apple Watch travel cases that can carry Apple Watches and bands.

Moretek Apple Watch Portable Travel Carry Case

Moretek Apple Watch charger case is a portable, protective, and sport hard travel case. This black smart case is made for Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, and 4. The travel case is good for 38, 40, and 42mm size Apple Watches. The exterior part is made of EVA and PU surface material with Nylon material interior. The package contains a charger stand holder and a charging case. The charging dock housing is made of soft silicone rubber material, for protection from dirt stains. The crush-proof exterior material is enough to protect the watch from bump and shocking. Moretek Apple Watch Charging Holder Dock

This travel case for Apple Watch is small enough to fit in your palm, and you can place it in your drawer, bag or on the table. Moreover, this zipper case is ergonomic, easy to clean, and highly portable.

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Zero Mass Smart Watch Bands Travel Case

This Travel case is ideal for those who have more than one Apple Watch band. This case and folder is built to store 8-16+ bands, iPhone, and Apple Watch. This travel case is very sleek and compatible with all Apple Watch band models. Also, a flexible interior and firm outer layer make the case durable.Zero Mass Smart Watch Bands Travel Case

The price of this spacious and practical case is $28.82. And, its sleek form has only less than one-inch thickness. Its weight is 2.88 ounces and dimensions are 9 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches.

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LoO Smart Watch Bands & Accessories Case

The smart case can hold twelve Apple Watch bands (of carbon fiber). This portable case is compatible with Apple Watch bands, Huawei and Fitbit Blaze. For storage, there are three interior mesh pockets, and six elastic straps are available within this watch case. There are four deep custom molded EVA foam compartments in the case. You can experience the ease of using rubber grip zipper hands.

The space part for the smartwatch is not tight fitting. This case is designed to store the watch face, and its foam is designed to protect the watch face. And, easily open and close the smart case with its soft rubber grips. You can carry almost all types of bands including leather watch bands, wood watch bands, silicone watch bands, and metal watchbands within this case.The LoO Smart Watch Bands Accessories Case

This watch case’s exterior is of choice quality carbon fiber Matt PU. And, the interior is made of soft microfiber velvet. This prevents water damage, dents, and scratches to your smartwatch, watch bands and cords. This case makes a perfect gift for your Apple Watch owner friends.

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Twelve South TimePorter Apple Watch Case

This is a very compact watch case with minimal accessories. This gorgeous silicone-lined travel case serves as a case as well as a stand. When you open the case, it serves as a multi-angle charging stand. You can view the time and notifications from the stand. The case serves as a compact case for all your watch accessories. This travel case can carry Watch power adapter, magnetic charging disk, and extra bands, but they don’t come with the case.

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple WatchThe case also includes a built-in spool that manages the extra cable when charging. When you want to charge the Apple Watch, you can insert the charging disk into the opening in TimePorter and set the watch on the top to charge. This black Apple Watch travel case comes with a one-year warranty.

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Sena Leather Watch Charging Case for Apple Watch

Sena is a well-known brand for manufacturing the best accessories for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Thus, the brand specializes in designing cases, to live up to its reputation. Sena Watch Case is an elegant European leather travel case for Apple Watch. Its stand has a bed of microsuede lining apart from its magnetic closure lid.

Sena Leather Watch Charging Case for Apple Watch

The watch case can carry the Apple Watch charger and charge the watch on the stand. This charging case has nightstand mode and easy and quick magnetic closures. With this case, charging is easy, whether you are at home or on-the-go. The case has easy-to-use cord storage to organize the magnetic charging cable, and you don’t have to remove the cord in between trips. This case is compatible with all the Apple Watch bands that are available. This gorgeous black travel case weighs 249g.

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LoO Apple Watch Compact Travel Case

This is a compact Smartwatch travel case for watch accessories and bands. It can hold multiple watch bands (with carbon fiber texture). You can keep all your watch accessories and bands in one case and save space. Its interior is made of soft microfiber velvet material. The case is built to prevents dents, scratches and water damage to your watch bands, cords, and smartwatch.

The case has custom-molded EVA foam compartments. You can use its interior mesh pockets and elastic straps for storage purpose. This case is portable and stylish and helps you be organized and fashionable. Watch accessories and bands are not included with the case. You can store leather watch bands, wood watch bands, silicone watch bands, and metal watch bands. Also, you can easily open and close the case with the soft rubber grips design.

LoO Apple Watch Travel Case CompactThis case is perfect for your Apple Watch, Huawei smartwatches, and FitBit Blaze. The case has the capacity to hold about three or four watch bands. This slim case cannot carry extra wide bands with bulky buckles. For best use, you can use the case with standard Apple Watch bands.

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MoKo Watch Charging Carrying Case

This black charging wallet is made of scratch-free, durable silicone material. The wallet shaped case serves as a charging dock station and soft silicone charge holder stand. This charging wallet is designed for all models and sizes. The wire slot design at the bottom keeps your watch charging cables clean.

MoKo Watch Charging Case

Furthermore, the charging wallet is simple and easy to operate. To use the wallet, open the protective layer, then place your Apple Watch with its magnetic charging sensor into the slot. The wallet is also small, lightweight, and portable. You can carry it in your pouch or bag, wherever you go.

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Smart Watch Bands Travel Case Wallet

Smart Watch Bands Travel Case has a massive storage capacity. It can store 40+ Apple Watch bands, phone, watch and chargers. The watch case wallet fits 38, 42 and 44mm sizes with all series 1, 2, 3 and 4 watches and all bands. You can organize your bands by style, mood, and color.

Smart Watch Bands Travel Case Wallet

The case has a flexible interior and firm outer layer to ensure durability. It has two pages of elastic band storage and eight pages of mesh pocket storage. The price of this ultra-compact case/wallet is $35.53.

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tomtoc Travel Carrying Case for Apple Watch

This case suits Apple Watch series 1-4 and carries up to five bands. This case is also built to hold cable and accessories. The protective and portable case is for Apple Watch. The exterior surface has a unique grooved patented design.

The fabric is water-repellent, durable, and of exquisite material. The stylishly designed case is compact and user-friendly. You can also use it with other smartwatches from Fitbit Blaze Huawei. Also, the EVA hardshell exterior is to prevent external damage. Internal flannel protects its dial from scratches. YKK zippers are excellent for their smoothness and durability.Tomtoc Travel Carrying Case for Apple Watch

You can easily carry this custom-made and lightweight case in your backpack. Using this case is an easy way to organize all the watch accessories and devices. Moreover, this case is compatible with other watches with less than 40mm dial. It has a small mesh pocket for accessories like cables, charger, and Air Pods.

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Caddy Bay Compact Travel Watch Band Strap Case

This case holds more than twelve watch bands and fits Apple Watch M/L Bands. This wallet case has six slots on every side and an elastic band to hold the straps. Its removable plush divider is a protector of the watches/bands. Each slot can hold 2 bands, so you can carry up to 24 bands. You can also carry more bands if the sizes are smaller.

Caddy Bay Collection Compact Travel Watch Band Strap Case

This case can comfortably fit Apple Watch bands about 38mm and 42mm M/L in size. The Apple Watch wallet case can perfectly fit traditional watch bands. Besides, the case also acts as a temporary travel case for your Apple Watch. Before using it as an Apple Watch case, test fit, and also add extra padding. The compact size of this case makes it perfect for travel. Caddy Bay Collection case also comes with a zipper to transport your bands or money easily.

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There are a ton of awesome Apple Watch travel cases out there. They are all compact, useful, and designed with great taste. If you travel with your Apple Watch, you need not worry about your watch accessories. With Apple Watch travel cases, you can organize all your watch accessories conveniently. Travel with your watch comfortably with the best Apple Watch travel cases listed above.

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