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10 Best Mac Data Recovery Tools to Retrieve Deleted Files

Mac data recovery tools are lifesavers when you desperately need a deleted file. Sometimes the sensitive data will be gone forever with a single click on the trash. Even if you have the best data recovery tool; it is best to try file recovery on a Mac hard disk as soon as you close a file before many data overwrites happen. There are several incidents when you lose data from Mac.

Whether a Windows or Mac system user, you will need the best data recovery tool to retrieve the files back that are deleted from the hard disk. Here is a list of best data Mac recovery software to retrieve your data from the Mac.

EaseUS Data Recovery


EaseUS is an excellent Mac Data Recovery Wizard. It is available as a free trial before you can subscribe to its monthly, yearly, or lifetime plans. The software gives you the needed data recovery features with simple and intuitive interfaces. EaseUS promises to recover documents with a rate of 94%. It can recover several original files with their names that are also rarely found in other file recovery tools.

The software works by recovering data from HDD, SDD, memory card, and USB drive. It also works with the camera, backup drive, fusion drive, among other storage devices. Your Mac has a T2 security chip that handles the security of the devices. However, it could result in a T2 Chip encryption issue. Luckily, EaseUS Data Recovery is the only software that can fix the issue with a few clicks.

During the file recovery, the software is very spontaneous making it a great option to access data retrieval on Mac OS. It takes three clicks – Locate, Scan, and Recover to get back the lost data. This isn’t the case with its rivals that have strenuous processes to recover valuable data. EaseUS Data Recovery supports tens of photos, video, audio, and other formats. It also supports various file formats and it is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and above.

Key Features: Highly advanced data recovery software | Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 & above | Supports a large range of devices | Fast deep-scan function | Free tech support


  • Resolves T2 chip encryption issue
  • Saves unlimited data
  • Remote IT support
  • Works with a wide range of devices
  • Recover to cloud


  • Expensive paid plans
  • Trial plan is limited in options
  • The success rate isn’t that high

Price: Free Trial | Price at $89.95/mo, $119.95/year, & $165.95 lifetime access

Download: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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Wondershare Data Recovery

WonderShare-Data RecoverRetrieve lost files with this Mac data recovery tool available at your disposal. The tool shows how much time is left while scanning the system along with the names of the program scanned and updated in real-time. The data recovery tool is compatible with recovering files from USB drives, external hard drives, and other devices used for storage. Wondershare is a data recovery Mac tool, risk-free, and cost-effective data recovery tool.

Talking about the figures, it supports more than 550 file formats and extensions. It is used across Mac and Windows with more than five million users already. It has an all-arounder data recovery system that works with trash recovery and deleted files recovery. The software works with lost partition recovery, formatted drive, and all-around recovery mechanisms in place.

Furthermore, the app is 100% relied on a series of data storage & devices. This includes but is not limited to USB Drive, HDD/SSD, desktop, camera, iPod among others. The app is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and above. It supports recovery on file systems including HFS X, FAT/NTFS/ APFS, and others.

Key Features: Comprehensive recovery of all types of data | Easy to use | Preview files | Supports all major file systems


  • Quick scan
  • Supports plenty of file formats
  • Works on all types of HDD, flash and removable drives
  • All-Around Recovery mechanisms


  • Deep scan takes a lot of time

Price: Free | Premium at $79.95/year or $89.95 lifetime

Download: Wondershare Data Recovery

Data Rescue 6

Data-Rescue-6Have you lost or deleted those important files? If the answer is right, Data Rescue 6 is at your rescue. The primary function of this software is Mac Data Recovery and it does it with efficiency. You can go for a quick scan or go for a deep scan when the software will search for bits of data you deleted. You can retrieve those files with a higher success rate.

You can either sign up for its standard license that will allow you to recover lost files for free. You can pay as you go and the pricing commences at $19. The professional license activates an unlimited drive recovery system.

Although it requires an annual subscription. Before signing up for any of these plans, you can go for the free trial of Data Rescue 6. It can handle a majority of file formats including those that are thrashed, formatted, or corrupted. Its user interface is what makes it efficient since it is a simple UI and doesn’t require a science degree to understand it.

Key Features: Retrieves deleted files on Mac | Creates clones, recovery drive | Free trial available | Dark Mode | Multiple User Interface


  • Quick Scan and Deep scan
  • Unlimited data recovery (Pro)
  • Time Machine support
  • Supports external drives too


  • It is very expensive
  • Compatibility issues with some Mac OS versions
  • Pay as you go (for files) is pocket-heavy

Price: Standard at $19 | Contact Support for Professional License

Download: Data Rescue 6

Disk Drill

DiskDrillWith the powerful techniques, you can recover the files from Mac even if your disk is crashed. Get back the needed data from the USB drives, SD cards as well as from iPod devices. Disk Drill also comes with a data protection feature giving you the guarantee of proper data recovery of all files. The use of the tool is designed keeping in mind a novice user to provide them full control.

Disk Drill offers a free data recovery of up to 500MB. It has a Recovery Vault free of charge and offers byte-level backups for all your data. Noteworthily, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get the gear of scanning and recovery in progress. No matter what files you want to recover as Disk Drill supports 36 video formats.

It also supports 40 audio formats, 86 image formats, 45 document formats, and 13 other files. Other features include crashed hard disk recovery, data loss due to virus infections, and others. Upgrading to Pro and Enterprise versions will get you some additional features including quick and deep scan, partition search. The enterprise version offers forensic data export (DFXML) too.

Key Features: Easy to use | Compatible with many devices | Extra free disk tools | Disk Health | Mac Cleanup | Duplicate Finder | Recovery Drive


  • Easy to use
  • Supports hundreds of file formats
  • The free version has many useful features
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.8.5+


  • Cannot scan a single folder
  • Limits 500 MB of data on the free version
  • Doesn’t shows file condition before recovering it

Price: Free (Basic version) | Pro version at $89 & Disk Drill Enterprise at $399

Download: Disk Drill

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R-Studio for Mac

RStudio-for-MacAnother powerful data recovery software Mac is the R-Studio for Mac. It is a multi-platform data recovery tool that supports file systems HFS, HFs+, APFS, and others. It is an excellent tool with advanced recovery algorithms that gives it absolute prowess over retrieving deleted data. The tools give you total control over the recovery process.

When tested, R-Studio produces one of the best results when compared to other tools. It is indeed a feature-packed tool that includes some of the high-octane tools that no other tool would offer. It includes sanding off heavily corrupted disks, unbeatable disks, and others.

It also handles recovery over the network which is something you won’t find that easy. There’s a file viewer and file previews although it cannot preview files during scans. The Mac data recovery can recover files that were deleted or lost due to power failure, virus attack, partition, or formatting. It also takes care of hardware RAID among others.

Key Features: Mass file recovery support | Advanced file analysis | Scan process visualization | Supports compression algorithms


  • Disk imaging
  • File preview
  • Bootable recovery disk
  • Recover over network


  • The user interface is technical
  • Cannot view files during scans

Price: Free | Pro at $79.99 | Network Edition at $180

Download: R-Studio for Mac

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar-Data-RecoveryIf you are looking for Data Recovery Software Mac, try Stellar Data Recovery. It is rated as the number 1 for its prowess in professionally recovering data from Mac and other Apple devices. It uses its powerful scan engine to look into the emptied Trash Bin or if you accidentally deleted files. You can use it if the files you want to access are corrupted or crashed as Stellar Data Recovery is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

The software restores files with their original name and timestamp. It supports HFS+, exFAT, NTFS, and a couple of other file systems. Did you lose your files due to a virus attack or due to encryption issues? Stellar Data Recovery can fix it all with a higher recovery rate than most of the Mac data recovery software.

It can run its scan through external devices that include CD/DVC, USB, SD cards, and hard drives as well. All it takes is a 3-step recovery process where you can load the image, scan, and recover data. Since you are using Mac, you must be aware of the encrypted issue. Stellar Data Recovery can extract and restore data from encrypted storage devices as well.

Key Features: Powerful scan engine | RAW recovery | Remote Recovery | Supported formatted & encryption drive recovery


  • Support a whole range of Apple devices
  • Multiple language support
  • Powerful recovery tools
  • In-app recovery preview



  • Deep scans are slow
  • Expensive

Price: $49.99

Download: Stellar Data Recovery

DiskWarrior 5

DiskWarrierThat particular file you wanted to protect deleted after a problem with your Mac? No matter what the reason is, DiskWarrior 5 can help you gain the lost files and documents using its efficient data recovery functions. It doesn’t just recover data you lost but repairs the drives and makes your Mac faster than before. The software can even detect and resolve cryptic errors like “Keys out of order” or “Invalid node structure” among others.

A patented preview feature within the software lets you view the recovered files that you can choose to save or chop it down. DiskWarrior is safe to use as it has a fail-safe mechanism that ensures nothing causes harm to your Mac.

This Mac data recovery software runs scans for SMART errors in the drives alerting you of the problems. The DiskWarrior 5 can handle a large number of files such as with the Time Machine drives. All thanks to the 64-bit memory addressing that allows us to handle large directories that DiskWarrior 4 couldn’t handle.

Key Features: Powerful scans | Patented Preview | Remote Recovery Data | Fail-safe for outages | Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 & above


  • It uses 64-bit memory addressing
  • Repairs corrupted disks
  • Disk Maintenance
  • Monitors for SMART errors
  • Recovers data


  • May take longer duration for scans
  • It is expensive

Price: Standard DiskWarrior 5.2 at $119.95 + taxes | Upgrade at $59.95 + taxes

Download: DiskWarrior 5

TestDisk & PhotoRec

TestDiskAnother great Data Recovery Software Mac that you can check out is TestDisk. It is a powerful and free to use recovery tool that helps you recover lost partitions. The app can also make non-bootable disks bootable again, fixing any time of data lost due to viruses, human error, or other reasons. Apparently, you get TestDisk and PhotoRec as a bundled package.

PhotoRec aids in recovering lost photos, videos, audio, and other files due to formatting, accidental deletion, and other reasons. It supports an array of file systems including HFS+, FAT, exFAT, NTFS among others. It is not just for Mac for any desktop operating system you can think of, the software is compatible with them all.

Talking about the user interface, both the software is based on command line interfaces that intimidate beginners. But to be honest, the command line interface is as self-explanatory as it gets so don’t worry and give it a try. Of course, it involves a slight learning curve but it is more powerful than most other data recovery software for Mac.

Key Features: Recovers deleted/lost partitions | Fix partition table | Freeware | Works on a wide range of devices


  • Supports a lot of file systems
  • Excellent recognition of file type
  • Open source freeware
  • Supports majority of OSes


  • Uses command-line interface
  • Tough to understand for beginners

Price: Free

Download: TestDisk & PhotoRec

uFlysoft Data Recovery

uFlysoft-Data-RecoveryWhether you have deleted the files from the hard disk or the USB disk, you can recover all files with the help of the uFlysoft data recovery tool. It supports FAT16, FAT32, FAT, HFS+, and HFSX systems. The tool is equipped with the function to retrieve lost or deleted files using both quick and deep scans. Offering SD card recovery, Digital Camera recovery, recovery lost/deleted the partition, and much more.

The tool takes 9 minutes to scan a 16GB drive and 28 minutes to recover the files from it. Plus, it has a recovery rate of 95% which is great, to be honest. The uFlysoft Data Recovery app recognizes all types of files so that won’t be a problem. It has an excellent scanning ability to add filters and find the files quickly.

There’s also a preview option so that you can preview the files before recovering it. The tool lets you select the partition of any HDD, SDD, or external drives so that you can restore data at no time. It further adds advanced RAW recovery mode on-board. Plus, it has a secure data restore function so that your original files aren’t overwritten.

Key Features: Instant Preview | Easy to use | All around recovery functions | Strong scanning ability


  • Compatible with Mac OS 10.5 and above
  • Support external devices
  • Fixes lost partition
  • Supports all file formats


  • Lacks the ability to scan certain file types
  • Scanning takes time depending on the data
  • Doesn’t supports duplicate file check

Price: Free | Pro at $84.95

Download: uFlysoft Data Recovery

Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare-UltDataTenorshare UltData helps you recover data no matter what the underlying causes behind their deletion. The Mac data recovery software lets you recover deleted or lost data or even formatted drives. It has a pretty high data recovery rate and it is 100% secure since the process doesn’t overwrite the original files.

What makes Tenorshare UltData is that it supports more than 550 file types on your Mac. It includes tens of image formats, email, videos, audios, documents, archives, and others. The software takes care of data lost due to software failure or even virus attacks to name a few. Next up, it supports a slew of devices including SSD, HDD< camera, iMac, MacBook, and so on. You won’t feel left out as unlike others, Tenorshare UltData supports a large variety of Mac OS versions.

Talking about the features you get, there’s a real-time preview so you can have a glance before recovering the file. The Advanced Algorithm support ensures that the scanning is faster with an assured higher recovery rate. It is an easy to use user-friendly data recovery software Mac OS-based that offers the best of performance.

Key Features: Easy to use | 100% safe and secure | All-around system systems | Real-time Preview | Built-in data analyzing algorithms


  • Free trial
  • Free updates after purchase
  • Ultra-high-speed deep scan speed
  • Higher recovery rate & 100% secure
  • Supports 550+ file formats and file systems


  • Doesn’t saves log data
  • Might not handle large files (2-3GB)
  • It is slow and time-consuming

Price: Monthly license – $55.95| Yearly license – $59.95 | Lifetime License – $69.95 | More Users starting at $119.95 to $499.00

Download: Tenorshare UltData

The Mac data recovery tool is a lifesaver tool that helps you to put all the pieces of the puzzles together without the need for the box. There are plenty of data recovery tools available to deal with this data loss threat.

These are some of the well-equipped and best Mac data recovery software. Most of these data recovery tools depend on the period of when the data was deleted or lost. This data lost period has a huge role to recover the data, as always early retrieval is safe and guaranteed.

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