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VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam with 24/7 Monitoring and Accident Smart Witness

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We all drive regularly, from commuting to long weekend trips. Dash cams are gadgets that can help you save a lot of trouble for you while handling vehicles. It can help you with a lot of things like recording accidents, insurance fraud, police tickets, and even a lawsuit. VAVA 2K dual dashcam is such a quality dash cam with both road and cabin view at the same time.

Let us see what VAVA 2K Dash Cam has to offer, before going for any other dash cams.


  1. Vava 2K Dash Dual Camera
  2. VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Features
  3. Camera Functionalities
  4. Recording Quality and Resolution
  5. 24 Hours Parking Monitoring System
  6. Smart Witness For Accidents Feature
  7. Verdict

Vava 2K Dash Dual Camera

VAVA 2K dual dash cam comes with two cameras – one for the road and one for the cabin inside. You can shoot both scenes simultaneously. The dual dashcam can record up to 2K 30fps resolution in both morning and night/low light conditions.

VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Design

The dashcam comes with features like superior night vision, easy video access, 24-hour parking monitoring, and many more. It is one of the best dash cams that come under the 200$ price category. Here we will discuss the best features of the VAVA 2K dual dashcam.

VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Features

The VAVA 2K dual dash cam comes with two cameras in which the front camera is stationary and the rear camera can be tilted up and down to suit your preference. The VAVA 2K dash cam comes with a micro SD memory card slot to let you store footages on an SD card.

VAVA 2K Dual Dashcam Accessories

You can mount the dashcam to the suction mount that is available with the camera and can be placed connected to your car using the 12V socket. The mount and camera connected with an easily removable magnetic clamp. This will give you high portability and easy to reconnect the camera.

VAVA 2K Dual Dashcam Magnetic Mount

The camera will power and start recording automatically when you unlock your car or vehicle. You can easily turn off the camera by using the physical buttons.

The camera even comes with a GPS tracker that can track your vehicle and tell you the details while you are in the car. This includes details like speed, time, date, and location. The VAVA 2K dash cam also has a dedicated Bluetooth snapshot button which helps you to take a snapshot or video record even while the normal recordings are going on in the background.

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Camera Functionalities

The camera menu has a lot of functionalities that make the VAVA 2K dual dashcam very useful. The media gallery lets you browse the recordings and images captured by the camera. You can change the video resolution from standard HD quality to 2K format.

The inbuilt display can show you the real-time camera view. You can also change the brightness and video quality for the screen from the settings. Plus, the inbuilt WiFi connectivity makes it connect to your smartphones like a breeze.

VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Smartphone Connectivity

Advanced safety measures in the VAVA 2K dual dash cam includes a G Sensor. It can sense accidents by measuring the shake or impacts on your vehicle. The sensor works fine with the default settings, but you can adjust the sensitivity from the settings.

The Android and iPhone app from VAVA also makes it a good pair with smartphones. You can transfer videos and add watermarks, timestamp, and more on the video.

Recording Quality and Resolution

The VAVA 2K dual dashcam comes with industry-leading Sony sensors. The camera modules come with 6 glass-lens and 4 infrared LEDs that take pictures and videos with sharp clarity.

The VAVA 2K dual dashcam can record up to 2K at 30 fps, It also supports 1080p 60fps and 1080p 30fps video resolution. But, Only the front camera can record videos in 2k 30fps resolution. The rear camera resolution is locked to 1080p 30fps. The 1080p 60fps feature is also restricted to the front camera.

VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Camera Quality

The video clarity is not too sharp as expensive cameras, but you can still get license plates and people’s faces clearly in any condition. The infrared LEDs enable night vision and make it suitable for any conditions.

The VAVA 2K dual dashcam can record loop videos for up to 3 minutes. The dash camera offers one of the best quality visuals at this price point. The front and rear camera record at the same time and show the Visuals in real-time in the provided 2-inch display on the device.

The Dashcam has a media access feature which makes it very convenient to view, download, and share your recording to any social media. VAVA 2K Dual dash cam even has an integrated GPS that calculates your location, driving route, speed, and other information you need.

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24 Hours Parking Monitoring System

The VAVA 2K dual dash camera has a 24-hour parking monitoring system that works on its own battery rather than the car battery. The camera has a built-in 320mAh battery in it. It makes the camera stay on even when your car is parked and turned off.

VAVA Dashcam 24 7 Parking Assistant

The VAVA 2K Dash Camera can automatically record videos when there is movement nearby the car. This will help you to capture the video if a bump or an accident occurs when the car is parked. 

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Smart Witness For Accidents Feature

The smart witness for accidents is also a feature of the VAVA 2K dual dashcam. The camera has a built-in G-sensor inside it. This sensor detects a Sudden shock or collision.

VAVA Dashcam Smart Witness Collision and Accident Detection

Whenever this sensor detects any vibration the camera will automatically start a loop recording. This feature is very convenient and useful since it can record front and rear videos which help you to claim insurance and use it as evidence.


The VAVA 2K dual dashcam is one of the best deals that you can get in this price category. This HD cam comes with a lot of functionalities for this price range. Even though the visual quality seems a bit less, The VAVA cam provides the best visual quality that can be obtained at this price.

The features that are provided by the VAVA cam can help you in a lot of ways and save you from a lot of trouble. Parking monitoring and Smart witness for accidents are very useful for the day to day life.

The battery that recharges itself while in connection with the car makes it very convenient for the users. All these features make VAVA 2K cam one of the best dashcams out there.


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