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WhatsApp on iPad: Here is How to Install and Use the WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp starts to support Multiplatform, good news for Windows and Mac users. However, there is no dedicated version of WhatsApp for iPad. Even though it is available for iPhone users, iPad users have to wait until they get a dedicated version of WhatsApp to enjoy all the features of WhatsApp.

However, there is a workaround for iPad users, that offers almost all the features that you can get from a dedicated app.

How to Get WhatsApp on iPad

Until a dedicated WhatsApp app for iPad releases, the only available option is to use WhatsApp web on iPad. Let’s see how to do that. You may be used this version on your PC and Mac before. Let’s see how to use this WhatsApp version on iPad.

On your iPad, launch Safari or any installed browser and go to web.whatsapp.com.

whatsapp qr code ipad

Here, you will see a QR code displayed on the webpage. Now, you need to scan this code from your Android or iPhone in which you are using WhatsApp. In this example, we are using iPhone.

On your iPhone, open WhatsApp and tap the Settings icon displayed on the bottom right of the screen.

whatsapp settings options iphone

In the Settings screen, tap Linked Devices.

In the new screen, tap Link a Device. (Here, you will also see a field titled Multi-Device Beta that allows you to use WhatsApp on 4 additional devices. If you are interested, you can tap Multi-Device Beta and tap Join Beta. If you join Beta, your phone will no longer need to stay online to use the web version of WhatsApp).

After tapping Link a Device, you need to provide authentication with your Face ID before proceeding to the next step.

Once you finish confirmation, you will see a new screen titled Scan QR Code. Go ahead and point your iPhone to scan the QR code shown on your iPad.

link whatsapp to other devices

That’s it. Now, you will see that WhatsApp messenger will create a mirror copy of your WhatsApp account contact and chat history on your iPad.

ipad whatsapp screen

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Add WhatsApp to iPad Home Screen

You don’t like to type web.whatsapp.com every time you need to access WhatsApp on iPad? You can create a WhatsApp shortcut on your iPad home screen and use this just like a dedicated WhatsApp app for iPad. Let’s see how to do that.

Launch Safari and navigate to web.whatsapp.com.

Tap the Share icon located on the top of the screen.

safari share icon ipad

From the list of options displayed, tap on Add to Home Screen.

ipad create shortcut for whatsapp

In the new pop-up menu titled Add to Home Screen, tap Add.

ipad add shortcut for whatsapp on home screen

Now, you can see the WhatsApp icon on your iPad home screen. If you tap that, you will be redirected to the web version of WhatsApp. This will work even if the Safari app is closed.

whatsapp icon on ipad home screen

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How to Use WhatsApp on iPad

Though the functionality of WhatsApp remains the same on iPhone and iPad, you can observe some visual differences. For example, when you open WhatsApp on iPad, you will see that all your contacts/groups are listed on the left side and the messages will appear on the right.

Use WhatsApp in Split Screen on iPad

Do you know? You can browse the web and check your WhatsApp messages at the same time by making use of your iPad’s multi-tasking abilities. Let’s see how to do that.

When you are viewing WhatsApp messages on iPad, you will see a three-dot icon at the top middle of the screen. Tap on that three-dot icon.

ipad split view options

Here, you will see a small pop-up with three options. Go ahead and tap on the second one that allows you to view two apps in Split Screen mode.

enable split view ipad whatsapp

Now, your WhatsApp screen will be reduced in width and you will be prompted to select a second app. You can select any app you wish to use. (eg. Safari)

(Note: If the app doesn’t support Split View, then you cannot use it. For example, you can use YouTube in split mode but Prime Video doesn’t support that.)

Can you see? Your iPad screen shows both WhatsApp and Safari in the same window.

whatsapp split view ipad

View Message

On the left side of the screen, you can only see the last message for a particular contact. To view the entire conversation or old messages, double-tap the contact name on the left. Then, you will see the messages/chats on the right.

ipad view whatsapp message

Send New Message

To send a new message to someone, tap on the Message icon at the top and select the contact. Or you can type the first few letters of your contact on the search bar to initiate a chat.

ipad send new whatsapp message

Then, you can start typing the message in the box provided on the right.

compose message on whatsapp ipad

If you wish to attach a file or image, tap the file attachment icon near the message box. If you click on that, you will see 5 different icons as below. Using those icons, you can send contact, document, stickers, and images to your contacts. You can take a live picture and share that with someone using the camera icon.

Forwarding Messages

If you tap on any message, you will see a drop-down arrow displayed near the time stamp. When you tap on that arrow, you will see a small pop-up menu.

From the options displayed, tap on the Forward message.

message options in whatsapp on ipad

Then, tap on the arrow icon displayed at the bottom of the screen.

forward whatsapp message ipad

Now, a pop-up menu will appear with the list of your contacts. Go ahead and select all the contacts and tap Send icon.

select contact for forwarding whatsapp message on ipad

Status Updates

To view the status updates of your contacts, tap on the circle icon located on the top. Then, you can tap on a contact to view their status updates. However, you cannot update your WhatsApp status from your iPad.

ipad view whatsapp status of contacts

Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers on iPad

Besides sending/receiving text messages, you can create your own WhatsApp stickers on your iPad and share that with your loved ones. And, the best part is you don’t need to use any third-party apps for creating stickers. Let’s see how to do that.

Launch WhatsApp on iPad and double-tap the contact for whom you wish to send a sticker.

Then, tap on the Emoji icon located at the bottom.

whatsapp compose message icons ipad

Here, you will see a Create button with a + icon and you can see the Stickers icon (in Green) as well at the bottom of the screen.

create whatsapp sticker ipad

Tap on the Create button. You will see a small pop-up menu that allows you to select the image from your iPad or take a live photo to create the sticker. Go ahead and select your desired option.

whatsapp sticker image selection options

Next, the preview of your image will appear on the screen. Then, tap Use to select the image.

select image for whatsapp sticker ipad

Now, you will see a new screen that provides options to add text, emojis, doodles, and stickers to your image.

edit image whatsapp sticker ipad

Once you are done with editing, you can tap Send button to send the sticker to your contact.

send whatsapp sticker ipad

You can save this sticker and use the same from your phone again if you want.

What You Cannot Do with WhatsApp on iPad

Though you can send or receive WhatsApp messages on iPad, you cannot do everything you do with WhatsApp on your iPhone.

  • You cannot make voice/video calls with your contacts on iPad.
  • Account and Chat related settings are not available on iPad.
  • You cannot change your profile picture or status.
  • You cannot add a new contact. However, you can create a new WhatsApp group from iPad. Also, there is option to send WhatsApp message to an unsaved number.

Even though you cannot utilize all the features of WhatsApp on iPad, you can use it to check for messages while working or watching movies on iPad.

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