7 Best Android Apps to Test Android Internal GPS

Last Updated: November 7, 2017
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There are several processes and sensors are running in Android phone background while turned on. Several applications on your Android device are using the current location displayed by its GPS connectivity to give necessary information like nearby places, or nearby people. The GPS on your smartphone is also responsible for running several inbuilt applications such as Maps, Photos and other social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Hence to have an accurate location by the use of GPS on an Android device is a critical task. If your Android GPS sensor is not functioning well, this may misguide your phone while running Phone Apps and processes. There are a bunch of gorgeous apps available for free on the Google Play Store to test Android GPS Sensor. We pick a couple of best GPS tester apps that you can download free from Google play store.

GPS Status and Toolbox

GPS Status and Toolbox is one of the top applications that help you get a very quick GPS lock at any location. The pros of this application are, this GPS test app is very compact and therefore does not occupy a lot of device’s memory. In addition to this, GPS Status app incorporates several important features with respect to the GPS capabilities of your Android device.
GPS Status & ToolboxSome of the important features of this application include a status notification bar that shows the relevant data regarding the GPS accuracy right on the notification bar of the device. A RADAR that allows you to save important locations and navigate the way back to them.

PlayStore Link: GPS Status and Toolbox

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GPS Test

Much similar to the GPS Status and Toolbox this application has some added features such as night mode and various themes on its home screen. This application too helps you get a quick GPS lock at any location. The GPS test is available for download from the Google Play store free.

GPS TestThe best part about using this application is its easy access to organized screens over its home screen itself. There are five screens that one can access to know everything he/she needs to know about the GPS connection. These screens are placed conveniently right at the bottom of the home screen for the user to access.

PlayStore Link: GPS Test

AndroiTS GPS Test Free

This application should be on the top of your list if you need an application with limited functions but a lag free and fast experience. Although it performs the quick lock of GPS at your position almost with the same speed as the other applications, the navigation from screen to screen is much faster in this application.

AndroiTS GPS TestA full GPS package including all the necessary features are a part of this great deal, and all the unnecessary or complicated features are simply deleted. This fact is what makes this application just perfect.

PlayStore Link: AndroiTS GPS Test Free

GPS Status Test and Fix

That’s right. The title talks about the best feature of the app itself. The no advertisement feature on the application makes it different from other applications. We all know how ads on some of the free apps make the navigation through the screens make very tough.

GPS Status Test & FixThis application too has all the necessary features for a quick GPS lock at your position, but apart from this it also helps you reset the GPS state on any device making it a quick fix for almost any GPS related issue on a smartphone.

PlayStore Link: GPS Status Test and Fix – No Ads

GPS Status

We would call this application one of a kind as it is socially connected. Whether it is Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you name it, and this application is connected to it. The application can share the magnetic compass details, that is your location details on any of the above mentioned social networking sites.

GPS StatusAnother exciting feature of this app is the ability to save locations of parking spot where your car was last parked, for you to navigate the way back. Not only this, the application can keep virtually any place, such as a good photo spot.

PlayStore Link: GPS Status

GPS Data

This application provides easy access to check the GPS signal quality to find a position where to get a quick lock on the GPS. It can not only check your GPS signal strength but also diagnose any problem associated with it on a single quick. Hence this application is a speedy resolution to all your GPS needs.

GPS DataThis application also comes with two basic color themes, black and blue, for you to use the application during sunlight hours and night efficiently without straining your eyes.

PlayStore Link: GPS Data

GPS Fix – GPS Data

GPS Fix is a very basic Android app with minimal features, but all the features are optimized for a good location lock via the GPS on your device. Although this application does not have a lot of features, the ones that it has, are of utmost value and can give you all the basic information that may be required during travel, hence eradicating the unnecessary information.

GPS fix - GPS TestHence we would like to say that installing one of these applications on your smart android device will solve any issue you may be faced with having a quick GPS lock. Also as mentioned some of these applications have a diagnostic feature that addresses any other GPS related problems.

PlayStore Link: GPS Fix – GPS Data

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These were the top applications which help you to test your Android internal GPS and get a quick fix on the GPS. These Android GPS tester apps can display satellite information, location latitude, longitude etc and you can compare to make sure GPS showing right data on Android.

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