Delete YouTube Watch History on Android

How to Delete YouTube Watch History on Android

The YouTube application is very popular and widely used to view videos. YouTube, from Google, is available on almost all devices viz. ios, Android,...
GPS Tablets Over Dedicated GPS

8 Benefits of GPS Tablets Over Dedicated GPS Devices

Smart Phones and Tablets are killing the GPS market for the last decade. GPS Manufactures are trying to add more features and inbuilt sensors with...
Track iPhone or Android

How to Track Friends Using iPhone or Android.

Never lose your family locations from your group on your next vacation. Stay in touch with your friend on next party. Use your smartphone...

Google lets Enjoy Gmail’s Best Features for Your non-Google Accounts with Gmailify

Right from the very beginning, when the first version of Gmail was released in the year 2014, you have been provided with excellent spam...
Find Battery Draining Apps Android

How to Find out Battery Draining Apps on Android Oreo & Stop them?

You may experience excessive battery usage on certain Apps after upgrade to Android Oreo. Well, Android Oreo has better Battery Optimization feature especially for running...
Android Secondary Number Apps

6 Best Android Secondary Phone Number Apps to Secure Primary Number

Android Secondary Phone number is an additional layer of privacy to keep your primary number confidential. With a secondary phone number, you can call...
Google Apps for Students

12 Best Educational Apps for Students from Google.

There are tons of educational Apps on Google Play Store. When you talk about School Apps for students, there are a couple of Google apps...
Recover Deleted Photos from Android

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone

For cherishing the memorable memories, we all capture them in photos and videos from our phones saving them to see whenever we want to....
windows10 google calendar

How to Subscribe Google Calendar to Windows 8

Got fed up with trying to sync with Google Calendar? Probably you might be registered your Google Calendar account after January 30, 2013. It...
android stream to chromecast

Best Android Apps to Stream Media Files to Chromecast from Phone

Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. You can cast your favorite entertainment and apps...
Track iPhone or Android

How to Track Lost Mobile or PC without a Tracking App

There are tons of apps to track missing devices for your Android or iOS. We are not bothered about these life-saving apps until we...

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