Here You Can Easily Expand your Samsung Galaxy Tab Storage.

Last Updated: October 4, 2016
expand samsung galaxy tab memory

Samsung Galaxy Tabs are coming with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage along with the expandable memory card slot. This additional storage option permits the users to add another 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB to your device.

In addition to that, user can expand the storage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s by using some additional accessories. For this simple OTG cable, the expansion possibilities are endless. You can connect a computer keyboard for your galaxy device and use your tab like PC with external keyboard. You can connect USB storage device to see the pictures or videos on your tab screen that you take in your camera.

Usually this type of storage expansion is widely used with removable storage devices like pen drives and other devices. Now, we can see many OTG pen drives in the market, which enables us directly plug into the device.

These OTG pen drives will be supporting the Micro USB format, where as the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a Samsung Connector, which is different. If your Mobile/Tablet is having the OTG supported Micro USB connector, see this link to get know about available OTG pen drives.

For this expansion, the user need a special accessory called USB On The Go” shortly OTG cable. Fortunately, this cable is very cheap and is availableonline. Please see the list of OTG cables from Amazon.

samsung galaxy otg cable

After purchasing this OTG cable, the user needs to insert into the Samsung Galaxy Tab proprietary Data Connector. The device will sense the cable if it is working good and will display a USB icon momentarily in the notification panel.

Samsung usb expansion

Now your Samsung Galaxy Tab has the capability of expanding with many devices. The following devices can be easily connected with your Samsung Galaxy Tab to use various applications.
1. Pen drives
2. Camera’s
3. MicroSD card readers or Adapters.
4. Other storage devices
Some External HDD’s can be connected and used as additional storage whereas some HDD’s may not be detected properly.

Insert any of the above devices in the Full size USB port available with the OTG cable. If you are inserting any storage devices in the USB port, it will load the external storage as media storage and it will be shown in the notification panel.Samsung usb expansion

You can remove such externally mount devices by tapping on the message in the notification panel. It will prompt that “External storage media removed” message. After unmounting the connected devices from this USB port, we can remove the OTG cable by just plugging out.

By using the OTG cable the Samsung Galaxy Tab users can easily connect and use various devices in addition to the other connectivity options like Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi etc. This method is also applicable to other devices which is having suitable USB ports. In such devices, the user should purchase the matching OTG cable in accordance with the device specifications.

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