Best Fitness Apps for your Smart Phone

Last Updated: November 15, 2016
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Fitness plays an important role in our lives. When a person is physically and mentally well he/she becomes less prone to the adverse medical conditions. As per many studies, it is claimed that through workout and exercise one can reduce the risk of diseases.

It is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as for increasing the energy, giving more control over social and emotional health of the body. For every human life, health and fitness is very important.

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In this busy lifestyle, it is quite hectic to maintain our body’s fitness level and health quotient. Everybody is entangled in their daily routines and are not able to focus on their health. There are several fitness apps and workout apps helping you as your personal trainer, chef, fitness tracker and in many more ways to reach your goal faster. With these health apps you can easily cover each and every aspect of your fitness without any trouble.

There are an infinite number of fitness apps, giving you similar functionality; here is the list of some best workout apps for your device.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Android | iOS | Windows)

Known as one of world’s most popular health and fitness apps, MyFitnessPal helps you in body maintenance, calorie awareness and food variety giving you overall satisfaction while working out. The app is available for free and helps you to take those extra lbs off.

MyFitnessPal appMyFitnessPal has the largest food database with over 6 million foods and tracks your diet as well as exercise routine in less than 5 minutes a day. You can easily get the nutrition facts regarding more than 2 million foods. It claims to be the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter that it delivers fully.

Runtastic: (Android iOS | Windows)

If you are thinking that it will just track your running, then you are wrong. Runtastic is there for much more, tracking your data regarding the cycling, hiking, skiing and kayaking activities done by you. With the app you are able to get training logs and detailed data chart that can be compared with any other app user easily.

Runtastic AppRuntastic includes modes for workout, competition and training coming along with integrated music player. It supports voice feedback in multiple languages with the auto – pause feature. It almost has everything that is needed by a person to improve their overall fitness of the body.

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk (Android | iOS)

When it comes to apps that track a person’s running, Runkeeper is considered as the best in the business, coming with many features making it quite popular among the masses. Through the app you can be more close towards the social aspects of running making your own running club by finding new friends through the app. The app is there to supercharge your training regime.

Runkeeper AppTrack your workouts in real time and get updates in audio form on the way. Make and go on pre-planned routes to run while mapping them on the go. Personalize your running routine to get more time for it in your busy schedule. Want to know how much you have run in an entire week then you easily get it.

Ingress (Android | iOS)

Many people think playing video games makes them fat and sluggish turning into a person that loves the couch. But with Ingress app you can get fairly back into shape. The augmented reality app makes the surroundings better and motivating you to go out even for a small walk. No matter what mission you play, you have to get out of the house to get the brilliant experience.

Ingress AppIt gives the person something different than the usual workout regime. Take mobile gaming to a whole new level by being more active and constantly moving around. Build alliances and hack the enemy portals by roaming around to get extra points.

Endomondo (Android | iOS | Windows)

Endomondo is a simple app tracking your running, bike rides and activities performed outdoor with a detailed accuracy, giving you better fitness goals with its training and coaching feature. For long it has been a favorite fitness app and workout app for people who want to get more out of their walks and runs.

Endomondo AppThrough the app you can get the exact data regarding your physical activities and other 40+ sports with the help of GPS. For every mile/km you run get the necessary audio feedback and giving the log regarding your daily training. With the audio coach you can get the guidance to reach your fitness goal.

Google Fit (Android)

With Google Fit, you make your every effort, step, sit-up and good night sleep count. From cardio to weight training the Android workout app is there to coach you on every step of the way. Google Fit helps you to make a healthy change in your life by becoming more lively, self-conscious and motivated.

Google Fit AppEffortlessly track any activity along with real-time stats for your runs, walks and rides. Measure your wellness with Google Fit and get daily, weekly or monthly data from anywhere. It inherits total integration with Android Wear giving more flexible control on your fitness goals.

Strava Running and Cycling (Android | iOS)

For the athletes, by the athletes. Strava has a unique catch as compared to other health apps that is competition. When a person runs or rides a bicycle with the app, that person is actually competing with other users of Strava and with a huge user base of the app; you need to set up goals a little higher. It offers the users a clean and friendly user interface; you get more control on your training methods.

Strava AppYou can easily get the nearby places to run and ride with friends. Join the monthly challenges that are designed to push you further. After completing a segment, get the performance results immediately and match it with others. Strava gives you all your training history all in one place.

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Simply install these fitness apps and workout apps for getting the assistance to keep your training and regime. With the regular exercise and physical activity these Android workout apps, lower your risk of heart diseases and fatigue. Give the listed apps a try to be fit for being a part of the society that is healthy.

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