A Complete Guide to Transfer Money Online with Email for Free

Last Updated: April 20, 2017
transfer money online with Gmail

Google rolled out online money transfer feature with the most wide used platform Gmail. Before integrating the online money transfer feature in Gmail, we had Google Wallet, that let us send money online with Android and Google Wallet account.

Google Wallet is a free and fast online money transfer tool to handle money online right with your Smartphone and Web app. Now Google integrated this Google Wallet with your Gmail account.

With this simple Gmail money transfer feature, anybody can send or receive money online with your Gmail account, no need to have a Google Wallet account.

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So Google simplified this banking mechanism to few button on your Gmail account and anybody can send money online just with a Gmail, A Debit Card or Bank Account added to the Gmail account.

Benefit of Transferring Money Online

Well, transfer money online is easy, secure as bank transfer, and you can do the entire process right from your Smartphone or Personal computer. There are online money transfer services available, and they charge a fraction of the amount as a service fee. However, online money transfer service through Gmail service is free this point. You can send money to any email account including other email providers for free with Google’s money transfer feature.

How to Send Money Online with Gmail?

Those who are interests to know how to perform an email money transfer, we described all the steps here with screen shots. First, you have to log in with your Gmail account to start. After you click on Compose button to start an email, you can see a $ symbol (£ for UK users) next to google drive icon. You can fill out the recipient email address in in address area and then the subject required.

gmail send money online

Once you click on the dollar sign, then the new pop-up window will appear with Google wallet icon. In this window, you can tap on Send tab to send money, or you have the choice to request money from somebody else with the Request tab.

gmail money transfer recieve

On both tabs, you have to fill out the details for the amount requested or planning to send, and you can add a memo to the recipient at this point. Those who doesn’t have a Google Wallet Account or Wallet Account balance, Google will ask you to add a valid debit card (credit cards are not supported) or bank checking account to transfer the money. Once you give the debit card information or bank checking or saving account information, the click on attach button.

gmail money transfer attached

Now you are ready to transfer money online with Email. You can see an attachment with the amount, and the recipient email address on the Gmail window. You can compose the required message and the subject on the text area and click on the Send button to send money online from Gmail.

How to Receive Money Online with Gmail?

It is easy to claim the email transferred money. You don’t need to have a Gmail account to claim the money, You can use any email account to receive the money, and the sender can email money to any of your email accounts. However, we demonstrated this money transfer online feature with Gmail account for the sake of screenshots.

For the recipient email, they can see an email in the inbox just like other emails. Once you open and click on the email body, you can see the window like the screen shot below. On the screen, you can see the transaction ID, the amount received, and the expiry date to claim the money, that seems like 15 days. One this screen, you have to click on the Claim button attached in the email to transfer the money to your bank account or debit card.

claim gmail money received

When you claim the money, Google will ask you to connect your bank account or debit card number to deposit the money. The next screen lets you Cash Out the money from the email to the debit card or bank account you provided.

gmail money sent cash out

At this point, you have the option to return money if somebody emails the money to you by accident. Once you click on the CASH OUT button, then the next screen will let you know the money transfer status.

gmail money transfer wallet

As per Google, the money will be available in your bank account within 24 hours. The money is transferring through the Google Wallet service. You don’t need to worry about this Wallet Account at any point. There is no need to have Google Wallet Account to receive the money online.

gmail send money online recieved

Once you click on the Done button, you will get a transaction completed window. The money will be available in your bank account within 24 hours.

Is this Email Money Transfer Secure?

Behind the scene, Google is using highly secured Google Wallet Service to transfer money online. Google claim “Google Wallet comes with 24/7 fraud monitoring and covers 100% of all verified unauthorized transactions. All your financial information in Google Wallet is encrypted and stored on Google’s protected servers in secure locations.”

You can always file a claim for Google Wallet Service for any unauthorized charges or fraud activity.

Google online money transfer service is available only in US and UK at this point. Hope this email money transfer will extend to other countries. That let us make the international money transfer from an email with just a few clicks.

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Transfer money is few click away now even without opening your bank account. You can send money online with your Gmail account from a computer browser or with a smartphone. Those who want to transfer money online with Android phone, use this email money transfer service or Google Wallet app.

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