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7 Best Android Stock Market Apps for Status & Portfolio Management

With the stocks app, the investors can avoid the gluing of eyes to the screens of their television or desktop for information and get the real-time data on the go. Track the stocks easily along with the management of portfolios, helping you to get the yield from the investment made. These are the easiest and simple way of accessing the information, which would take time when done through the traditional way.

Many apps claim to be the best stock android app in the market, to shed more light on it, we have the list stocks app for your Android device.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the most well-known names in the game, helping you get personalized news as well as alerts on the stocks you follow. Acknowledge all the stock market information required with the sleek and highly functional navigation.

Yahoo FinanceTrack the performance of your personal portfolio and manage it without any trouble. With the interactive full-screen charts, you can compare the stocks. In the new update, the videos now auto-play in the article view with the brand new design of the articles.

Download from PlayStore

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Investing.com Shares & Forex

The app gives real-time updates from over 40,000 financial instruments that are traded on over 70 exchanges worldwide. You can build as well as customize your own portfolios in order to track your standings.

InvestingGet alerts on major global economic events as soon as they occur. Through the app, ascertain the latest reports from the top experts in the financial industry and the announcements from different parts of the world. Acknowledge the live quotes including the stocks and futures.

Download from PlayStore

MSN Money

MSN Money is one of the most used and old stock apps available for Android. Having a brilliant track record, it helps you to know more about your money with the financial data and news around the world.

MSN MoneyFor new traders, it has a great interface that is clean as well as easy to read allowing them to be active in the app for the transactions. Track your favorite stocks, indices, and funds from the home screen through the app.

Download from PlayStore

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With the app, you can have real-time global stock quotes, market data as well as the news regarding business and finance. Create your own personal portfolio by adding the favorite stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs to be close to the changes in the stock market.

Stocks Real-Time Stock TrackJust enter the ticker or name of the company to find every stock with ease on the app. Jam-packed with stock information it certainly serves you well with the news beneficial for the investor.

Download from PlayStore


If you are tired of paying for every trade and looking for an alternative that allows you a cheaper stock trading, then Robinhood is the Android stock app to choose. The app allows investors to do free stock trading, giving them the option to buy and sell the shares for free.

RobinhoodWith $0 commission trades and no minimum balance requirement, you can easily trade on the stock market with the app. It does protect your sensitive personal information with SSL that is fully encrypted.

Download from PlayStore


StockSpy is known as a good eTrade and stocks app showing you the present and ongoing quotes, news along with charts of stocks. It simplifies the stock tracking process and provides the stats for stocks around the globe.

StockspyStockSpy is a research tool and works for stocks from tons of stock exchanges present in the world. A darker green or red or green background is shown if the stock price changes more than ±2% quote.

Download from StockSpy

JStock Android

The app helps in keeping on with the fluctuating stock prices. Made some investments and want to keep track of them then this is the stocks app you should look for. Better than Google stock and Android stock app, it provides you superior portfolio management.

JStockYou can get the 10 years history chart from the app. It is a freemium app and offers a 7 day trial of the premium version.

Download from PlayStore


With the app, you can get real-time free streaming quotes requiring no more refresh and no delay. It is a small app having something for every investor and trader.

StocksCreate unlimited portfolios and reorder them easily with the positions. You can set up simple alerts based on price, price change/percent on the Stocks app. It is the most comprehensive stock app in the mobile world.

Download from PlayStore

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For many people, the stock market is one of the difficult ways of earning money; the market often performs well and gives the investors some neat profits on their investment. In order to get instant updates regarding the changes in the stock market, many investors rely on the stocks app as well as on the Google stock and Android stock app. Along with the best stock market app, they can do more than just simple viewing.

Some of the best stocks apps are available for Android on the Play Store serving a great alternative to Google stock and Android stock app. With the stocks app, you can be more close to the significant changes in the stock market.

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