7 Best Android Apps to Scan Old Photos

Last Updated: November 2, 2017
Android Apps Scan Old Photos

We are in the modern world, and there is no negative film and film photography anymore. Older times demanded chemically sensitized paper to keep memories, and now that role took over by smartphones and memory cards. Time to transform your old photographs into the digital format to preserve the past sweet memories. The technological advances of today provide us with many available solutions to digitize photos with scanner apps for photos without any hassles.

Let’s have a look at the excellent Android apps to scan old photos and turn them into digitized photos to preserve lifetime.

1. Google Photo Scan

Google PhotoScan1

The photo scan Android app from Google itself comes as the front-runner in the Play store. This Google Photos app holds the perfect mix of features that will satisfy your needs. The Android photo app works with the smartphone camera viewfinder at the main screen. All you have to do is to hold the camera over the image that you need to scan and Google’s machine-learning algorithm will do its magic. Smaller corrections can be easily spotted and removed with a little amount of cropping. Tapping the shutter button will show white dots over your exact image in focus and we need to ensure that the image comes as neatly as possible in the viewfinder. Google’s algorithms and neural net technologies use Four Shot image layers to reduce the glares and unwanted obstructions from the final image. The options of cropping, straightening and rotating are available but you won’t need to be worried about it as Google’s scanner app does that for you. The option to share or keep in the Google Photos will surely make the picture everlasting in the future.

Download: PhotoScan by Google Photos

2. Photo scanner.Photo Editor

Photo scanner.Photo Editor

Just as the name implies, it is a photo scanner app that also comes with a set of editing tools for the photos. In addition to that, the app functions like a gallery app as well. The app uses the main camera to scan your photos and allows you to adjust the frame as per your requirements. You can share them to social networking sites and also a single tap will allow you to create photo albums and a premium account will give you unlimited storage to do so. The features of the timeline and the photo details will provide better information about the picture along with the Geo-location tag at which the photo was taken.

Download: Photo Scanner. Photo Editor

3. Photo scanner by Photomyne

Photo scanner by Photomyne Scan

As the Google Photo scan, this is also an app that is available on both Android and iOS. Photomyne takes a different approach, unlike the Google’s algorithm which uses a four-shot layer to enhance the quality of the digitally scanned image. The advantage that Photomyne Photo scanner holds is that the app will capture multiple images that are in the frame with a single shot, making the process of scanning many images much more faster. The post-production doesn’t do a world of good as the glares might still be visible but can automatically crop the images and remove whats in the background to digitize your photos. It isn’t perfect in the cases of determining the image edges as we have to do a little bit of manual work to do the same.

Download: Photo Scanner by Photomyne

4. Photo Scan, Photo Editor- Quisque

Photo Scan, Photo Editor- Quisque

This Android app is a combination of both a photo editor and photo scanner which can be used to scan the old hard copy photos and along with it, they have a powerful editor with the help of Aviary SDK. The app by Quisque provides an 8 point Multiselect tool which can be used to precisely crop the image without any background elements. After scanning, the images can be enhanced with bundles of options in the photo editor like Overlays, Blurs, Filters, Frames, Stickers etc. Muzei Plugin is also added in the app which lets you change the wallpaper of your device periodically. The Slideshow tool is a neat addition to the already powerful app which brings a visual experience to view the images.

Download: Photo Scan, Photo Editor – Quisque

5. Photo Scanner & pdf Document

Photo Scanner & pdf Document

This is another great Android app that allows you to scan your documents and photos from your phone itself. Photo Scanner & pdf Document delivers similar basic features to the already mentioned apps which allows you to scan any type of images or even document files. This scanner app also allows magic color and grey scale filters. It allows you to scan multiple types of images such as images, documents, and files. The editing options include Cropping, Rotating and accessing the media section to view the already added scanned files.The saving to PDF also allows more functionality to the usage of the app.

Download: Photo Scanner & pdf Document

6. Old Photo Scanner

Old Photo Scanner

The android app will allow you to digitize your old photos which might be starting to get old. The features help to organize the taken photos into albums with the order of Event, People or Time. The app allows you to digitize your old photos by capturing the images through your camera from the Old Photo Scanner app. We can enhance the scanned pictures using the application of filters and share them on social networking platforms directly from the app. It allows quick, easy and unlimited free scanning of the files. The smart cropping points allow to accurately crop your images. You can save photos to Android device and the unlimited albums can also be created.

Download: Old Photo Scanner

7. Photo Negative Scanner: View & Convert Color Film

Photo Negative Scanner scan

This is a unique Android App which does outstanding work by converting the negatives developed from normal photo negatives to digital images. The Photo negative scanner allows you to see the original photo through the negatives. We can select the needed crisp digital image by tapping the capture button on the desired image. This is extremely useful when using an analog camera as this scanner app helps to provide proofing and previewing those developed negatives. To do this first, a background light source is required preferably a laptop or smartphone set at maximum brightness in the background. The app does its work by automatically converting the captured images to negatives by inverting the colors. We can then preview the images that are displayed as if they were originally developed. The smartphone camera hardware efficiency will decide the quality of the image but is sure to work with acceptable quality in almost all the phones of the current generation. It also supports black and white modes and a blue or red tint is usually seen which could be fixed by adjusting the white balance in the Scanner app options itself.

Download: Photo Negative Scanner: View & Convert Color Film

Digitize Memories with Old Photo Scan App For Android

So that’s it. In these days of mobile platform advancements, there’s pretty much an app for almost everything. Scanning and digitizing your priceless memories is just another implementation of the endless possibilities. All of these mentioned apps satisfy the user based on their respective needs. For example, if you are looking for an app which can be used to smartly scan your photos, Google’s Photoscan will more than serve your purpose. But if you are working with negatives for analog photo development, Photo negative scanner is the way to go. And when it’s digitizing a whole album and the work needed to be done quickly as possible Photomyne will work just fine for you.

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