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Best Android Apps to Take Intruder Snap and Send by Email.

With the ongoing technological advances in the smartphones and tablets, we all are able to get the most extra-ordinary features at our disposal. Among these features there is a unique feature present that is intruder selfie.

Intruder selfie is taken by the phone when someone tries to open the device without the consent of the owner. These feature can also email attached photo of the intruder to owner email, a nice feature that we want to see on our device.

There are several applications that come with this feature, taking the photo of the person through the front-facing camera of the device without any notice.

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The email sent to the owner has the picture of the person and the real-time GPS location of the device. If you often leave your phone amidst of people, then using these apps is quite mandatory to avoid any further consequences. Here are some apps that will help you to improve the security of the device.

CM Locker Repair Privacy Risks

It is an innovative application coming from Cheetah Mobile. CM Locker comes with the function of grabbing the snaps of the intruders who have entered the wrong password. By linking the app to your Facebook account gives you the access to remotely lock and locate the device.

cm-locker-repair-privacy-risksYou can also set off the siren remotely and prevent others to check the device. There are a bundle of options available to customize your lock-screen and security.

CM Security AppLock Antivirus

CM Security AppLock Antivirus is currently one of most rated Android antivirus app on Google Play Store. The app comes with great security options and also allows you to schedule scans from daily, weekly to monthly.

cm security applock antivirusScanning of the phone is done in seconds and serves one of the best alternatives of Android device manager to search for missing phone. Coming with applock, you can prevent your children from purchasing the apps and games that are not needed.


If any person enters the wrong pin, code or pattern to unlock your device, then Lockwatch will capture the photo from the front camera instantly. You can share the app on several networking apps like WhatsApp, Hike, etc.

lockwatchNo need for a third-party lock screen, one can use the built-in one on your device. The app only operates when the wrong pattern or pin is entered, saving a lot of battery and a good option that other battery draining apps.

Crook Catcher

Crook Catcher offers the chance to the users to know the people who try to snoop into their device. It automatically takes a selfie whenever the wrong code is entered. It sends the image along with the phone’s location to the device owner via email.

crook catcherYou can set the attempts limit in order to get more control over the app. The app will also take photos if it detects break-in and set the alert message according to the notifications.

Hidden Eye

Get closer in grabbing the people who try to use your device in your absence, with the help of Hidden Eye. It is a free and simple app that provides you a series of time and date stamped photos of the people trying to break in.

hidden eyeSet your own alarm sounds and delete individual images to have more control over the app. You can also sync the photos to your Dropbox account.

Secret Control

Annoyed with the break-in attempts of the people, now put a stop to it with Secret Control Anti Theft App. Coming with motion-sense anti theft alarm, it allows you to customize the failed password attempts, low battery level and SIM PIN.

secret controlTo give easy access to the new events, the app gives a home screen notification widget. Even the SIM is removed of the device; the app will send an email notification regarding the same.

Intruder Selfie

Ever saw your phone away from the place you kept it and want to know that who is trying to access your phone. With Intruder Selfie, you can acknowledge who unlocked your device at any time. The app takes a picture of the individual that enters the incorrect password saving it with the real time and date.

intruder selfieYou can easily see who tried to use your phone 5 or 10 minutes ago. It also supports fingerprint unlocking and gives several features to be more about the alert.   

Most of the time your phone will be right your side and it has tons of things that is personal for you. This personal information can be used in a wrong way if your device gets in the wrong hands.

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With the help of these apps one can get a good picture of the person trying to reach your phone. If your partner uses your phone in your absence to spy on you then also you can use the apps to get clear evidence.

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