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10 Best Android Location Alert Apps to Alert when you Reach Destination.

When you travel next time, keep at least one of these Geofencing Android Apps with your mobile phone. You are not going to miss the Bus station or train station again if you have these location alert android apps. You can sleep on the train without any worries and you will get Geofence App alert right before the train reach the destination station.

The possibilities of these Android location alert apps are endless, you can set tasks based on the location you want to like school, library, supermarket, and your phone will alert you when you drive near to the location you set.

These apps will perform if you want to set reminders or alerts based on the locations instead of scheduled time.

Google Keep

Most of the people do know Google Keep as a simple note-taking app and use it to quickly note down anything. Google Keep can also act as a location alert app for Android and iOS users. The Keep app also allows you to set the note as a reminder for a later time as per your preference. You can easily share the reminders based on your locations with any person having a Google account.

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android google keep location reminder

For accessing the location-based alert option, tap on Remind me. After this, you have to choose the location or manually enter the address to set the reminder. The app will remind you when you are arriving at the location and aid you to perform the particular action.

PlayStore Link: Google Keep


Todoist is a good productivity app that allows you to keep track of everything. Overcome the fear of forgetting a particular work, just by using the app to accomplish your goals. You can easily highlight the most important activities of your day by color-coding them efficiently. Get an overview of the daily as well as weekly accomplishments in order to know what you did the entire day or week.

You can also get location-based reminders and alerts on the app without any trouble. Add the task and set the time along with the place to get the alert on reaching the mentioned location. The reminders are accurate and efficient popping up at the right time as well as right location.

PlayStore Link: Todoist


Keep your life under control with the Any.do productive app on your Android smartphone. You do get the calendar, reminder and daily planner features in a single app. With the integration of multiple features, you do get to have more control over your daily activities.

Never miss a particular activity at the place by setting up reminders for a scheduled time and location. You can easily share your lists and tasks with anyone to collaborate with them whenever you want. You can also set voice entries as per your location-based reminders to get alerts on the right moment.

PlayStore Link: Any.do

Ultimate GPS Alarm

Ultimate GPS Alarm is the simple GPS based alarm App for your Android phone. This free version Geofence app uses GPS when approaching your destination to get you alerted. This app saves battery by relying on the Network location if the destination is not near.

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ultimate GPS Alarm

This app allows to search or tap the screen to set location for alarm and stores the locations for future use. The free version will offer not more than 2 alarms with ads.

PlayStore Link: Ultimate GPS Alarm


Reminders is the ultimate task alert app for Android that allows you to set alerts on time as well as location. The reminders can be set on repetitive mode ranging from daily, weekly to monthly, as you want it. Select the custom repetition pattern or period of the reminder to overcome the process of setting the alerts repeatedly.

It also supports Android wear and comes with a dark theme to customize the app as per your preference. Get the freedom to manage your day, as you want to in order to stay productive. Never miss an event with the app while on the move.

PlayStore Link: Reminders

Location Alert

Location Alert Android application can alert you before you reach your destination. You can simply set the location where you want to go and the app alert will remind you before the location reaches. This Location Alert App uses less GPS to not drain the phone’s battery. This app is intelligent to suggest some places based on history and also lets you transfer the application to SD card.

PlayStore Link: Location Alert

GPS Location Alarm

GPS Location Alarm reminds you to perform tasks based on current location. This app is not contacting satellites every second but uses genius mathematical formulae (distance, speed, time) and historical data to gauge your location along with GPS. Hence this app only using GPS when in close proximity to provide the accuracy that is essential and this technology avoids fast battery drainage.

location alarm

The Geo-Snooze feature allows you to snooze a Location Alarm (Geo-Alarm) until the radius, previously set to trigger an alarm, is exited and re-entered. A Deadline Alarm feature is another one sure to boost efficiency help you to set a deadline time alarm with location reminder. Another cool feature allows you to set the location alert based on some days in a week.

PlayStore Link: GPS Location Alarm

Location Alarm

Most of do forget to miss to do some activity or work when present on a specific location. For overcoming the worry to miscue the place or action, you can use the Location Alarm app. Choose the alarm sound as you like or even set your own voice to get the reminder for the particular purpose or location. Location Alarm, help you to remind you when you approach the destination that you set. You can set a notification in status bar, vibrate your phone, and choose an alarm sound you like, or even let voice remind you.

Location-AlarmMake the alert appear in the status bar in the form of notification to see it constantly. You can have the satellite view of the map and traffic information to know to calculate the time to reach the place. Use the drag marker to edit the alarm and make the needed adjustments.

PlayStore Link: Location Alarm

Location Alert by Igost Technologies

Location Alert will alert you before you reach your destination. Just simply set the location where you want to go and you can get engaged in any other works, location alert will remind you before the location reaches.

Android Location AlertThe app featured with the search function for all the places, and the location calculated based on the algorithm that uses less GPS so that it will not drain the phone’s battery. This app is capable to suggest some places depending on your input of places. You can transfer this application to the SD card and easily manage all the locations you marked on the map.

PlayStore Link: Location Alert by Igost Technologies

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Alarm-Me is a great tool for daily commuters that instantly alerts the people about the task when reaching the mentioned destination. Ensure a relaxing and confident commute with the help of the app on a daily basis. You can also select the mode of notification, choose whether you want to be notified through a vibration, headphones or speakers it is entirely your choice.

Personalize the map themes and access the alarm control through the lock screen and notification bar. Send the text messages to other people when you are near to your location. The app comes with an adaptive night mode to reduce the battery usage and use it easily at night.

PlayStore Link: Alarm-Me

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Install one of these Android Geofencing app and set an alert in advance before you reach the destination. With these Android Location Alert apps, you can specify the tasks based on the location. You can prepare your shopping list for grocery and the shopping list popup when you drive near to the grocery shop with the help of these geofencing apps.

No more bus station or railway station missing with these Geofencing Android apps. These apps use less battery by limiting the use of GPS and still powerful to alert you with these Android Location Alert Apps before you reach your destination.

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