5 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for Android

Last Updated: October 4, 2018

Remember those times when we had a hard time figuring out from where those images rolled on to the web? We all might have stumbled upon this situation at least once and yet most of the times we just simply reach where we have started. Imagine a situation where you need to know more about a celebrity or a place you accidentally gazed during your web time. At this point, all you have is a raw image and nothing else. This is when the Reverse Image Search Apps come in handy. This Google Image Search app is a great handy tool which is capable of producing accurate and efficient results within the blink of an eye. These photo lookup apps integrated with search engines like Google, Yandex, Tineye etc to bring the most accurate result.

Here, we bring you some of the best reverse image search apps for android that are guaranteed to give you the most accurate image search results.

Image Search For Google

Image Search For GoogleThe google image search app is one of the best reverse image search apps which crossed the “million downloads” milestone. This reverse image lookup application comes with an excellent user-interface with pretty good accuracy and gives search related results within no time.

This Android image app could be steered by directly sharing images from the default gallery, or by just sharing the raw camera snaps. This image search app uses Google as the search engine and even supports the basic google keyword image search. The latest update brings an excellent feature to analyze the motion video to produce matching search results.

This Google photo search app serves as an excellent solution for identifying the web page or the website that has initially uploaded the specific image, and also gives details about the originality and helps to find better, similar images. This app sends the shared image with the google search engine, which in turn analyzes and constructs a mathematical model using its advanced algorithms.

The search engine collects thousands of information related to the specific image and prompts it to the user. This reverse lookup application is nearly 2MB in size and doesn’t create a fuss in the RAM. As a whole, the app is an excellent tool for reverse image search and assures guaranteed capabilities.

PlayStore Link: image search for google

Search by Image

Search by ImageSearch by image is another big guy when it comes to reverse imaging. This reverse photo lookup app is capable of finding similar and high-quality images from multiple search engines (yes, you heard me right)such as Google, Tineye, and Yandex.

Being simple to use and reliably makes it one of the favorites in the hit list. Apart from those other apps, the developers provide an initial quick tutorial on how to search by image. This reverse search app is also capable of showing search results from multiple search engines together in one window, all at the same time.

The app ask for setting a default search engine initially but could be changed in the in-app settings. The search results could be either viewed within the app or from any desired browser (this option could also be changed from the in-app settings). The app give an additional option of filtering explicit contents that could be directed from the web.

A small flaw is that the app contains ads and yes, upgrading to premium deals with that problem. This reverse lookup application is just around 3-4 MB in size and hence doesn’t really cause any issues with the device’s overall performance.

PlayStore Link: Search by Image 

Image Search

Image SearchAnother big guy in this league is the image search app which is developed by Qixingchen. This excellent Android app lets you search images and image details using the powerful google image search engine and also gives provision to add custom image search engines into the list.

This reverse image search application could be used by sharing the specific search image either from the default gallery or from the device’s inbuilt camera. It contains a customizable but simple user interface, which gives more priority to the user. The developers included the option of night mode as well a setting to fix domain region, which is in a way apt for the application.

Apart from those other apps, the search by image app provides an option to compress the specific image where only the uploaded image gets compressed by this process and the original image remains untouched. This google image search app also gives provision to either open search results within the app or from any of the other mobile browsers. The best thing about this app is the ad-free user interface(cheers). Overall, the app does perform quite well and being small in size(3MB) makes it one of the best apps in town when it comes to reverse imaging.

PlayStore Link: image search (Qixingchen)

Image Search – PictPicks

Image Search- PictPicks

pictpicks is another good contender that does an extremely good work in processing the reverse image search for Android. This Android reverse lookup app is a free app which uses the google image search as its primary search engine.

The app works by sharing the image for query either through the default gallery or the device’s camera, which gets uploaded to the google search engine. The in-built filter present in the Android image app helps in choosing the required format, size, aspect ratio etc that suit the image. The presence of the safe search option helps in removing the explicit contents.

The Google image search app does give the user the provision to select the download location. The developers also incorporated the incognito mode, a feature which most of the reverse search apps lack. The app requires only around 4 MB making this reverse image find app highly RAM friendly. Overall, the app does its job extremely well without creating any performance issues.

PlayStore Link: Image Search – PictPicks

Reverse Image Search (Google)

Reverse Image Search GoogleThe reverse image search app is developed think free and lets to search images instead of keywords. The app works only with the google search engine to perform the Google Image Search on Android.

This android reverse search app comes with a simple user interface which makes the app operation extremely easy and the images could be shared either from the default gallery/file manager or directly through the camera. Its user interface is worth mentioning because it is simple and realistic with low amounts of customization.

The app gives a three-level safe search policy which is accurate and gives us the priority to select any browser to display the collected search results. The periodic updates and associated fixes make the application a leading contender in this particular field.

PlayStore Link: Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search for Android

Reverse image search is literally the opposite of the basic google image search. It is all about uploading a specific image (instead of typing the keywords) and getting back numerous results based on the image. Reverse image search is highly efficient and useful in finding out the authenticity and information about the image and even helps to locate the source of the image. Reverse image lookup help finds images of improved resolution and quality. Although being a good utility tool, the reverse image search isn’t really popular (maybe due to lack of publicity though).

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Well, there we have it, the top 5 best android reverse image search apps which are capable of producing an extremely good response to those image related queries within no time. The ease of use as well as the simple user interface makes them abruptly the best applications to be ever produced in this field so far.


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