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12 Best Listing Apps Like OfferUp to Buy and Sell Old Stuff Online

Do you have a lot of unwanted items taking up space in your home, but you prefer not to spend a day in the sun having a yard sale? Knowing these listing apps will help you clear out your home and make some additional money. Putting an item up for sale is as easy as downloading a free selling app, taking a photo of it with your phone’s camera, and posting it online.

Here are the best listing apps that help you to buy pre-owned products and sell your old stuff for free.


CraigsList App

You can purchase and sell various things on Craigslist, from cars and home appliances to computers and smartphones. It will only take five minutes to get your listings up and running. Because it displays on a map, conducting local searches is much more convenient.

You won’t get charged a commission when you sell your goods to buyers who live in the United States. There are options to save the favorite listings for later and set search alerts when an item becomes available for sale. You can also post, delete and renew your ads once the allotted time is completed.

Also, if you are a service provider who offers labor, you can post your services on the app and let people contact and avail of your services. Finding help for organizing your local events and parties will also be accessible with Craigslist.


  • Easy to use and familiar interface
  • No commissions for US residents


  • Duplicate listings
  • Photo upload errors

Key Features: Commission-free in the US | Set Sale Alerts | Post Job ads | Organize parties and events | Local searches with GPS | Favorite listings | Great UI

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

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5miles Buy and Sell Local Products

You can use 5miles to look for a new job, find a place to live, get in touch with local service providers, and even post a classified ad. The listing app allows you to post ads for free and get products without paying any commissions. Just take photos of the product and post them within seconds. 5miles also allows local product search using within 5 miles of distance.

You can use the service’s SEAL (Safe Exchange Area Locator) tool to arrange a safe meeting place. The 5miles app allows you to send a message to the seller via the app’s messaging system and make a bid. The 5miles crew is continually checking listings and conversations to prevent fraud. There is a money-back guarantee available for customers who are unhappy with their purchases.


  • Great Fraud Prevention methods
  • Money back guarantee
  • GPS-assisted product search


  • Bot sellers
  • Inaccurate GPS suggestions
  • Wrongly flags listings as duplicates

Key Features: Money-back guarantee | Fraud protection features | GPS-assisted search | SEAL – Safe Exchange Area Locator | Commission free listings | Easy to post ads

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)


Mercari Sell Preowned Goods

When an item you’ve listed on Mercari sells, you’ll receive an email with a printable mailing label attached. Then, the shipment is picked up or dropped off at the address listed on the printout. This buying app has an excellent reputation for safety since it requires its users to undergo stringent identity verification procedures.

Click a few pictures, write a brief description, and hit the “list” button. Adding an item listing will never cost anything. Payment is required only after a successful sale. Instant Pay allows you to get the payment within minutes after verifying your identity.

The commission rate is reasonable at only 10% for every item sold. It has an advantage of a wide variety of available payment options. The transaction is protected for both the buyer and the seller because the funds are not transferred until the order has been delivered.


  • Buyer and seller protection ensures smooth sale
  • Easy ship and pickup from your home
  • Identity verification for fraud safety


  • Customer service is handled by automated bots
  • The interface is not that great

Key Features: 10% commission | Free listings | Buyer and Seller Protection | Automated Shipment Pickup and Delivery | Instant Pay | 1-minute ad posting

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place to find used products and lists your products for selling. The marketplace covers whether you’re looking for a common household item or something unique. More than 800 million people use Facebook Marketplace monthly to purchase and sell goods. Facebook does not charge sellers to post listings on the network.

If you want to promote your listing as an advertisement, Facebook will charge you an ad fee. It’s as simple as taking a picture and uploading it with the product’s name, a brief description, and the cost. In addition to the product’s category and location, you will be prompted to provide further details. After creating the product page, you can publish it to the News Feed or a specific group.


  • Easy discovery
  • Simple interface
  • Facebook Messenger communication


  • No Buyer and Seller Protection
  • No proper fraud prevention methods

Key Features: Good for social features | Buyer-Seller communication via Messenger | Fee only for promoted listings | Powerful local search | Share on Whatsapp and NewsFeed |

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

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NextDoor Neighborhood Sales

The Nextdoor app is an excellent way to meet new people in your area, learn about local events and shops, and get recommendations from your friends and neighbors. NextDoor allows you to find reputable providers of home maintenance services near you.

Look for discounts and bargains. Buy, sell, and trade pre-owned goods such as furniture, clothing, automobiles, and more. Also, learn how to make the most of garage sales and recycle your unwanted belongings.


  • Local services discovery
  • Neighborhood sales made easy
  • Trustworthy and has buyer protection


  • Not actually a buy and sell marketplace
  • Only for neighborhood
  • Buy and sell interface is not great

Key Features: Local Discovery Feature | Neighborhood Sales | Buyer Protection | Find Discounts and Free items | Conduct Garage Sales | Recommend things to others | Recycle unused products

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)


Poshmark Sell Preowned Products

Poshmark has a wide variety of used and new items in its marketplace. Members can follow one another’s shop listings and interact with them by liking, sharing, and commenting on the things they find interesting. You should upload at least one photo of the item, with details such as the brand and size, and of course, the price if you want to sell it online.

Poshmark takes 20% of all sales or $3 for transactions under $15, and purchasers pay an additional $7.50 for express shipping. Buyers can back out of a purchase for any reason within five days of the seller delivering the package to the post office. Payment to the seller typically happens within three business days of delivery of the item purchased on Poshmark.


  • Good for quick sales of clothes
  • Individual marketplace model
  • Buyer and seller protection


  • Slightly higher commission rates
  • Less number of subcategories

Key Features: Marketplace Shop model | 20% commissions or $3 under $15 | Displays average shipping times | Payment released only after item delivered | Buyer and Seller Protection | Fraud Prevention Methods

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

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VarageSale Garage Sales App

VarageSale simulates garage sales so that you can purchase and sell items online. Every user’s identification is verified manually before they buy or sell. To familiarize yourself with potential buyers, check their ratings and response times. 

You can click a photo and post it online in an instant. Find a way to supplement your income. With this app, you can get rid of unused belongings from your home. VarageSale’s app allows you to purchase, sell, browse, and promote your items without incurring fees, just like any yard sale near you.


  • Good app interface
  • Good for meeting people in person and selling


  • No option to hide sold products
  • Delayed notifications
  • Messaging system crashes

Key Features: Perform Garage Sales | Manual ID verification | Ratings and Response time display | One-click Ad postings | Promote products for free

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

Yard Sale Treasure Map

Yard Sale Treasure Map

Using Yard Sale Treasure Map, you may organize your next hunt for hidden goods at yard sales. Find local yard sales easily by viewing them on a map or a list, finding more details about them through photos and descriptions, and navigating to them.

You can narrow your search results by selecting a specific day, location, distance, and keyword. You can check out user reviews and cautions about the sale’s location. View the auction place in Street View before making the trip to save time and gas money by planning your route efficiently.

It also allows you to share your sales route with others and have it automatically updated on all of your mobile devices. Color codes can be used to assign a specific color to each day. When you find a good deal, you can mark it off or make it hidden.


  • Random yard sale finder
  • Google Street view locator
  • Color code deals


  • Mandatory Facebook account login
  • Optimizing the sale route takes time
  • App freezes constantly

Key Features: Treasure Hunt Model | Color-coded offers | Subscription for Pro features | Street View available | Share Routes on Social Media | Buyer Protection

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

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eBay Marketplace

eBay Marketplace

eBay is a global marketplace where sellers can connect with buyers worldwide to sell their wares. It simplifies the processing of payments and provides seller safety features.

You can either auction off your stuff or set a predetermined price for them. It allows opting for several ways to pay (PayPal, payment on pickup, credit cards). eBay guarantees your safety from buyers who make multiple claims or engage in other fraudulent activities.

All eBay refurbished items come with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a money-back guarantee if they don’t function as advertised. You may quickly put in the listing information (description, shipping, etc.) by scanning the barcode of the product you want to sell. Then take a photo (or upload an existing one) and remove the background to make your ad stand out.


  • Global shipping available
  • Solid money-back guarantee
  • Easy to list products
  • Auctioning feature


  • Auctions are outbid by bots
  • Sellers finding workarounds with money-back policy
  • Outdated interface

Key Features: Frequent Auctions | Simplified Payment Processing | Money-back guarantee | Worldwide Shipping | Scan Barcode and Upload Listing | Beginner-friendly layout

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

AppKoncept Buy and Sell Marketplace

AppKoncept Marketplace Buy and Sell Products

You can easily find what you’re looking for and trade or sell it with locals in your area by visiting the Marketplace. Live conversation is one of its advantages, and you can also post ads for your stuff at no cost.

You can post your items for sale by just taking a photo and filling in the details and price you wish to sell for. Once the ad is live, you can expect to get inquiries from interested buyers and live chat with them to show the product over a video call.

Users can do local searches in the Market by either manually entering or automatically detecting their location with GPS. The products are then shown after being categorized into the appropriate groups. The premium subscription helps boost your ad and show it to everyone around your locality.


  • A simple and easy-to-use app
  • Straightforward ad posting
  • Category-based item sorting


  • Frequent crashes
  • Premium subscription not worth the money

Key Features: Instant Ad Listings | Category-based sorting | Premium Boost for Listings | GPS-assisted filtering | Video Call supported | Commission-free

Download: iPhone (Free)

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Carousell App

Carousell is a community marketplace/classifieds website base in Singapore, available in the United States. Put your unwanted items up for sale on Carousell, earn money and free up space in your closet.

All you need to do is take a photo, upload it to the site, and use the 10 included upload slots to sell anything you want, new or old. Shop for moderately used designer handbags, shoes, clothes, makeup, accessories, and watches.

Carousell offers buyer and seller protection for hassle-free purchases. Sellers and buyers can get ratings by using the app and purchasing products. It also allows property businesses and rent a property on the app and buy or rent cars and accessories. Listing and purchases are free of cost.


  • Convenient user interface
  • Keyword-based searches for filtering
  • Provides buyer and seller protection
  • Fast and easy payment processing


  • Business account costs are too high
  • Messaging system is poorly designed
  • Customer support is not good

Key Features: Keyword-base Searches | Buyer and Seller Protection | Payment Processing | 30-sec Listing | Global shipping | Beginner-friendly UI

Download: iPhone | Android

Freebie Alerts

Freebie Alerts Nextdoor Notifications

If you set up Freebie Alerts to notify you whenever a neighbor gives away something, you can check the alerts and arrange to pick up any free items you might need. It is compatible with listings from popular platforms like OfferUp, NextDoor, Letgo, Trash Nothing, and more. The main benefit is that you don’t need to log in or provide details to fetch listings from your neighborhood.

People throw away perfect items every day because they no longer need them. You can grab them for free with the Freebie Alerts app. Set notifications relevant to what you want to buy and the distance of the listing from your area.


  • Hassle-free local free stuff finder
  • Marketplace apps support
  • No login required


  • No advanced features are available
  • No buyer or seller protection

Key Features: Local Freebie Finder | Fast Notifications | Keyword-based Filter | Multiple Apps Compatible | Login not required | First Come First Serve Model

Download: iPhone | Android (Free)

Every home has thousands of dollars worth of unneeded items, yet very few homeowners ever take advantage of this untapped resource. Selling your old items can seem like a burden, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Over time, accumulating unused but potentially priceless household items is a sad reality. These listing apps are beneficial to get some extra money and clear out old things.

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