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7 Best Clubhouse Alternative Apps to Join Voice Chat Rooms

We all know about Clubhouse where you can communicate with people over voice chats rooms on any topic. You can join the rooms with an invitation link. There are many apps like Clubhouse you can use for your audio-based conversations. Some of them are new features within the apps you use daily. For example, Twitter Space and Telegram Voice Chat 2.0 are within Twitter and Telegram apps themselves. There are also many other Clubhouse alternatives with interesting features.

Let us look at the various Clubhouse-like apps. Here, we discuss the best Clubhouse alternative apps on both Android and iPhone.

Twitter Space


Twitter Space is a Clubhouse alternative which if you join as a listener, you can react with emojis, DM Space, and request to speak. Accounts with more than 600 followers can host the Clubhouse-like voice chat rooms using Twitter Spaces.

Space is widely used for learning purposes as well. Besides, you also can join small and intimate conversations with a few of your friends. When there is live talk on Space, and when someone you follow starts speaking, it will appear as a purple bubble at the top of your timeline.


  • Great for users with many followers
  • Within Twitter app
  • Promote creative work portfolios
  • Live captions


  • Cannot record a live Space

Key Features: Public space | Join as a listener | Directly invite to Space | Upto 11 people can join | Time limit

Download Twitter: Android | iPhone (Free)

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Spotify Greenroom

Spotify GreenroomSpotify Greenroom is a live audio experience that is a good Clubhouse alternative. You can have conversations about any topics with a large community there. Browse groups on any subject. You will find topics that interest you like hip hop, RnB, country pop, and many more. Moreover, you will also find conversations on music, sports, and culture.

The Clubhouse-like app lets you preview upcoming rooms and add them to your calendar. In Spotify Greenroom, you can enter any Live Room and start to listen and talk about topics that interest you. Also, you can create Rooms and start talking about any topic. For that, all you have to do is select a group and then see who all will join in further.


  • Many topics
  • Add upcoming rooms to your calendar
  • Browse groups on any topics
  • Great networking app


  • Hard to find good NBA shows

Key Features: Host an after-party | Introduce your crew | Chat with other creators

Download Spotify Greenroom: Android | iPhone (Free)

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Messenger Rooms

Messenger RoomsIn the Messenger app, you can create and share a room by sharing a link in the Messenger Rooms. You can join any room that interests you by accessing Messenger Rooms from any device. Besides, The app lets you join an open room with a link. Anyone with the room link can join without a Facebook account. Also, you are able to join any rooms directly from Messenger or from the news feed, events, and Facebook groups.

Up to fifty people can be included in your room. It is not a problem if you want to include more people, just by accessing it from the desktop. There are many themes and effects you can use such as camera filters, mood lighting, and 360-degree background. Also, there is no time limit in Messenger Rooms. Like Clubhouse, you can decide who can join the room and who can see it on Facebook or Messenger.


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Employ safety procedures offered safety features
  • Record entire call


  • Not completely privacy-focused

Key Features: Up to 50 people can join | No limit on time | Does not require a Facebook account | Join with a link 

Download Messenger: Android | iPhone (Free)

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Telegram Voice Chats 2.0

TelegramTelegram Voice Chats 2.0 was introduced to Telegram groups. The Clubhouse alternative is now available on groups in Telegram app. Also, there are no limitations on the number of participants who can take part in the conversation.

The new update of the Telegram app brings recordable voice chats and a rich list of participants. You can now raise your hand, join voice chats, and send invite links for speakers and listeners, like in Clubhouse.

Admins of the channel can now host many voice chats and they can also record them for those who missed attending. In this Clubhouse-like app, these recordings get instantly saved. It shows a red light next to the chats that you are recording. In the voice chat, if you want to speak, all you have to do is raise your hand, so that the admins can let you speak.


  • Large user limit
  • Recordable voice chats
  • Available for groups


  • Voice quality issues

Key Features: Unlimited participants | Recordable voice chats | Voice chat titles | Raise hand

Download Telegram: Android | iPhone (Free)

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Reddit Talk

Reddit TalkReddit introduced Talk which is a Clubhouse-like feature where Redditors can gather and chat. You can talk about anything in Reddit Talk by joining communities and subreddits. You can even start with Q&As and then talk about lectures, sports, give community feedback, and many more. The moderator can remove a member from the voice chat and stop them from attending further conversations.

In this Clubhouse-like app, only the moderators can start talking at first. After that, anyone will be able to join. If you are a listener on this Clubhouse alternative, you can listen and react with emojis. If you want to talk, you can raise your hand, and the moderator can let you in to talk on Reddit Talk.


  • Speaker can co-host
  • Host live audio
  • React with emojis


  • Hard to find like-minded collective intelligence

Key Features: Gather & chat | Subreddit moderators | Anyone can be removed by them | Speaker can co-host

Download Reddit: Android | iPhone (Free)

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DiscordDiscord is a Clubhouse alternative where you can talk to your friends. You can share text, voice, and video and stay connected. Discord is a place where you can hang out with a handful of your friends. There are many topic-based channels on Discord in which you can share and talk about your day.

In the Clubhouse alternative, you can also watch your friends streaming their games or do a drawing session with your friends. You can do this by sharing your screen. Besides, the app lets you create custom emojis from any image and share them with your friends. You can also organize a conversation where you can bring together like-minded people from anywhere in the world.


  • Variety of channels
  • Custom titles
  • Screen sharing


  • User limits
  • Heavy loading app
  • Few native integrations included

Key Features: Keyboard navigation FAQ | Video & screenshare updates | Video calls | Custom status | Reduce motion setting | Custom status

Download Discord: Android | iPhone (Free)

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StereoIn stereo, you can have great conversations and truly connect to people. You can schedule your shows and request to join your upcoming shows. Also, you can see who all have requested, and choose those who you want to let in the chat room. In the Stereo app, you can invite listeners of your talks as the speaker.

The Clubhouse-like app is a social platform and it allows its users to listen and become a part of digital conversations from anywhere in the world. One of the greatest advantages of Stereo is that you can save the conversations for a later date. The app is like Clubhouse that will let you enable people to have real conversations on topics of their interest. It provides a platform for debate and conversations.


  • Real-time conversations
  • Save conversations
  • Host debate
  • Animated avatar profile


  • User interface not intuitive

Key Features: Audio-only live social platform | Real conversations with people | Save conversations | Seek-out topics

Download Stereo: Android | iPhone (Free)

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You have seen that there are many Clubhouse alternative options available for audio chat conversations in case you cannot join Clubhouse. We discussed apps like Clubhouse that will let you open up on any topics. Do let us know which among these Clubhouse alternatives you like the most after using.

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