Best Digital Voice Recorders to Record Lecture and Class Notes

Last Updated: December 5, 2018
Digital Voice Recorders
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Whether its work or school lectures, voice recorders are the best solution to take class notes and meeting notes. The voice recorders are not much expensive and can do the voice recording with high clarity. The voice is recording in MP3 format and capable to record hours of conversations in a few GBs of memory. What makes dedicated sound recorders stand out is that they are precise, does one single job and isn’t that much expensive. Some of the new sound recorders even have memory capacities of around 100 GB to record hours of conversations in one stretch.
We’ve compiled a list of some of the best voice recorders that are reliable and affordable to record lectures and conversations.

Sony ICD PX333 Voice Recorder

The Sony ICD PX333 is a standard digital voice recorder that’s quite portable and compact. This sound recorder has an inbuilt memory of 4GB. That’s enough for around 180 hours of recording on the basic quality. Also, you can introduce an additional micro SD card if you need more storage space.

Apart from extra recording time, the micro SD slot provides easy transfer of files from the recorder. This audio recorder is coming with a noise cut system feature. This feature allows voice stimulated on and off that triggers with your voice. With the scene selection mode, you can select a suitable recording mode with the push of a button. This audio recorder runs on two AAA batteries and hence, it’s portable and easy to set up and use.

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Dictopro X100

The Dictopro X100 voice recorder is a sturdy and compact voice recorder that offers 8GB internal recording space. With a small LCD color display and a curvey design, this cool sound recorder is convenient to fit into your palm, pockets or a purse. This digital recorder comes with two sensitive microphones.  They are efficient enough with the new dynamic noise reduction technology. Dictopro offers crystal clear recordings even up to 40ft away. Also, the voice triggering recording feature helps you record audios without even touching the record button.

The DictoPro catches the external audios and triggers itself to auto record mode. With around 8 GB of internal memory, this cool voice recorder gives you access to store up to 700 hours of recordings. You could also equip an additional SD card up to 64 GB if you are into recording much too often. If you’re planning to move your recordings from the recorder to your PC or storage devices, this digital audio recorder is coming with a USB cable.

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Sony ICD PX240 Voice Recorder

The Sony ICD PX240 portable voice recorder offers you up to 1100 hours of recording time with an internal storage capacity of 4GB. Also, there is an overwrite function that helps save storage spaces to minimal levels. With the large LCD screen, a 300mW speaker and a powerful stereo microphone, this portable voice recorder promise to give value to your money.

The LCD screen shows the battery percentage, playback indications, and file navigation. The mini speaker is also powerful enough to play your recordings even in a noisy environment. Keep in mind that this sound recorder works on two AAA batteries. These batteries can give up to 27 hours of continuous recording before dying out.

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Olympus WS-852 voice recorder

The Olympus WS-852 sound recorder offers good audio quality with inbuilt stereo microphones. With bi-directional microphones that are at a 90 degree layout, you can get the highest possible reception with superb audio qualities. The WS-850 audio recorder comes with an auto mode that adjusts microphone sensitivity according to external conditions. This feature makes it easier to deal with the external environment with that of the device’s internal speaker volume.

This digital recorder supports two different modes for convenience. The Simple Mode supports beginners by letting the recorder display only the necessary information in large font. The WS 852 can connect directly to your computer via the built-in USB connector. This makes transferring of files hassle-free and convenient. Moreover, the voice filter technology reduces the prominent surrounding noises and in turn amplifies the fainter sound. The power issues satisfied by two AAA batteries. The batteries can give up to 100 hours of recording time before dying out.

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Yemenren Audio Recorder

The Yemenren sound recorder is a portable digital recorder that records with 1536 Kbps voice resolution. This audio recorder does its job with two ultra-sensitive microphones on either side. These microphones work with a high degree of sensitivity. You can enjoy crystal clear recordings at all times, with the dynamic noise reduction technology. This digital recorder comes with 8GB internal storage space, gives you up to 580 hours of recording at the standard quality. Also, with the new voice-activated recording, the device records automatically when your sound gets detected.

If you wish to transfer the recordings to your pc, you can use the attached USB cable. Unlike most of the records mentioned above, this voice recorder comes with a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery. The rechargeable battery guarantees around 20 hours of recording time on a single charge.

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Sony ICDPX370 Digital Voice Recorder

We’ve got another sound recorder from Sony, and this time it’s the ICDPX 370. Sony sound recorder records audio files in MP3 format. You can get up to 57 hours of recording with the common AAA batteries.

What’s more, you get an inbuilt USB connector that helps in quick audio transfers. The USB port helps you transfer files from the recorder to your PC or Mac. This digital recorder gives  4GB worth of internal space, offers up to 60 hours of continuous recording. Moreover, you can expand the memory capacity to a maximum of 32 GB with the help of extra SD cards.

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Tokego Dictaphone Sound Recorder

The Tokego DictoPhone is a rechargeable recorder offers up to 700 hours of recording, with 8GB internal storage space. You can record crisp and clear audios with the dual microphones, records to a distance of 40 feet away. The dual sensitive mics let you record even the quietest and the most discreet conversations with a greater degree of clarity.

The Dictaphone is a sound recorder that comes with multi-language support, and the sound recorder features an informative color LCD screen. Apart from that, this digital voice recorder works as an MP3 Player as well as a flash drive.

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WJLINK Sound Recorder

WJLINK sound recorder features the sleekest design combined with a stylish chrome finish. You get a small LED display, an inbuilt speaker and the pause/play buttons within the front panel. The recordings are crisp and clear featured with noise reduction technology. A dual microphone system with noise reduction technology makes recording crisp and clear. You can choose the recording quality from 8 Kbps to 256 Kbps quality. With this sound recorder, you get around 8 GB of internal space to store your recordings and audios.

A cool feature worth mentioning is that this digital voice recorder has the ability to transcribe audio recordings. You can transcribe the audios from the recorder using transcribing apps available on the play store. The in-built rechargeable Li-ion battery can charge via the USB connector. The recharging process takes around 3 hours. A quick charge of 20 mins can give up to 20 hours of recording from initial charging.

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The sound recorders are not ready to die without a fit. As we know, their biggest rival is abruptly the smartphones. Yet, these utility devices are still clinging on to the market by incorporating some awesome features and specs. We hope that you’ve found this list of voice recorders useful and got the best one that suits your requirements.

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