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6 Best Headphones to Record Calls on iPhone and Android

Do you want to record calls? There is no need to use apps, you can use headsets to record calls. A call recording headset is used to record calls on both Android and iPhone. The main advantage is that there is no need of carrying another headphone with you. You can listen to music, answer calls and record calls using the same call recording headphones. These headphones are compatible with both Android and iPhone and work directly without any jailbreak or apps.

Here are a few best call recording headphones for iPhone and Android phones that can record meetings, lecture notes and voice calls.

Editor’s Note: There are a different set of rules and regulations for recording calls. Please check your state or country law before using these call recording headphones.

Koolertron Call Recording Earphone

The Koolertron phone call recording earphone can use both in Android and iPhone. This call recording headset uses earphones to record the calls. Koolertron Android call recording headphone has an inbuilt 512MB memory to save the recordings. This call recording headset can record up to 16hrs.

Koolertron call recording headset will enter sleep mode to save power if there is no activity. High-quality audio, noise cancellation, and high audio gain are the main features of this call recording headset. You can transfer files using a micro USB cable to your laptop or PC. No external software or jailbreak needed for this call recording headphone to record calls.

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Fivoice Call Recording Earphone

Are you the type of person who talks on the phone non-stop for hours and wants to record all of that? Then here’s the product you’re looking for. The Fivoice Call Recording Headphone is capable of recording steadily up to 5hrs. This call recording headphone also uses earphones to record the calls. If you are looking for an iPhone call recording headphones, this headphone is perfect to record calls without any additional apps.

With this recording headphone, you can listen to music, answer calls and record the calls. This headphone has a built-in 512MB memory. A long-lasting 200MA lithium battery is provided inside this call recording headphone. You can transfer voice records to a computer using a USB cable without a hitch.

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Cell Phone Call Recorder Earphone

This headphone connects via Bluetooth to record calls. You have to install the apps to start recording the calls with this headphone. In addition to the normal voice calls, this headphone can record the calls from WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and more.Cell Phone Call Recorder Earphone Waytronic

The calls are recording as audio files into your phone. You can select the audio format as either M4A or WAV with an 8K or 16bit sample rate. You can listen to those audio calls later, delete or edit the files through the call recording App. The recording process is simple. There is no need to pay for any third-party apps or services. Just open the app, connect the headphone to your phone, and press the record button.

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Waytronic Cell Phone Call Recorder Headphone

The call recording headphone from Waytronic is one of the best in the market. If you want to sort the recordings according to the date and time of record, here’s your best alternative. This recording headphone is compatible to work with all android phones. Waytronic call recording is also compatible with Apple’s 3.5mm lightning jack. The conversations from both sides can be recorded effortlessly using this call recording headset.

Waytronic Call Recording HeadphoneThe Waytronic headphone automatically deletes the old files if the available memory is low. This can also use as a standalone voice recorder. That is, this call recording headset can work even without connecting to a smartphone. This headset has a built-in memory of 512MB, which can record up to 16hrs of high-quality voice. A micro USB cable is provided for transferring the files from this call recording headset to a laptop or PC.

Buy from Amazon: Waytronic Cell Phone Call Recorder Headphone

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Sony Compact Earphone Style Microphone

This Sony headphone is designed to record cell phone calls or any other voice source. You can record the phone conversation on both sides.

Sony Compact Record Phone Headphones

The headphone is tiny in design and easy to place in your ear. The silicone rubber coming with the headphone helps to reduce noise and save better audio.

Buy from Amazon: Sony Compact Earphone Style Microphone

Wireless Bluetooth Call Recorder

Are you the type of person who hates wires? Then definitely, this Bluetooth call recorder is the best option for you. This wireless call recording headset can record both incoming, outgoing calls. This headset can also record WhatsApp and Skype calls automatically. This ultra-low-power consuming wireless call recording headphone can work as a regular Bluetooth headphone as well. This headset helps you record important conversations and conference content in high-quality audio.

Waytronic Wireless Bluetooth Call RecorderThis Bluetooth call recorder device uses the latest Bluetooth version 4.2. The dialing distance of this call recording headphone can reach up to 10m. The recorded files are sorted according to the time of the call. This call recording headphone records the voice in the MP3 format. This device has a built-in 200MA rechargeable lithium battery, which charges in just about 2hrs.

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Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up Microphone

The microphone is good to pick up both land phones and mobile phone conversations. This microphone good to work with the recording devices to record conversations. The headphone is made with plastic, can record directly to a recording device. This device is can’t record the voice calls directly into the headphone. This is a pickup headphone that works with the recording devices including Olympus Voice Recorder WS-852.

Buy from Amazon: Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up Microphone

There you have it, our list of the best call recording headsets for iPhone and Android phones. These call recording headsets are the best rated online and comes with an affordable price tag. Almost all call recording headphones mentioned here have the same degree of specs. So, the selection of the best headset for you is completely depending on your use and preferences. Go through our list, and go grab your call recording headset which is right for you.

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