Best iPad Accessories to Protect your Device

Last Updated: May 27, 2018
Best iPad Accessories

The iPads are extending its reach towards its customers more than ever. You can convert your iPad into a laptop or a drawing pad with additional gadgets and Apple approved accessories. From normal fine quality leather back cases to modern portable keyboard, our list is guaranteed to help you choose the best. The iPad pencil can convert iPad a professional drawing pad with right drawing apps.

We have prepared a list of the best iPad accessories that you should equip if you are an iPad enthusiast.

Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard

The Logitech Ultrathin keyboard is also a protective cover designed exclusively for the iPad Mini. This iPad keyboard has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. The integrated keyboard for iPad gives you a familiar and traditional typing experience, same as your laptop’s generic keyboard. The shortcut keys and dedicated iOS button makes this keyboard extremely convenient.  You could also disable the touch keyboard popping out every time you type. This feature saves a lot on the screen-space and helps transform your iPad into a mini laptop.

The dimensions of the case match exactly with the iPad mini, giving it an extra stylish ambiance. Apart from that, this iPad keyboard comes with an additional aluminum covering that acts as a protective case as well as a viewing stand. All you need to do is to just attach the keyboard cover to your iPad mini with the powerful magnet enabled outer aluminum case.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Mini for iPad mini - Black

This iPad keyboard comes with a lithium-ion battery, up to 3 hours usage time. The additional USB cable helps to charge the battery and the charging can be accelerated by connecting it to the AC socket. Also, the auto on/off feature saves a bit of power when you aren’t using the keyboard. The Logitech ultrathin keyboard cum protective case suits most people who love to stick out with the iPads and look for more innovative features.

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Logitech Type+ iPad Protective Case

The Logitech Type+ is an all-in-one protective case with a laptop-like keyboard that’s made exclusively for the iPad Air 2. This iPad keyboard features Bluetooth 4.0 technology to your iPad wirelessly within the blink of an eye. This keyboard is integrated with iOS shortcuts with well-spaced keys and media buttons. The keys are designed to mimic the actual laptop keyboard, which gives a fast and accurate way of typing.

Logitech Type+ Protective iPad Air 2

Also, the design is in a way such that the foldable keyboard housing lets you keep inside the iPad intact. The complete housing acts as a sturdy case protecting the rear and front side of your iPad from accidental scratches, bumps, etc. The durable case comes with an additional stand capable of giving accurate viewing angles while you type.

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This iPad keyboard comes with rechargeable Li-ion batteries that guarantee up to 3 hours of usage time from initial charging. In fact, The recharging battery can be charged via the USB cable that comes with the package. The auto wake/sleep feature also conserves battery power accordingly. It turns on when you open the case and off when you close it. The Type+ is worth considering if you are an avid iPad user or a professional dude, replace your laptop with iPad 24×7.

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Adobe Ink&Slide Precision Stylus for iPad

The next one we got is Adobe’s iPad stylus and electronic ruler, the Ink & Slide. Adobe Ink is a Bluetooth enabled stylus built for iPads that operate on iOS 7/8. The slide is a digital ruler, pretty handy to produce straight lines. The Ink & stylus pen gives you storage access to the adobe creative cloud, where you can easily create and store files accordingly.

Adobe Ink & Slide Creative Cloud Connected Precision Stylus for iPad

The new hydro-formed, aluminum shell-like design of this iPad pencil feels good and helps create magnificent strokes as you would do in papers. In fact, the tip is remarkably pressure-sensitive, and it helps you create illustrations with over 2000 levels of hardware-enabled pressure sensitive receptors.

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This iPad Pencil also gives access to 100s of custom brushes and color fonts. Also, the tip of this iPad Pencil is capable of detecting by any device other than the iPad that has a capacitive touchscreen. Apart from that, you also receive access to choosing hundreds of LED colors and custom Adobe color themes by pressing the Ink’ dedicated selector button. For your information, the Adobe Ink & Slide works well and fully functional with the following apps:

  • Adobe Brush CC for custom, photo-generated brushes
  • Adobe Illustrator Line for precision illustration and drafting
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch for expressive and natural drawing

You can’t get all the features of this iPad Ink, with third-party apps such as the Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Mix. With these apps, the Styles will be good for only menu selections and marks only.

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Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen

The Evach Active Stylus is a digital pen that offers ultra-thin writing tip(1.5mm), suits the iPad and the iPhones. This iPad pencil is comparatively light and weighs less than most of the stylus available online. The aluminum body of the iPad stylus provides durability combined with a stylish attire. Apart from the Apple devices, this digital pen goes well with most of the touchscreen devices including the Android. The fine point design lets you draw, write and navigate with excellent accuracy. Also, the tip is soft, and you don’t need to worry about scratches and smudges anymore when you use this iPad pencil.

Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen with 1.5mm Ultra Fine Tip

The Evach Active Stylus features built-in Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours active usage time. You could easily charge the pen with the micro USB cable that comes with the product easily. If you are the one who loves handwritten notes, drawing, and designing, then this little gadget is worth a look. Using the fast charger adapter could damage the internal chip. Hence it would be better to you the normal USB adapter.

Note: Using the fast charger adapter could damage the internal chip. Hence it would be better to you the normal USB adapter. Also, the iPad Air 2 could encounter compatibility issues when you use this stylus.

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Twelve South BookBook Hardback Leather Case

The Twelve South protective leather case is designed solely for the iPad Pro(12.9 inches). It is a vintage style pure leather portfolio case that keeps your iPad safely inside. The design also favors additional holster for your Apple pencil or the stylus. It also gives you a fine viewing angle with the help of additional support.

Twelve South BookBook for iPad Pro 12.9 inc

You can un-swap the iPad from the case, and move it forward to find the correct support part. But after all, everything sums up to one great aspect, its good-looking design. Wheather its office, a coffee shop or the pub, this one here shows its class. If you are looking for something eye-catching to couple up with your iPad, then definitely do try this one out.

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TOOVREN Leather Case for iPad Pro

The Toovren tri-fold leather case is designed exclusively for the iPad Pro. It’s dimensions of 10.5 inches match that of the iPad pro excellently. Even the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 fits well without any issues. This iPad leather case s made put of fine quality leather with waterproof exteriors and soft microfiber interiors. The soft interiors provide all-around protection from scratches and accidents. You also get an additional iPad stylus holder near the main iPad cabin.

Apart from the leather design, you can adjust the viewing angles accordingly. This iPad leather case gives you two viewing styles, a kickstand position, and the normal laid position. The kickstand position is kinda helpful for viewing movies and while you are typing. The kickstand is held in place by strong magnets, and the pencil holder keeps the tablet in position whether in portrait or landscape. You never need to take out your iPad each time for charging. It comes with USB compatible cavities from which you can attach the charging cables. The Toovren iPad pro leather case is the perfect companion for your iPad as its extremely multipurpose.

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ESR iPad Smart Case

The ESR case is a smart cover that’s designed for the Apple iPads. This smart case fits finely with the 9.7 inch 2018/’17 model only. The ESR smart case is made of durable polyurethane exterior and a rigid back panel that aids you from unwanted accidents. Also, the soft microfiber lining keeps the iPad intact and doesn’t make scratches on your screen. The powerful magnets inside the smart case keep the front cover sealed and iPad safe from scratches and turn off the display.

ESR iPad Lightweight Smart Case

This lightweight iPad smart case comes with the tri-fold feature. This trifold feature is useful when you are watching a movie or when you’re typing. The triple cut front cover facilitates the tri-fold arrangement. Moreover, the multiple inbuilt magnets lock the panels together when in tri-fold mode. Additionally, these magnets also engage the auto wake/sleep feature, each time you open the case.

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OtterBox Defender Protective Case

The OtterBox Defender is a sturdy and strong protective case made for the iPads. This protective case can accommodate an iPad of max 9.7 inches, and that makes it the best companion for the iPad Air and the Pro. The Otterbox Defender comes with a durable silicone outer frame that is capable of absorbing impact forces. The outer covering also comes with simplified textures that act as a smooth grip. Also, you get an additional screen protector that protects the iPad from scratches and fingerprints.

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Apart from that, this iPad protective cover comes with port protection flips that block dust and debris from entering or logging near the ports. Also, you never really need to take your iPad out for charging or for connecting your headphones as these port can be accessed easily from the case itself. The OtterBox protective cases are one of the best in town and if you’re planning to upgrade your old iPad case, then go for the OtterBox Defender.

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HDE Protective Cover for Kids

Looking for a cute protective case for your kid’s iPad? Don’t worry; we’ve got the HDE iPad protective case just for you. It’s a lightweight iPad case that looks really cute and comes in 11 color shades. This iPad case is made of premium materials that offer great protection. The heavy-duty nontoxic EVA foam is rather shock resistant and prevents bumps and scratches to a great extent. The corners also come with thick padding for all-around protection.

HDE iPad 2 3 4 Case for Kids

The lightweight design includes foldable multi-function handle that makes it easy transporting processes. Also, the design and making are rather eye-catching for your kids. The compatibility part, this iPad case is compatible with Apple iPad 2, 3 and four only. The recent versions of the iPad Air and Air 2 aren’t compatible with the HDE protective case.

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Well, that’s the wrap up of your list of the best iPad accessories you need to equip. The iPad Keyboard is coming with a smart cover to protect your iPad from accidental drops. The accessories like iPad keyboard and iPad Pencils gathered were the standout performers. Keeping quality and convenience as the key aspect, this iPad accessories list will surely make you take ideal decisions on which one to equip and why. These iPad accessories are still the top items available online and yet, they will surely hold there spot for years to come.

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