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10 Best Medication and Pill Reminder Apps for Android

There are chances to forget about taking your medications on time. Today several pill reminder apps are available which can keep track of your pill schedule. You can input your pills and how often you take them. Apart from the usual calendar or reminder apps on your phone, these pill medicine reminder apps can help you with medications on a regular basis.

Here are the best medicine reminder apps you should try on your Android phone.

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker is a free app that helps to manage your pill usage. This pill reminder app is a perfect choice if you have your med schedule. You can use the app from Medisafe to manage pill doses.

The medication reminder app can manage medicines for severe health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Medisafe can act as a period tracker and glucose level tracker as well. It can also keep track of your weight and blood pressure. You can choose your medication reminder notification sound right within the medicine app.

Premium users get the benefit of a choice of several reminder sounds. They can also get benefits like unlimited Medfriends.


  • Set the alarm for each medicine
  • Personal support
  • Progress reports for doctors


  • Random bugs
  • Does not accept certain medicines
  • Unreliable reminders

Key Features: Blood pressure, weight tracker | Sync with Android Wear smartwatch | Discount cards and coupons at the selected drug stores | Reminder notification for each medicine

Download: Pills Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe (Free, Premium)

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Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker

Medication Reminder & Pill TrackerAs the title says, you can use this pill reminder app to remind you about your medicines and track them. You can prepare a medication diary containing details about the patient and their medical condition in this medicine reminder app. Users will be able to understand the dosage of the medicines by referring to the medication diary.

You can keep track of your weight and blood glucose levels in the pill reminder app. This medication reminder app can track your mood, and it can give feedback about your mental health. You can use Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker to track your blood pressure, heart diseases, and mental health conditions.


  • Easy options
  • The app verifies pill intake
  • Few ads


  • Irregular reminder
  • Random bugs
  • No sound notification

Key Feature: Health report sent to the doctor | Weight & blood pressure tracker | Logbook | Privacy

Download: Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker (Free)

Alarm and Pill Reminder

Alarm and Pill ReminderYou will get alarm notifications on the Alarm and pill reminder app. The app can notify you when you should take your medications. The alarm app can inform you about other reminders as well.

The pill reminder app has features like speaking out the title, and you can repeat the alarm. There are various color labels. It shows the colors red, yellow, and green for tasks that are to be done today, tomorrow, and the day following.


  • Sound on alarm
  • Several alarm tones
  • Many features and options


  • Crashes at times
  • No notifications when phone turned off
  • Irregular alarm

Key Features: Color labels | Selection of alarm audio | Volume change | Disable Bluetooth | Sleep time

Download: Alarm and Pill Reminder (Free, Premium)

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Lady Pill Reminder

Lady Pill ReminderIf you are looking for a pill reminder app that will remind you to take your birth control pills, the Lady Pill Reminder app will be perfect for you. The app has a pill packet to enter details about the medicines you take and their timings. Lady Pill Reminder will notify you of the timings to take them.

The medication reminder app has many features in its notifications like you can switch off its vibration and select the notification sound. This app also notifies if the medicine packet is going to get over to buy a new pack. You can adjust the number of pills per package according to your need for birth control pills.


  • Alarm sound even in Do Not Disturb mode
  • Period tracking
  • One-to-one timing and listing pills


  • Occasional bugs
  • Irregular notifications
  • Reminders turned off during ads

Key Features: LadyPill Widgets | Display of status of pill packet | One-to-one pill packet | Period tracker | Notification features

Download: Lady Pill Reminder (Free)

To-Do List

To Do ListYou can use the To-Do List app as a medicine reminder app and notify you about many other general reminders. With more experience, you will genuinely enjoy using this app and become more systematic by focusing on important things by noting down.

When it comes to reminding you about your medicines, you can easily add your medicine name and its timings, and the medicine reminder app can notify you about it. There are provisions to add your tasks by your voice. The app has features like the batch mode option to add more functions that are related. You can also link the to-do list app with Google and enable sounds and vibrations in notifications.


  • Batch mode for multiple related tasks
  • Easy notification system
  • Good widget features


  • Full-screen ads.
  • Irregular notifications
  • No repeat availability

Key Features: Colorful widgets | Batch mode | Easy to add task | Link with Google | Adding tasks via voice | Notifications with sound and vibration

Download: To-Do List (Free)

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MedicaMedica app is reliable and very easy to use. The app allows you to upload medicine photos and add notes. Medica a handy app for chronic patients and people who get diseases like the common cold.

The pill reminder app has got features in which you will add several medicines. There are rewards for taking medication on time, like earning badges. This app provides you with a tracking report that includes details about your medicine intake. Later, you can print or save the reports as PDF and sent them to your doctor.


  • Direct follow-up with the doctor
  • Visually appealing features
  • Good customer care support


  • Confusing features
  • Random bugs
  • Notification with no sound alarms

Key Features: One-to-one alarm tone | Printable tracking reports | Score & Rewards

Download: Medica (Free)

Google Assistant

Google AssistantGoogle Assistant, you can manage your everyday tasks just by starting with “Hey Google” command. It is your everyday personal assistant right within your Android phone. Google Assistant, in fact, can be used as your medicine reminder app to remind you about your pills’ intake and doses.

With voice commands, you can add reminders about the medicines and the duration they should keep showing. Google Assistant creates reminders with your Google account. You can later find these from the Google app. What’s more, you can add reminders and get pill intake reminders on your Google Home or Nest speakers as well.


  • Hands-free usage.
  • It can be connected to Bluetooth earbuds
  • Fast


  • Random bugs
  • A problem in verbal response
  • Issues after the latest update

Key Features: Hands-free | Quick responses | Control smart-home devices | Weather | Quick web search | Directions info

Download: Google Assistant (Free, Premium)

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medPlanThe medPlan app is the best bet for a health-conscious individual. In this medicine reminder app, you will prepare your health records giving details about your medication experiences like allergies and side effects. The medPlan app allows you to keep track of your weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

The pill reminder app has a game option where you will be given a quiz. You can also listen to the health news on this app. You will be reminded about your next appointments with the doctor.

Using the medPlan app, you don’t have to worry about missing any medicine as it shows reminders about its intake. You will also be given reports on your medical history at the end of the month.


  • Latest updates about health news.
  • Timely reminders
  • Good features


  • A limited number of prescriptions only added
  • Random bugs
  • You can’t skip registration.

Key Features: Health records | Timely reminders | Health news | Health news | Monthly report of medication history

Download: medPlan (Free, Premium)


MedControlMedica helps you remind you about every pill you should take with timely reminders. There are several features in this pill reminder app, like giving you reminders about drugs of all types. You will be able to control the doses of your medicines in this app.

You can anytime check the dashboard to know about your pending medicines. This medicine reminder app has simple and easy-to-use features.


  • The alarm works well even when the phone is off
  • Range of colors for each medicine.
  • The app shows the medical status


  • Many ads
  • Random bugs
  • Notification sometimes not shown

Key Features: Simple | Advanced sound settings | Daily medical status | Privacy

Download: MedControl (Free)

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DailyPillsDaily Pills is a simple medication reminder app. The app gives out notifications about the pills you must take and the correct doses of them. Daily pills have the provision to set the alarm with tones which can be slept.

The medicine reminder app helps you to keep track of your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It also gives you symptoms of diseases like blood sugar.


  • Simple app
  • Available alarm tones
  • Can add many medicines


  • Lack of ease in adding medicines
  • No schedule intervals
  • No icons to represent pills

Key Features: Daily pill reminder | Custom alarm tones | Blood pressure, blood glucose, weight tracker

Download: DailyPills (Free)

That’s pretty much information about the best pill reminder apps available on an Android phone. We have added apps that can remind you about your medicines as well as other general reminders. Choose the best app that suits your medication history. Do let us know which app you chose.

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