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12 Best URL Shortening Services to Replace Google URL Shortener

About millions of people use the minimal and free short URL service of goo.gl (Google URL Shortening Service) to shorten long links. However, Google has stopped this URL shortening service from 13th April 2018 for new users and only available up to March 30, 2019, for existing users too. For those people who need the tiny URL can continue their work with the help of other URL shorteners, serving as an alternative to goo.gl services.

Here is a list of best URL shortening services to replace goo.gl which inherits a variety of useful features for diverse purposes.


Nothing is simpler than using TinyURL for URL shortening. This service randomly generates the URLs as like goo.gle services. This short URL allows the person to customize the link by adding small words to the whole URL. You can copy and paste the link on the form, then hit the Make TinyURL option to shorten long links.

You can also add this service to your browser’s toolbar by dragging the link to the toolbar. This toolbar service is compatible to most of the web browsers with JavaScript permissions. TinyURL permits you to get the URL shorter service on the current page while browsing instantly.

You don’t have to register with TinyURL when it comes to using it. Moreover, it is super easy to use which is what makes it a must-try. There’s a custom URL or alias feature that arrives with TinyURL and perhaps it is the only one that offers it. You can preview the short URL before forwarding it to others.

Key Features: No registration required | Easy to use | Bookmark it | Preview before sending

Link to Website: TinyURL

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Avoid the process of copying and pasting of the highly complex links with Bitly. This URL shortening service is free to use and aims to give you more power over the link-sharing process. Every account in the URL shorter service comes with a data analytics page giving statistical info regarding the created links.

The link will generate by copying it on the main page for one time users. For repeated usage, it is worth to get the free account. The account user can check the number of clicks over the generated links and gauge their performance.

Identify trends and popular stories to attract visitors in real-time with customized links. With the service, you can easily focus on the particular content and promote it in your own way. The Enterprise account is offering custom branded URLs, API integration, Security, and Support for better service experience.

Bitly also allows customizing the short URL with a business name although it is available with a premium plan. The integration on-board Bitly is pretty dope and spread across workflow apps and tools altogether.

Key Features: Free to use | Easy | Dashboard Analytics | Rebranding links | Integrations | Link Tracking

Link to Website: Bitly


Use Ow.ly to shorten long links as well as to measure the traffic generated through the links. This service is now available under the HootSuite dashboard to give additional security benefits to the user. In order to access the service, the user needs to create a Hootsuite account or login with the existing one.

Remain anonymous or use the Captcha authentication for creating many shortened URLs, as one might want. The URL shortening service is available as a feature of its efficient social messaging service. A user can upload the images to the messages with URL shortening service and insert it with the short URL Files. They can upload documents to the URL shorter service for distribution purposes serving as a great method to exchange documents.

There’s a free plan that gives unlimited chances to shorten links. With a premium plan, users can avail of various features like a custom branded URL linking to the company, real-time analytics, integration, and more. The tool also has features like scheduling, content curation, promotion, and world-class security to name a few.

Key Features: Tracking and Analytics | Team Management | Content Curation | Scheduling | App integration

Link to Website: Ow.ly


Give more value to your links with easy to use Bit.do. You can also have own custom domain for this URL shortening service inheriting the word related to your name and brand. Get the Geo-location statistics of the link by tracking the country and the city for every click.

You can also manually define the short URL of this URL shortening service in a readable format with simple words. The shortened links never expire and available for lifelong to serve as permanent links. This link shortener entirely omits the spam links and instantly deletes them from the input screen.

The service is entirely free and voids any sort of trouble while using it. Bonus is that it is super easy to use and won’t take even a minute for you to try this link shortener for the first time.

Key Features: Easy to use | Free service | Custom Domain | Real-time analytics | No expiry

Link to Website: Bit.do

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AdF.ly is a classic URL shortening service and a larger number of people trust the services of the site. Users can use this shortening service to earn money along with reducing the wordy links and promote them.

All advertisement done through the generated short URL by the site is family safe with absolutely no pop-ups. The campaigns over this URL shorter service starts at $5 only. The selection of website scripts is available to earn with every visitor coming to the website.

With easy-to-use API, create an AdF.ly link instantly and securely on your website, widget or app. Monetize almost every link of your website with the shortening service. This service may not be available in a few countries as of now due to restrictions.

The tool offers detailed statistics when you want to scan it and tweak your campaign based on the outcome. It also offers details around the number of times the URL was clicked. Further, you can check out the number of referring URLs to the site, and origin country of traffic and more. It’s easy to use and allows sharing stuff on a host of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Key Features: Low Minimum Payout | Safe Advertising | Statistics & Analytics | Website Scripts & API | Link Shortener

Link to Website: AdF.ly

Genius Link

Create smarter links for eCommerce through Genius Link, the world’s intelligent URL shortening service. This URL shortening service is one of the best URL shorter services for affiliate marketing to cash in, over the international traffic and boosts the commissions up to 200%.

Coming with the group feature, you can easily set and create customized groups for your team members. Add sub-accounts of your team for their own affiliate linking and be the main controller to manage all of this. Search for the Amazon products from the GeniusLink page that will avoid the use of a separate tab for browsing.

You can test each generated link manually and adjust it if necessary. Every click on the links is optimized for automatic affiliation. The tool also offers dynamic link destination and retargeting among other features that you would love to use. It is a great link shortener for affiliates, authors, and content creators.

Key Features: Retargeting | Automatic Affiliation | A/B testing | Branded domains | Vanity URLs | Comprehensive insights

Link to Website: Genius Link


Shorten almost any web address with the help of is.gd URL shortening service. There is no need to worry about the reservation of your URLs. The site gives random letters to the short URL as usual and allows you to add custom words to it. You can also change that quickly. Just add a forward slash and give any additional text to the short URL you want to.

You can also add the service on your Firefox browser as it is available in the form of a plug-in. Use the service straight away as you just need to paste links and get a short URL out of the links. No account is needed for tracking the generated URLs and its statistics as it uses the cookies to track them.

There’s no rocket science with this short URL making too. It works simply like magic with no extensive webpage to tackle. The UI is super simple and minimalistic and works extremely well on smartphones too. There’s a feature to read QR codes with it that you can embed on magazines or business cards and so on. Tap on ‘Log Statistics on this link’ and see the analytics.

Key Features: Easy | Custom URLs | Free | Link tracking

Link to Website: is.gd

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Another easy to use URL shortening service is available in the form of Soo.gd. Just go to the website in order to shorten any wordy link. Paste the link on the box and type in the optional Suffix that will place after the forward-slash at the end of the link.

With the short link, it also gives out a QR code that is quite handy. Any person can use the QR code to open the links through their smartphone without copy and paste. You can share the QR code to other individuals for sharing the link in a unique way.

There’s an updated Smart Multi URL Shortener feature available on the website. It takes a few URLs altogether and asks you to enter any custom suffix you want. When you click on “Gooo!”, it will get a list of shorten URL that you have asked for right away.

Key Features: Custom URL | Multi-Link Shortener

Link to Website: Soo.gd


Unlike usual short shorteners, Rebrandly offers branded links that are far more effective. Branded links can help increase click-through rate by 39% over general link shortener apps/websites. Rebrandly competes head-on with LinkBox, CampaignTrackly, or GeniusLink listed above.

Rebrandly offers a wide range of services from link management to custom domain registration and management, traffic routing, and others. Its Analytics gives you insights on the real-time report on clicks, links, private and public reports.

Rebrandly offers server to server clickstream. Its collaborative workspace offers to add extra users, workspaces, two-factor authentication, and activity audio logs among others. The website allows a custom link prefix or suffix which is easily pronounceable and links back to the company’s name.

It has one of the easiest dashboards carrying all the things you would need on just a click. It is also cross-platform compatible so you can access it via different OSes, web-based, SaaS, and cloud-based systems.

Key Features: Domain name management | Details reports & analytics | Branded links | Links with emojis | Link Retargeting | Mobile Deep Linking | High Volume Links

Link to Website: Rebrandly


You have seen plenty of free URL shortener tools by now but Ouo.io is different. It doesn’t simply shorten URL you post but you can make money over it. Yep, that’s true. When a user clicks on the Ouo.io link, he/she is directed to a short ad before proceeding to your website.

Once the process is over, you’ll see an increase in the amount accumulated. Ouo.io pays around $4.1 in the US for every 1,000 views while if the traffic is from Australia, it can be as higher as $5 per 1,000 views.

Go to the site, feed in the long link you want to short and bingo, copy and paste the link anywhere and everywhere. Those who click it will be directed to your website. Note that since it supports ads that aren’t that annoying as any other ad-based platform, it might still discourage a few users. But hey, Ouo.io counts users making several views as well to compensate for it.

Key Features: Highest Payout | 24×7 live support | Takes 2-minutes to setup | $0 payment fees | Fewer ads

Link to Website: Ouo.io


Convert your long-tail link into a short URL that is easily understandable and pronounceable. BL.ink is one of the best short URL making tools. It is strapped with a bucket-load of features starting with link shortening. Check out how the audience is interacting with the links via Link Tracking.

The tool is easy to scale as it is a premium service. You can scale it as per your requirements paying the said amount and availing the features and services that come with it.

The Campaign Management system gives you an array to create and marketing campaigns across the internet. It tracks the performance as well as gives different metrics that will help gauge how effective these campaigns are indeed.

B.Link offers 100% private click data so it won’t use the data anywhere else. The admin can create a multi-user system with varied access roles on the platform. The open API on BL.ink gives a robust way to integrate it with the websites/platforms and so on.

Key Features: Robust & seamless API integration | Easy to Scale | Access Anywhere | Multi-user Support | Link Tracking | User-friendly Resources

Link to Website: BL.ink


Unlike other short URL tools you would find online, Polr is an open-source self-hosted link shortener tool. It is available on Github and Polr’s website. Developed with PHP, MySQL, and Lumen, the tool enables users to work on a minimalistic and modern UI with everything they need available at their disposal.

Self-hosting links contribute to the increase in customer’s trust and branding. It has a demo page that gives you an insight into how it works and what all you can do with it. Enter the link you want to shorten and click on ‘Shorten’ and the magic happens.

Click on ‘Link Options’ and you’ll get whether to keep the link public or secret and check how the demo works. You can create an account on Polr for free and enjoy its minimalistic UI with link shortener tools.

Key Features: Free | Open-source self-hosted link shortener | Detailed Analytics | Minimalistic

Link to Website: Polr | Demo

URL Shortener by Zapier

If you are looking for an all-powerful URL Shortener, check out the Free URL Shortener by Zapier. Create short links or automate it with Zapier by integrating the tool with the app you are using.

The tool supports a series of integration such as Google Sheet, Flickr, etc. The internet is simple and easy to use. It offers a wide range of websites/apps integration such as Trello, Google Drive, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. It supports integration to over 2000+ apps to support automated workflow.

You just need an account that you can create in a jiffy and you are all set. Create and customize Zap, Triggers, and other automated features so that the triggers could set up said actions. It offers world-class security and 99.9% uptime for all integrated apps so you are covered.

Key Features: Integrate to 2000+ apps | Create & Customize Zaps & Triggers | Use Branching Logic | Easy to Setup

Link to Website: Zapier

Most of us are sharing hundreds of links to our friends, family members as well as office colleagues. Nearly all the links present over the internet are long and complex to read. People encounter trouble while sharing these complex links over social networking sites like Twitter etc. For making these extensively wordy links short, there are many URL shortening services available on the internet.

Despite the shutdown of goo.gl URL shortening service, still there are plenty of URL shorteners available on the World Wide Web. Most of these URL shorter services have features that may outshine Google’s service to shorten long links. Use the short links from these services to overcome character limits and satisfy your diverse needs.

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  1. hej

    The best free url shortener services =
    Support QR URL Code
    Full free php API
    Full Statistic ( Location,Referrer,Browser,Platform,Device,mobile )
    Unlimited URL – Free Services – No ADS also a good option.

    • Looks like a good one, thanks. I just want one that is quick, free and anonymous. Don;t use a URL shortener often, but when you need one, so great to have.

  2. Another gem I’ve found is Capsulink, which has all the features I was looking for in a link shortener for a reasonable price. Previously I was also using bit.do for personal use, which was a pretty decent free option as well, but it didn’t have any other special features like Capsulink.

  3. Thank you very much for the recommendations. I have used several of them and some of them count more impressions, others pay better, in short each one has its own. Now I’m trying shrtmny.com and so far so good. It counts more visits than others like and the payment rates are a little above.

  4. You should add ExoBucks.com to your list. Their shortener works with all of the popular paid shorteners. You basically connect your account, they analyze each click and send it to the shortener that their system detects will pay the most. You really shouldn’t be distributing links for individual shorteners, you should be using an ExoBucks link to make sure you earn the most from each shortener.


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