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8 Best Short URL Tools to Replace Google URL Shortener.

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About millions of people use the minimal and free short URL service of goo.gl (Google URL Shortening Service) to shorten long links. However, Google has stopped this URL shortening service from 13th April 2018 for new users and only available up to March 30, 2019, for existing users too. For those people who need the tiny URL can continue their work with the help of other URL shorteners, serving as an alternative to goo.gl services.

Here is a list of best URL shortening services to replace goo.gl which inherits a variety of useful features for diverse purposes.


Nothing is simpler than using TinyURL for URL shortening. This service randomly generates the URLs as like goo.gle services. This short URL allows the person to customize the link by adding small words to the whole URL. You can copy and paste the link on the form, then hit the Make TinyURL option to shorten long links. You can also add this service to your browser’s toolbar by dragging the link to the toolbar. This toolbar service is compatible to most of the web browsers with JavaScript permissions. TinyURL permits you to get the URL shorter service on the current page while browsing instantly.

Link to Website: TinyURL

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Avoid the process of copying and pasting of the highly complex links with Bitly. This URL shortening service is free to use and aims to give you more power over the link sharing process. Every account in the URL shorter service comes with data analytics page giving statistical info regarding the created links. The link will generate by copying it on the main page for one time users. For repeated usage, it is worth to get the free account. The account user can check the number of clicks over the generated links and gauge its performance. Identify trends and popular stories to attract the visitors in real time with customized links. With the service, you can easily focus on the particular content and promote it in your own way. The Enterprise account is offering custom branded URLs, API integration, Security and Support for a better service experience.

Link to Website: Bitly


Use Ow.ly to shorten long links as well as measure the traffic generated through the links. This service is now available under the HootSuite dashboard to give additional security benefits to the user. In order to access the service, the user needs to create a Hootsuite account or login with the existing one. Remain anonymous or use the Captcha authentication for creating many shortened URLs, as one might want. The URL shortening service is available as a feature of their efficient social messaging service. A user can upload the images to the messages with URL shortening service and insert it with the short URL Files. They can upload documents to the URL shorter service for distribution purposes serving as a great method to exchange documents.

Link to Website: Ow.ly


Give more value to your links with easy to use Bit.do. You can also have own custom domain for this URL shortening service inheriting the word related to your name and brand. Get the Geo-location statistics of the link by tracking the country and the city for every click. You can also manually define the short URL of this URL shortening service in a readable format with simple words. The shortened links never expire and available for lifelong to serve as permanent links. This link shortener entirely omits the spam links and instantly deletes them from the input screen. The service is entirely free and voids any sort of trouble while using.

Link to Website: Bit.do


AdF.ly is a classic URL shortening service and a larger number of people trust the services of the site. Users can use this shortening service to earn money along with reducing the wordy links and promote them. All advertisement done through the generated short URL by the site is family safe with absolutely no pop-ups. The campaigns over this URL shorter service starts at $5 only. Selection of website scripts are available to earn with every visitor coming to the website. With easy-to-use API, create an AdF.ly link instantly and securely on your website, widget or app. Monetize almost every link of your website with the shortening service. This service may not be available in few countries as of now due to restrictions.

Link to Website: AdF.ly

Genius Link

Create smarter links for eCommerce through Genius Link, the world’s intelligent URL shortening service. This URL shortening service is one of the best URL shorter services for affiliate marketing to cash in, over the international traffic and boosts the commissions up to 200%. Coming with the group feature, you can easily set and create customized groups for your team members. Add sub-accounts of your team for their own affiliate linking and be the main controller to manage all of this. Search for the Amazon products from the GeniusLink page that will avoid the use of a separate tab for browsing. you can test each generated link manually and adjust it if necessary.

Link to Website: Genius Link


Shorten almost any web address with the help of is.gd URL shortening service. There is no need to worry about the reservation of your URLs. The site gives random letters to the short URL as usual and allows you to add custom words to it. You can also change that quickly. Just add a forward slash and give any additional text to the short URL you want to. You can also add the service on your Firefox browser as it is available in the form of a plug-in. Use the service straightaway as you just need to paste links and get short URL out of the links. No account is needed for tracking the generated URLs and its statistics as it uses the cookies to track them.

Link to Website: is.gd


Another easy to use URL shortening service is available in the form of Soo.gd. Just go to the website in order to shorten any wordy link. Paste the link on the box and type in the optional Suffix that will place after the forward slash at the end of the link. With the short link, it also gives out a QR code that is quite handy. Any person can use the QR code to open the links through their smartphone without copy and paste. You can share the QR code to other individuals for sharing the link in a unique way.

Link to Website: Soo.gd

Alternative Link Shortener Services

Most of us are sharing hundreds of links to our friends, family members as well as office colleagues. Nearly all the links present over the internet are long and complex to read. People encounter trouble while sharing these complex links over the social networking sites like Twitter etc. For making these extensively wordy links short, there are many URL shortening services available on the internet.

Despite the shutdown of goo.gl URL shortening service, still there are plenty of URL shorteners available on the World Wide Web. Most of these URL shorter service have the features that may outshine the Google’s service to shorten long links. Use the short links from these services to overcome character limit and satisfy your diverse needs.


  1. Another gem I’ve found is Capsulink, which has all the features I was looking for in a link shortener for a reasonable price. Previously I was also using bit.do for personal use, which was a pretty decent free option as well, but it didn’t have any other special features like Capsulink.

  2. hej

    The best free url shortener services =
    Support QR URL Code
    Full free php API
    Full Statistic ( Location,Referrer,Browser,Platform,Device,mobile )
    Unlimited URL – Free Services – No ADS also a good option.

    • Looks like a good one, thanks. I just want one that is quick, free and anonymous. Don;t use a URL shortener often, but when you need one, so great to have.

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