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How to Clear All Chat History in Signal in One Click

Signal, being a privacy-focused messaging app, has many features to let you keep things private within the app. Sometimes, you might want to clean up the Signal chats and start afresh, due to privacy concerns or just because you don’t like the older chats. Signal lets you clear all your chats in a jiffy.

Here we will see how you can clear all chat history in the Signal app in one click.

Clear All Chats History in Signal App

The Signal app stores your messages, call history, group messages, attachments, etc., within the app. Sometimes, you will have lots of “Contact joined” empty chats on the app that clutters the Signal app. If the attachments, messages, stickers, and all are taking too much space on your phone, you can clear them in one click.

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Open Signal App Settings on iPhone

  1. Open the Signal app on your phone.
  2. Tap the profile icon at the top-left corner to open Signal settings.
    Signal Privacy Settings
  3. Go to the Privacy option.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Clear Chat History.”
    Signal Clear Chat
  5. Tap”Delete Everything” to confirm.

Delete All Chats in Signal App

Once you confirm to delete everything in the Signal app, it will clear all chats. It will include all personal and group messages, photos, audio files, call history, attachments, and more. Only the existing groups will be shown in the chat window thereafter.

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Apart from clearing all chat messages in Signal at once, you can also clear individual chat messages if you want. To delete all messages in a single chat, swipe right the contact from the main screen or long-press and choose delete.

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