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How to Get Clubhouse Dark Mode on iPhone

The Clubhouse live-audio social media app comes in a yellow tint all over and does not have a dark mode. If you are very much used to the dark mode on your iPhone, this could be annoying. There are, in fact, workarounds to bring dark mode to Clubhouse app on your iPhone, just like on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Let’s see how to get Clubhouse dark mode on your iPhone.

Enable Clubhouse Dark Mode on iPhone

The iPhone’s dark mode enabled dark mode for most of the apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, and more. The Clubhouse neither supports this nor does have a dark mode of its own. That leaves us to the only option here, invert colors on iPhone.

Smart Invert on iPhone inverts the colors on your iPhone. While it is on, the white screens on the Clubhouse app will turn black thus you will get a dark mode Clubhouse on your iPhone. Let’s see how to do that.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and then select the “Accessibility” option.

settings menu accessibility

Under the “VISION,” tap on the “Display & Text Size” menu option.

Display and Text Size in iPhone Accessibility Settings

Toggle on “Smart Invert” on the screen. This will turn your screen into the black from white or vice versa. If you enable Classic Invert, everything including images will be inverted. To avoid this, use Smart Invert always.

Toggle On Smart Invert on iPhone

Once you enable the Smart Invert on your iPhone, go to the Clubhouse app and see the changes. Below are the screenshots of how Clubhouse dark mode will look on your iPhone.

Clubhouse Dark Mode on iOS

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Switch Clubhouse Dark Mode by Tapping Back of iPhone

Using your iPhone in invert mode will invert colors in most of the apps you use. Since we want inverted dark mode in Clubhouse app only, let’s find out how to switch between the invert and normal mode on iPhone without going into the iPhone settings. You simply need to tap the back of your iPhone to enable or disable smart invert.

Open Settings on iPhone and go to Accessibility.

settings menu accessibility

Select “Touch.”

iPhone Accessibility Touch SettingsiPhone Accessibility Touch Settings

Scroll down and tap on the “BackTap” option.

Back Tap Settings on iPhone

Choose Double Tap or Triple Tap depends on how you want to make it work.

Double Tap or Triple Tap on iPhone

On the next screen, scroll down and choose “Smart Invert” under “ACCESSIBILITY.”

Back Tap Smart Invert

You are all set to go now. When you are in the Clubhouse app, simply tap the back of your iPhone twice or thrice to switch to the “Dark Mode.” When you close the app, do the same to turn off Smart Invert and switch to normal mode.

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Clubhouse app does not have a dark mode for both Android and iPhone. If you are an Android user, there are even better ways to apply the dark theme on the Clubhouse app. When the invert is enabled, all other apps will also have inverted colors. You can

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