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How to Download Reddit Video With Audio

Reddit is one of the leading social media platforms that doesn’t allow downloading videos directly from the platform. As is the case with most such platforms, there are plenty of third-party solutions online. So, yes, there are many ways to save Reddit videos. But if you want to download Reddit video with audio, the choices are limited.

Here are some of the best ways to download Reddit videos with audio on your PC and mobile.

Download Reddit Video With Audio on Desktop

The problem with most Reddit video downloaders is that you only get the video. The downloaded videos usually don’t have any audio at all. This happens because Reddit stores the video separately from its audio. You can still download Reddit videos with audio without paying for any third-party apps.

If you’re browsing Reddit from a desktop, multitasking is a lot easier. That also makes downloading Reddit videos with audio more convenient. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Find the Reddit video that you want to download. Copy reddit video url
  2. Click on the Share button under the video and select Copy URL.
  3. Point your browser to save reddit video
  4. Paste the URL inside the input box next to the download button.
  5. Click Download. download reddit video with audio
  6. Next, click Download HD Video or SD Versions if you want something with a smaller size.
downloaded reddit video with audio

The video will then be downloaded to your device. Depending on your browser settings, you’ll either be asked where to save the file or the file will automatically be saved to the default download location.

Another website you can use to download Reddit videos is The process is similar to before. All you have to do is copy the video URL from Reddit and paste it into the input box on

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Save Reddit Video on Android Phone

The process is similar for the phone as well as any device with a web browser. However, on a phone’s smaller screen, browsers are not the most convenient solution to most things. Some people prefer apps, and fortunately, you do have some Reddit video downloaders on the Play Store.

For this demo, we’ll use the Viddit app that lets you download Reddit videos with audio. There are also many other video downloader apps for Reddit available on Google Play Store.

Download: Video Downloader for Reddit

reddit video downloader
  1. Open the Reddit app and find the video that you want to download.
  2. Tap on the Share button under the video.
  3. Scroll down the Share sheet and select Viddit Download.

Even though the app doesn’t make it very clear, you don’t have to do anything now but wait a bit. It will automatically download the video without you having to press the Download button. Once downloaded, you can see the video right under the Download button.

If you don’t really want to download yet another app on your phone just to download Reddit videos, you can always copy and paste the video URL on It works just as well on a phone as on a desktop or tablet.

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Download Videos Using Third-party Reddit Clients

There are also third-party Reddit clients that actually have the download feature built-in. Obviously, we can’t cover download instructions for all Reddit clients. But the download functionality is usually easy to find and use. Typically, you can find it right on the video or GIF.

We have covered an extensive list of the best Reddit clients already, many of which do offer the video download feature. You can use such Reddit client apps to download videos from the platform with audio.

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