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How to Find Location of an Email Sender?

There are multiple reasons which you want to check the legitimacy of an Email that you received. With increasing spam and fraud emails, it is necessary to make sure that you are replying to the right person. This email location identifier can give you an idea about the sender location and save you from potential spam emails. It is easy to check the sender location of email, and there are different ways to check that.

Here we are sharing the different solutions to find the location of an Email Sender that can help you to identify fraud emails and spams.

Locate Email Sender with Header IP Address

When you receive an Email, the email normally contains information about the sender irrespective of the service provider you use. For checking the information on sender, you need to look into the Email headers. This email header contains a lot of information including sender IP address. To check this information and apply this workaround, you have to directly open the incoming email on the browser. This workaround may not work if the sender using any email clients to send the spam email.

We are going to demonstrate the solution with GMail for the purpose of the screenshot. To go ahead, open the email in Gmail and click on the three dots menu (near to Reply button) and select show original.Gmail Header Menu

For Yahoo and Hotmail users, right click on the mail and “View Full Headers” or “View Source” as per the given options. After selecting this option, a new screen with full information about the Email comes up. It will contain almost every detail of sender and receiver as well.

Find location of email sender

In the Email Header, search for the term “Received: from” which is followed by the senders IP Address. Copy that IP address from Email header snippet.

The next step is to find out the origin of that IP address. To find out what IP address location, we have to use the IP address resolver to resolve this IP address to find out the location of the sender. There are plenty of free tools available to check the IP address location.

IP Adress Locator

You can use any of the Geo Position locators (What is my IP or IP Location)  to locate the IP address approximately across the globe. To do that, you have to input the IP address in the app. Then search for it, and the app will locate the sender’s location for you.

Email Header Analysis Tool to Locate Email Sender

For the folks who have a difficult time finding IP address manually from the header, can use Google Header Analysis tool. You may also use any other header tools like What is my IP Header tool to get information regarding the Email Sender.Google Header Analysis Tool

Here, you have to copy and paste the whole header and click on Analyze. This header analysis tool will check the header and show the information related to sender’s IP address. You can also use any of the IP locating tools to verify the Email senders location.

Visual Trace Tools to Locate Email Sender

You can even try the IP tracing tools to get near an accurate location of the Email Sender. Here, after entering the IP address which you took from the Email Header, it tries to search for the route in which the packets were transferred. One such service is Visual Trace Route Tool tool. This gives you a visual analysis of the IP address along with information from where the Email originates.

Reverse Email Tools

In above cases, we need the Sender’s IP address to know more about their location. Though, the Internet Protocol Address (IP) is linked to all the devices which use internet or any network for communication. This contains sensitive information which can be used against the user. Sometimes, people use a Virtual Private Network to hide their original IP Address.

Reverse Email Search find email location

At such times, you can check the timezone which is demonstrated by the Email Service provider from the email. This is used to approximate the country from which the Mail originates. You can even use reverse-email search tools to learn more about the Email sender and locate them eventually. There are free reverse email tools like Spokeo or Been Verified can be used to locate the Email Sender. Here, typing the sender’s Email address in these tools and click on search will give more info about the sender.

Find Email Owner Location

Tracing location of the email sender will minimize the risk while sharing confidential data. Also, there are social engineering attacks by hackers to take care. In that, they send a mail from a known person name to get the sensitive information. Let’s not fall into any such scams. When you suspect an email that contains a link or asking your private information, always check the Email Owner Location to verify if it is legit or a fraud.

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