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How to make free calls with Nokia cell phone?

Can you imagine to make unlimited calls to a particular number? Are you bothered about the time limit in every call? Then this is the tutorial for you. This is a short and simple tutorial that will teach you,  how to make free calls on your Nokia cell phone. So let’s proceed.

This technique works on most of the Nokia models out today. This will work for you as long as you don’t have an old fossil sort of model.

Update: This method is compatible with Nokia old models. Click on this link for another article that supports latest models of  Nokia Phones for free calls.

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Then type the code *3001#12345#. This will bring up the NAM programming menu.
  • Go down and select the option NAM 1.
  • Once you are in the NAM 1 menu, go down until you see “Emergency Numbers”, and enter.
  • You then go down until you see an empty slot and enter the empty slot.
  • Then simply punch in the number that you want to call and exit the NAM programming menu.
  • Now when you dial up the number.

The number will be treated as an emergency call number, which will, therefore, put the phone into emergency call mode (which you can exit out of once you are finished with your call).

No number in the emergency call number list is ever billed to you. There are a couple of other things you can do from within the NAM programming menu, but that can be saved for another time and another tutorial.

This trick works on the Nokia 60 series, though I believe may also work for a couple of other models. Be sure to also note that this trick also doesn’t work on all networks. Therefore, if you need do have a compatible model, first try it with just one or two calls before you start going wild. Then just wait for the bill, and if nothing shows up about the calls you made with this trick, then feel free to call away.

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